Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Tiny Farm Cottage Living Room

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of our tiny living room here at the cottage.
I know I've shared a picture here and there but thought
I'd share a few more with you.

Most everything we own is second hand...bought at garage sales or flea markets or Craigslist or Ebay or it was inherited.
The dining room table was new as was the painting on the wall in there and the blue and white plate on the secretary.

The walls are not as bright in real life as they seem in these pictures.
This is a tiny room and with all the doors there is no other way to put the furniture
or to have a full sized sofa.
Good thing there are only two of us most of the time!

(One day I hope to make a slipcover for the yellow loveseat)

This picture shows the spare bedroom to the left and the dining room to the right.
There are 4 doorways into the dining room and 4 into the living room and 4 into the kitchen. 
Each bedroom has two doors.
Sounds like a pain but it works wonderfully for air circulation both in summer and in winter.
Placing furniture is another story.

Here it shows the dining room to the left and straight ahead is our office/craft room.
This little farm cottage has LOTS of windows which I love.
Every room has a ceiling fan except the bathroom.

Looking into the dining room.
You could run figure 8's through our little house!

 This is the water color above the sofa.
I love it.
I bought the print for $2.00 and the frame I got at Hobby Lobby for 60% off

This is looking through the front door onto the small porch.
Hubby has to make some steps and a winding sidewalk eventually.

It may not be a fancy home but it's a cozy one
and that's what it's all about isn't it?

I hope you have a wonderful day...

Maura :)


Finding Pam said...

Your home is so charming. I see a lot of love in your decorations. I would love to see the kitchen as well. Everything is perfectly placed and I enjoyed seeing your home. I wish mine could stay that neat. Do you clean everyday? I get so bored with trying to invent new ways to clean. It never ends. LOL!

Have a great day.

I hope the flood waters have retreived.

The Bear's Blog said...


Thank you for sharing. The cottage is beautiful, full of charm and love. I would love to see more of the office/craft room. (o:


Unknown said...

Hi Maura,

I can certainly understand the challenge of decorating around windows and doors, it makes it quite tricky to place furniture and leaves little room for hanging my husband's artwork. I think you've done exceptionally well, your home looks so inviting and cozy, I could stay quite a while! ; )

Hugs ~Andrea~

Amy Kinser said...

So lovely, comfy, and homey looking. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Maura, what a cozy little place to call home! I love taking a peak into others homes. I appreciate you sharing your home with us. I love the yellow fabric on the loveseat. And all those doors and windows are fabulous. I adore an open floor plan. What great light you have! And I'm insanely jealous of your grandfather clock. I've wanted one *forever* but have yet to come across one that I can afford. One day... : ) Melissa

Pondside said...

You've definitely found your heart's home - it is the sweetest cottage. Thanks for the lovely tour - love the views to your dining room!

Scufty said...

You've done a wonderful job decorating and furnishing your home - I see YOU in everything. I can also hardly wait to be there with you and sharing a love seat - I know 3 of us will fit! Love ya!.... Scufty

Beatnheart said...

cozy and charming and full of love that only our dear sweet Maura could provide...a happy home for a happy couple..

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Oh dear my comment disappeared!

I'm so glad that you've shown the inside of your lovely home! I think it's just so charming and welcoming.

I like the yellow loveseat with the flowers! I also LOVE the print behind it. Is it a painting or a photograph and who is it by?

It's hard placing furniture in a room with a lot of doors and windows but you've done an excellent job of making it pretty!


Shirley said...

Your home reminds me a great deal of the farm home I lived in. You could go through so many rooms with all of the connecting door. You could even go from one bedroom to the other through the closet. You previous post made me think of all of the water we have had in our area. I am so ready for a break. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of your home and all of the water. Take care.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love your charming cottage and I really enjoyed the tour~ You've done a great job of decorating, it's just gorgeous!

Jen Kershner said...

I love your cottage! You've done a wonderful job with it. It's so charming and cozy. Just right!

★Carol★ said...

Your home is so pretty! I especially love that shade of yellow on the walls!

Unknown said...

Your home is so charming and I just love the yellow walls....I have been considering yellow walls in our cabin and this makes me REAlly REALLY want it! Our Cabin has one huge wall that runs from the peak to the floor down the center of the cabin it is a huge wall and what ever color I paint it is going to make a STATEMENT! I think you cottage is very sweet and serene...just the way we like it!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your cozy home, Maura! Lucky you! All sooo pretty. Enjoyed the tour, and today's also. You have some gorgeous pieces of furniture. This makes me want to: 1) go through my house with a shovel (seriously declutter), 2) and clean, 3) totally redecorate and make things pretty. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! -Tammy

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Wow...I can't believe all the sweet comments about our little cottage! If you had seen this place before we moved in I think most of you would have run for the hills rather than consider buying it. It was a nightmare. We still have lots to do but we're not in any rush as everything else is livable for now. Now that we sold the boat we have the money to build a screened porch off the kitchen and make a cottage garden complete with picket fence to keep the 'horse' of a dog we have from destroying it. Unfortunately the fence can't be white....I know it should be white but our water has a LOT of iron and it will turn it an ugly reddish brown in no time. SO...the only thing I can think of is to buy this stuff that turns wood into a weathered gray pretty fast. If any of you have any suggestions please let me know!

Thanks again for the makes all that hard work feel worth while.

Maura :)

Finding Pam said...

We had that weathered wood fence before and unless it is sealed it is so ugly. Have you thought about an iron fence? WHile I do not know how large an area you need to fence in that would be in style with you cottage. I still love picket fences. Could you work with the water and choose a color that would enhance the rust from the water?

I know what ever you do will be darling.

Nan said...

We have a New England farmhouse which also has a lot of doors. The kitchen has 5, the living room also has 5, which includes a closet door. The study has 2. One upstairs bedroom has 2 and the bathroom has 2. I'm someone who is fond of a cozy room with 1 door, but they don't exist here! I so enjoy your lovely blog.


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