Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers For Leontien

Sending you Love {{HUGS}} and Best Wishes as well Leontien.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Feathers Flowers Fur And Flutterbyes

Time flies when you're a don't 
stay little for long.

 Francis (on left) Chloe and Phoebe 
are growing like weeds
and in these photo's are 5 days old.

This is Francis above...
you can see her little wing
feathers coming in.
She has a white feather
near the bottom of her wing. 

This is Chloe.
She's my favorite. 

She will be more like her
adopted Mom in coloring
only with less gold 
and more black.


In the foreground is little Phoebe.
She sticks pretty close to her sister

The chicks daddy is Romeo who 
is watching from the other side
of the fence. 

He is such a nice rooster
and was a blue ribbon winner
at the county fair 
when he was a cockerel :)

Golda is a VERY good mamma.
She's super protective
and works hard to teach
them how to scratch and peck 
for food.

Above she is showing little
Francis a bug on the fence.

And here Golda has spotted 
Shep on the other side of 
the fence.

She doesn't miss a thing
and if he was silly enough to 
stick his nose up to the fence
he'd get a good peck
on the nose!


Now that I've bored you  with
'chick pics'
here are some flower photo's for you
to see. 

Above is the first bloom to open on
my David Austin Graham Thomas
climbing rose.

This is only it's second season
and I had to move it last fall
so the plant is just getting used 
to it's new location.

Hopefully by this fall 
it is climbing the fence. 

Above is a flower bed I planted last spring.
The drought was hard on it
and there was no rock border so 
the water tended to run off.

Last weekend Hubby and I hauled
these rocks over from the pile
and set them in place.

Most of them came from the
foundation of our old 
barn that we lost
in a fire nearly 2 yrs ago. 


Henry had to come over to see 
what I was doing. 

These are some of the smaller rocks 
and you are only seeing the top half 
of each of them.

They were HEAVY.


I finally found the perfect
place for the old  hand plow.


There was another reason 
that Henry came to 
see what I was doing.


He had been watching these 
on the Salvia.


They had his undivided attention.

Here's a couple on the

I hope you have enjoyed 
your visit here on the farm and
I hope you have a
wonderful week! 


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Little Peeps!

Monday morning I headed to the chicken coop
to see if the eggs under the two setting
hens had hatched.

It was day 21. Nothing.

I went back a couple of hours later
and found this!


Well I actually heard it before
I saw it. 

Peep Peep Peep
and then out from under Momma's
wing popped this sweet little head.

Then this little one came out 
from the other side!


Two little chicks
exploring their world
for the first time.

And then there were three!
 A later trip to the coop revealed
there were 3 little fuzzy chicks.

The little one on it's momma 
is a little mixed Black Australorp/ 
Buff Orpington
and the other two are pure bred
Black Australorp.

Now isn't that the cutest 
little 'fuzzy butt' you've
ever seen!


Momma 'Golda Meir'
 is already showing her chicks
how to hunt and peck just like the
big girls do. 

Unfortunately the eggs under
'Helen From Hell'
didn't hatch. Two were not
fertilized and two were
but she must not have spent enough
time on her nest keeping them warm
as they were not fully developed.

I put Helen back in with the other chickens.

Today we'll open momma and the chicks
door and they will be allowed to 
explore the big wide world
in the safety of their own 'run'. 

It should be an exciting day
for the little family
and us too! 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fur Feathers And Fluffy Butts


It's been a while since I posted some
good photo's of the critters 
here on the farm
so for those animal lovers out there...
here you go!

Above is Olly.
He follows me and loves to be 
in the garden when I'm working.

He's always on the lookout for the
most comfortable spot to watch
the world go by.

Lizzy would have pushed him out 
if she could but Olly
wasn't budging
from his nice warm sunny spot.

  Shep has to be close to the action. 

Chelsea is our little farm dog.
Her 'brother' Bubba our other Shih Tzu
is the 'house dog' but Chelsea
is definitely our

And she knows that's her title
because when ever well call her that
she wags her tail and looks
proud as punch. :) 

Here's Hope enjoying her meal.

We expanded the chickens run
to behind the coop/garden shed
under the trees.

They are enjoying the soft dirt
and the shade. 

This is Licorice.
She is a Barred Rock
and was bought as a chick along
with her 'sister' Gumball who
is no longer with us :( 


Blogger is really acting up this morning
and trying to force me to have blue 
type with underlining!

Anyway above is Buttercup who
was one of the chicks we 
bought along with Licorice.

Buttercup is a Buff Orpington.

Above is Queen Latifa.
She is a Black Australorp and
 has a 'sister' named Oprah.
 We've had them since they were
fluffy chicks.

We have 20 hens including one
Rhode Island Red named
Chicken Little
and a rooster. 

Lizzy has to check out the girls
'run' just in case there's 
something good to eat 
or something new to play with.

We'll have to watch her carefully
since we have two hens setting
on eggs and should have some
chicks by Monday.

They are in the 'brooder'
and are separate from the others
for now. They'll all be able 
to see each other once the chicks are
old enough to go out into their 'run'
but they'll be separate from the others 
until they are close to adult size. 

Fluffy Butts...aren't they cute!

Queen L again.

This is Romeo.
He's a Black Australorp
and he is the nicest rooster...not an
aggressive bone in his body.

He takes good care of the girls 
and they LOVE him ;) 

Shep has the title of

He's smiling because I told him
how beautiful he was and that he was 

Lastly here is a picture of Hope and Rosie
playing. I missed Hope rearing up 
and bucking...too bad. 

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing
some of our furry and feathered
friends here on the farm.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful
sunny warm weekend.
 Unfortunately we've got severe
weather warnings today
so the sun may not shine.

It's tornado season 
in Tornado Alley...
don't think I'll ever get used to it!  


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