Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Few 'Snippets' From Around The Cottage

I would really like to thank those of you who wrote such kind
comments about our little cottage.

I'm glad you thought it looked seems a cozy home to us.

A few of you mentioned wanting to see a little more of the place but
since it's such a dark dull day today I'll show you a few photo's that I already had.

The first sunny day we have I will take photo's of area's you've never seen.

Please don't expect much...I haven't hung all my pictures and would like to get
other ones eventually to hang so the walls are a little bare.

Anyway...without further ado...

This cabinet above I found on Craigslist for $100
It's approx 7 feet tall.
I thought about putting skirt under it...I'm still thinking about it.

I've been collecting Blue Willow and blue and white
dishes for years. I made the mistake of selling some when we were
moving here to the farm from the huge old Victorian.
The large platter is one that I kept from my store.
Yes I used to own a sweet little gift shop in a ski
village in the mountains of Canada!
It was called Tradewinds And Treasures.

This is one of my favorite cupboards!
This is a corner of the kitchen.
I have a whole set of those embroidered
tea for each day of the week that was given
to me from our elderly neighbor when we lived in the city.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining room.
That wallpaper is OLD.
One day we will get around to renovating the kitchen but I don't want much changed.

This is the secretary you see from the kitchen.
It's a beauty. The center part of the glass doors is bowed.
It is flame mahogany I think it's called and has the most
beautiful wood grain. One of the front 'feet' split but I still haven't glued it on!
We found this on Craigslist and drove all the way to a small town near Branson Missouri
to get it. It came from California and was bought at an antique store many years ago.

This is our guest bedroom.
I've never shown pictures of this room as I haven't done anything
with it yet. I still need to put the lace valance up!
Anyway...there you see it in the 'raw'.

The lamp on the dresser to the right belonged to my
Great Grandmother and is an antique Victorian lamp.
One day I'll get a better picture of it

This is my other favorite cabinet.
It's in our craft/office and holds most of my craft supplies

I won't show you the inside of it though...(blushing)

So there you have it...a little preview of
our little farm cottage.

I promise to take more pictures for you
when the sun comes out.

What are you working on in your 'cottage'?

Have a wonderful day!

Maura :)


The Bear's Blog said...


Just lovely. Thank you for the added pictures.


GardenofDaisies said...

Maura, your home is lovely! I love all your beautiful blue and white dishes! And the green painted cabinet too! You better be careful about posting such pretty pictures of your guest room, or all your blogging friends may show up at your door wanting to stay for a week!! ;-)

Amy Kinser said...

Beautiful home and a place I think would be so comfy and cozy.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Maura, such an enchanting home you have, it's just the kind of cottage that offers a cozy haven...
I'll stop back and look at your previous posts, been busy working :(

Finding Pam said...

Enchanting views of your loving home. Everything is picture perfect. I loved all the photos.

Loved the Blue Willow and the hutch. You are a great shopper.

I will try to do a post on my home. It is not as pretty as the one before we moved. We live in a huge doubewide home that was new and came with all the land. We thought about building, but I don't think at this point in our lives we want to do that. I would not mind a bunk house tho.

Hilary... said...

Love your home! that cabinet in your craft room is wounderful! ; ) hilary

Catherine said...

Blogger did not allow me the time to live a comment onyour last post yesterday!!!i love your guest room, but the whole house is very cosy. the secretary looks beautiful!have a nice day hugs catherine (Romain is fine, it's very hot there!)

Beatnheart said...

beautiful, comfortable looking and clean!!! everything looks like it has its place. I’m always working on something it seems. Mostly sweeping the floors. Yesterday I tore out a lot of stuff in the back garden. We are getting morning cloudiness but I love it as it gives me a chance to work more outside. Thanks for your sweet comment, Maura. I love you too!!

Deb said...

Hi Maura: Your home is just breath-taking. It is so inviting, cheerful, bright, homey, organized, enchanting and the fact that it has lots of beautiful dishes just knocks me on the floor. I can't believe you paid $100 for that gorgeous cabinet. I am on the lookout for one right now as I have such a fine collection of dishes and would like to have them displayed properly. You can tell that you LOVE your home. It is everywhere you look. I would just love to sit and have a tea with you.
Have a great evening and give those kitties a big hug for me. Deb =^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

Pondside said...

Maura, you'll have us lining up to stay in that room - so welcoming.
I'm still painting in the kitchen. Day five and coat #5. NEVER paint a room red unless your willing to think about 5 coats of paint and 2 coats of primer!

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

You have a lovely and very inviting home.
Thanks for the tour, loved it! Hugs.

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Maura, I am smitten! You are much further along with your decorating than we are, and it's looking lovely in every nook and cranny. I'm feeling like such a slacker! I've made up my mind to hit it hard and heavy in the morning cleaning up and putting everything in it's place. Such a chore... when I'd much rather be outside. But, we are having quite a heatwave. Not entirely a bad prospect to spend the day indoors. : ) Melissa

Joy said...

Well, you are inspiring me to make some changes in my home! After Christmas and during these cold months, I get the itch to make little changes. The guestroom is beautiful. Now I want to paint my guest room yellow.The lace is so pretty and soft. I like all your photos on the side of your blog.


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