Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Farm Cottage Kitchen

That is the bathroom on the left the other door is the laundry room/back porch/entry

 One of my good blogging friends mentioned that
she would like to see our kitchen.

Well you asked for it.

Looking in from the dining room

Here it is in the 'raw'. We haven't done anything cosmetic to the kitchen
other than add a few temporary shelves to hold our dishes and a small
pantry area in an unusable space. Oh ..we did add the brushed nickle
hardware to the cupboards!

These are about as cheap a cupboard as you can buy but they were already in here
and they work just fine so I'm thinking of adding a small crown molding and 'antiquing' them.

The dishwasher and microwave were black and really cheap so I went
on Craigslist (right after we moved to the farm) and found a 3 year old Whirlpool dishwasher, microwave
and Kohler cast iron sink (all like NEW!) for $325. 
For that price I wasn't going to hold out for stainless! 

Looking towards the office/craft room

You can just see the corner of the roll top desk in the office.
The yellow walls in there are NOT that bright..I promise!

These are the shelves that we added for more storage. This cottage was
sadly lacking storage for dishes or even food!
One day I hope to have a cupboard built in to look like an old Amish cupboard
with a skirt in this corner as the bottom cabinet does NOT go all the
way into the corner so there is a lot of wasted space in there.

The bathroom kitchen and laundry/back porch all need to be renovated and not just for cosmetic reasons. Hubby wants to move the hot water tank out of the porch and move it to the partial basement which will suit me just fine!
For now...these rooms are just fine the way they are.

This table cloth is a 'little' gaudy but I need to put another protective coat on this 100+ year old
farm table.

Well there you have it. We've come full circle.
We've been told the original wood floors are under these sticky tiles and plywood
so we've been thinking that when we renovate we'll tear it all up and if the floor boards are in good shape
I may paint them in a soft checkerboard patern and seal it good.
It's only a thought for now and I suppose it depends on how energetic
I am when the time comes.

First a screened porch and English Garden!

Do you have any future plans  or dreams for your home?


Finding Pam said...

Your charming cottage looks magazine perfect. Thank you for showing me your kitchen. Maura, you just have such a great sense of decorating styel.

I went and took photos of my home, but then all I noticed was the dust! Now I am cleaning. Boy, my camera picks up everything. LOL!

We have ripped out the built in cabinets in the dining room. They were really just like cardboard. Also, Hubs took out this really horrible built in desk in the corner of the bedroom.

All of my cheap cabinets are oak, which is not my favorite. I don't think they are paintable except if I put a prep on them, which I am not up to yet.

I once did the country look for about a year, but mine was too cluttered. My style is more ecclectic with new and old furniture. I have a lot of things from my grand mother and husband's family. I am sentimental that way.

We hope to replace the patio doors and the back enrty door.

Your home is so full of Love and Charm. It is beautiful. It inspires me as well as you. I am so happy that I found your blog. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

OH my.. love your kitchen too! Future plans for our house: push it into a big pile in a couple years. I know that sounds harsh, but trust me, there is no beginning or end. So we plan to build from scratch. If our home had good bones like yours, we wouldn't even consider starting over! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home with us.. it gives me hope for the future :) -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hi Maura, I love your farmhouse kitchen!! It's so warm and inviting....Kathy

Hilary said...

Your kitchen looks homey and lived in. I love that! : )

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maura,

I love your kitchen - it has so much charm. The hardwood floors will be worth the hardwork. It is so exciting to restore something and so rewarding when it's all done.

Hugs, and have a lovely "lilac" weekend. I miss lilac's sooooo much, and Lily Of The Valley.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really love your kitchen--It looks like something right out of a magazine! I know how we all hate to hear the word "warm" right now, but it's so warm and inviting!! I really love white appliances and when I redid my own kitchen and the one in the house we moved from I bought them and I didn't listen or care when the sales person told me that "stainless is much more chic!" I didn't want "chic" I wanted white! :-)))

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love your kitchen and I love that tablecloth! I don't think it's gaudy at all!

I think you got a fabulous deal on the appliances and sink! I think people get too wrapped up in the whole stainless steel thing! I'm sure 10 years from now people will think it overdone and want something totally different!


from my front porch... said...

Our style and farmhouse cottages are so similiar!
Wait until Fall to do the floors...we found out the hard way :)
Yes, a screened porch is a must! Like an additional room to the home! And we and the cats and dogs LOVE it!
Wonderful day to you! xo, misha

Celestial Charms said...

Such a pretty and cozy kitchen. I just love red and white checker board tableclothes.

Cheyenne said...

Your kitchen is so, so sweet! I just love it!

bj said...

Your warm and charming kitchen is wonderful..including the tablecloth. It just goes in your country kitchen!

I had plain, olden cabinets, too (our house is a 1957 model :( and wanted new ones soooo bad. One day, Mr. Sweet asked how I might like it if he made the doors on the cabinets look like beadboard. I nearly p'd on myself because I WOULD LOVE IT !! He just took his router and made all the cabinet doors in the kitchen, breakfast room and one bath look like the old beadboard....I could not believe the difference that one little thing made.
I have a upcoming post on it was a small thing that brought a huge change..
Just thought it might be something you wanted to think about.
xo bj

Pondside said...

You've made such a pretty, homey kitchen - you'll have to be sure to hang onto that atmosphere when you do your renos.
I'm still painting - I will be SO glad when it's finished!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a cute, homey and charming kitchen!

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

What a pretty little kitchen, Maura! I love what you've done with it. That sink is fabulous... and to think you found it on Craigslist for such a bargain... You were meant to have it! I also love the shelves you added for extra storage. They look really nice. I hope your wood floors under the laminate are in good shape. What you have planned for them will be fabulous, too! Thanks for sharing! : ) Melissa

Kim said...

very cute! Looks like a perfect spot to pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee.


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