Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Texture Tuesdays 'Love'

It's Texture Tuesday again over
at Kim's
and the theme this week

I used two layers of Kim's 
'the leaf'.

I LOVE the wild bees that live
in our corn crib
and the bee's 
the last of the
garden's flowers.

I'm enjoying the beautiful
weather we are finally having after
a summer of triple digit 
temperatures and drought.

I think the bee's are feeling
the same way!

I hope you'll check out the other
textures over at Kim's!

Maura :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Country Drive

Last Sunday Hubby and I had to 
make a delivery to a friends farm.

I grabbed my camera and off we went!

It was a little hazy
but that didn't stop me from
taking a few pictures.

This old windmill is only a couple
of miles from our farm and I love
taking photo's as the seasons 

Below shows the windmill at work
keeping a water trough filled for 
the cattle.

These little cuties were across
the road from the windmill.

Someone was looking for their Momma.

Looks like they're both happy.

This time of year the roads are lined with
beautiful sunflowers...

...sunshine even on a cloudy day.

I'm linking with Amy for


Have a wonderful weekend!

Maura :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Fall Pleasures

One of the pleasures of living in the 
country is that you can just walk 
out to the dirt road in
front and pick a bouquet
wild sunflowers.

The other day I had
some apples to use up
so I decided to make one of my favorite
fall desserts...

Apple Crisp.

in my mind if you have 
Apple Crisp 
you simply MUST
have ice cream.

I didn't have any.

So...once I had my Apple Crisp in the oven
I pulled out my trusty
Donvier ice cream
maker and made some
Vanilla Ice Cream.

Do you have one?

I tell you...this is just
the easiest way to make 
delicious home made
ice cream!

You just measure your ingredients...
heavy cream, milk, sugar, farm fresh eggs,
and vanilla
mix them a bit and pour them into 
the cold container.

Let it sit for about 2-3 minutes...
give the handle a few turns...
and then get yourself a 

Continue to turn the handle
every few minutes for about 
 half an hour.

Easy Peasy.

No salt. 

No mess.

Once the ice cream was done
and while the Apple Crisp
cooled a bit
I headed out to pick
a few wild flowers.

Simple Pleasures.

This Friday is the first day of


Maura :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ozark Mo. Eye Candy

Here are a few more things we
saw in the Antique Malls
in Ozark Mo.

How about that chandelier! 

This wicker glider
would have been wonderful when 
we lived in the old Victorian house.

Mecky this display above reminded me
 of you!

I loved this booth above!

I loved this 'possum belly' Hoosier
cabinet and that copper boiler
would have worked great for
our firewood beside the stove.

We had to be careful what we bought
 as we thought Donna's 
cupboard was going to fit in the
SUV. In the end it didn't!

I thought you would like to see
this valance.
How different!

Hubby said it looked like the 
spoons were just hot glued to the burlap.

Below are some of the treasures
I brought home with me.

I will probably paint this and age it.

I love the old hooks.

This is my favorite purchase.
I saw some new reproductions 
but I wanted the 'real deal'.

Most had been around $90
but I found this old
 one for $70!

I love the curved spout on this coffee pot.

I needed a place to put my jute string 
and saw this...I'm sure it's not old
but I don't care.
It's better than the plastic container
I have mine in now!

I love birdhouses made from old wood.
This one had a great corrugated
tin roof.

You can NEVER have enough
white ironstone ;)

I also bought a HEAVY
sign that hubby put up on the 
garden shed/chicken coop
for me.

an old green enamel 
barn lamp that hubby is 
going to make a 
goose neck for.

That will eventually go on the 
screened porch
once it's built. 

Well I hope you enjoyed
coming along for a jaunt around
a few of the Ozark antique
 malls with us.

Enjoy your weekend!
Maura :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missouri Treasure Hunt

Last weekend
my sister in law
and I headed to Ozark Missouri
on a quest to find her the
perfect cupboard for her kitchen.

We actually took the trip
to see a cupboard
she had found on Craigslist
but we couldn't see it until Sunday.

Soooo what's a couple of 
antique loving girls 
to do with themselves until then?

Yep...we went to every
antique mall 
we could find!

Here's a look at some of the 
treasures that caught my eye.

I LOVED this white French pitcher
but I couldn't see spending $70
on it. 

Above is one of the umpteen 
antique malls we searched through
on Saturday.

I loved this cupboard above.
Below is the detail of the 
hardware on it.

More details below


Look at the height of this screened door!
Love the color. 

How about this work table above

Wouldn't this make a great work table
in the garden shed or craft room?!

I think it would take some strong backs
to move this thing.

Above and below is the cupboard
my sister in law went to
see originally.

It's a really cute cupboard but 
unfortunately it wasn't
large enough for what it was 
intended for.

It's got great details.

If any of you Missouri Bloggers
think you would be interested
in this cupboard
the lady was asking
and it is 90" tall 15" deep
and 32" wide.

Below is what my sister in law bought

It appears to be made with reclaimed wood
and old tin ceiling inserts.

I LOVE all the details!

The sweet lady who's cupboard
Donna didn't buy
told us about a HUGE antique mall
that was open on Sunday.

Oh goodness...I ended up with a sore neck
from 'rubber necking'
trying to look at everything!

This place had us drooling....
so be watching 
because I will be
 doing another post on this soon.

I'll also show you what I brought 
home with me!

I hope you are having a great week.

Maura :)


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