Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Playing Around

It's been so hot (111'F in our area)
that I figured I'd spend my time 
trying to learn something new.

So here is my first real try at textures.

I'm joining
Kim Klassen
over at the 

I realize that I'm a 
tad late but the link is still up
 so what the heck!

If you haven't tried doing textures
with your photo's you should give it a try
it's a lot of fun.

I hope you'll head over to Kim's
and check it just
might become addicted!

Have a great day!

Maura :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's all in the details

It's been much too hot to take pictures outside
and to tell you the truth 
there isn't much to see out there
as everything is struggling 
just to stay alive.

I thought I'd go through my old
photo's to see what I had
that you might find

Some of you have seen these
photo's before but I
thought I'd post
them again for those who
may have missed them.

These first two photo's 
are of the embroidered
sheer panels I 
bought at JC Penny
years ago when we renovated
our cottage in the city. 

We then bought a huge
in a small farming town
in the country.

I never used the panels there and
almost sold them at our 
garage sale
when we bought our 
cottage in the country.

I was surprised to see how perfect
they were!
They are very well made and have
lovely embroidery all over them.

This is a broach that an elderly
neighbor made for me years ago.
It's heart shaped and covered with 
antique buttons.

Above and below is part of an
antique dresser set I have
on my old oak dresser.

My favorite tea pot.

Above is the dresser set sitting
on the old oak dresser I actually 
bought as a vanity for our 
bathroom renovation.

It didn't work out in there 
but it worked perfect in our bedroom.

Here's a few old photo's 
of the details on this dresser.

The dresser now sits in the corner
to the left.

This is a photo of our bed taken last 

Even though it's going to be
105 today
I still want to climb into it.

With the ceiling fan blasting on me!

Above are pillows 
that I found at garage sales
in the city.

This beautiful duvet cover 
was given to me by our neighbors
when we lived in the city.

They had never used it!

So there you have it.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the 
details from around the

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!

Maura :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In My Dreams

It's HOT here in Kansas.

The weather all over is a little nuts this year
and many of us are
suffering through a serious heatwave.

According to the computer
it's going to be 105' here today.

As I was watering the garden
I started thinking how nice it would 
be to lay in a hammock 
in the SHADE 
by the WATER
with temperatures around 80
and a nice soft breeze.


A light bulb came on 
and I thought
why not do a post on it!

So I start looking up
images of
and these strange looking things
came up!

They are called a

They were designed by
Daniel Pouzet
Fred Frety
(who are from Paris)

Strange looking aren't they.

But imagine having one like the photo

hanging from a tree

in the shade


Wonder how that guy got in there
without getting wet?

But wouldn't that be wonderful
to be in something like this
BESIDE the water.

Oh my.

These things are pretty big!

How much?

I have no idea
but I bet they're don't go cheap.

Seems they don't have a price out
on the internet...hmmm.

So I guess unless I win the lottery
I'll only have one
in my 

Would you buy one?
(if you could afford it)

Maura :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treasure Hunting!

Last month hubby and I attended the last
Flea Market of the season. 
There won't be another until September!

We're very lucky to have such a huge
Flea Market held every month
not far from us
and it's always a little sad to know
you'll have to miss a couple of months.

With temperatures in the triple
digits and no air conditioning 
in the building it's easy to 
understand why they shut it down for
the hottest months.

The first thing I spotted that made
my heart swoon was this sweet
cast iron barn.

I fell in love with it but I didn't buy it 
on the spot. I figured I'd come back
after we'd seen everything (and hope it
would still be there) as I had
something else that I was looking for that day.
Do you do that?
Go to Flea Markets or garage sales
looking for a specific thing?

I never found that 'thing' 
but this barn was still waiting for me
when we were done.

I only paid $25 for it
because I 
bought the
wire basket below
along with it.

I also found this large basket
which is perfect for my knitting.

My day was going really well
and I was happy with the items that
I had found. 
I never did find the 'thing' I actually 
went there for (I can't even remember
what it was!) but then I spotted
YES!....I had always wanted one
of these little red wagons
and this one was a real 'steal'. 

So we gathered up all my treasures
and packed them into my wagon and 
headed home.
I'll be looking forward to September.

In the meantime 
I made up for not having the 
Flea Market  this month
by talking hubby into taking me
to the 
Antique Mall 
just on the edge of the city.

He'd much rather have a 
than spend a few hours there
but he grinned and bared it...
cause he loves me ;)

And look what I found...

This sweet little half pint milk bottle
will work perfect for a vase
or anything else I choose to put in it.

I also found this white bowl 
that I've been using every
morning for my 

But my favorite 
treasure of the day 
was this old handmade

Isn't he cute...
as the wind blows the
his arms move up and down
as he chops the wood.

It's not exactly what you'd see here
on the prairies. Maybe a girl milking
a cow or a rooster pecking a cob of 
corn would be more fitting.
it reminds me of all the years
my kids and I chopped wood
when I lived in the mountains
in British Columbia.


How has your 'treasure hunting' gone 
so far this summer?

Have a wonderful week!
Maura :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Dining Room

I hope your part of the world is cooler than 

Yesterday (Sunday) we broke a record
dating back to the 1800's
and reached a blazing
temperature of
111 !

On Sunday we decided to head to our favorite 
Antique Mall 
on the edge of the city
where at least we were 'out and about'
but not out in the heat.

We were amazed with the number of
people who must have thought
the same thing!

This post isn't about the 
Antique Mall though
as I never even
thought to bring my camera...
but next time I'll phone ahead
and ask if it's ok.

I did buy a few little things
at the mall but I'll
get pictures of those 
for my next post.

For now
are a few pictures of our dining room.
I didn't take a picture of the other
end because I need to dust!!!

The door on the left leads to our
partial basement and where
we run when there's 
a tornado warning.
(Well at least one of us runs there)

Looking through into the tiny living room

The wood stove is all ready for this fall.
I love the fire but I don't even
want to think about it right now!

In this last picture you can just see
a bit of the kitchen.

Well...I hope you enjoyed your visit...
next time I will show you my
antique mall 
treasures ;)

I'm joining CIELO from
The house in the Roses
again for

Have a wonderful week!

Maura :)


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