Thursday, May 31, 2012

Puppy Love

 Meet Macie 

Little Miss Macie belongs to 
my son-in-law and his girlfriend.

My hubby and I were over at
their new home helping them
get settled.

Well my hubby was helping them
while Macie and I had 
a little photo shoot ;)

They brought her home from
their local animal shelter.

She loves her 'Mom's' stuffed tiger
and is the sweetest pup. 

Just look at that sweet face.

This sweet boy is Champ
and he's Macie's best buddy.

He's a good boy
and is pretty gentle with his
'little sister'.

Most of the time.

This is how they spend 
most of their day.


Champs pearly whites 
are only for show
when it comes to Macie. buddies.

One day 'little sister' won't
be so little any more...
wonder how he's going 
to like that ;)

He better enjoy being the 
'big brother'
while he can!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Just a few photo's
of our
David Austin
 Graham Thomas
English roses. 



Have a wonderful
Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The View From Right Here

It was a beautiful morning.
The sun was shining the birds
were singing
and there was a gentle
breeze blowing.

It was too nice of a morning 
to be inside so I took
a break and grabbed
my coffee
and headed out to the back porch
to enjoy the view.


The back porch looks out onto
the "back 40" as we call it. 
The horses had just gone inside 
the run in shed for a rest.

You can also see the 
chicken coop/garden shed
from the porch.

I love this old building.

I found the BUNKHOUSE
sign at our big monthly
flea market last year. 


The chickens were fed
and let out into their pen,
the dogs and cats had been fed and 
the horses given their treats
and the clothes were 
softly blowing on the line.

It was nice to just sit and sip
and enjoy the porch.


I have a pot 
filled with Basil 
that smells wonderful
in between two chairs
and a fern hanging
in the shade of the rafters. 

It's not a big porch
but for now it's all we need.

One day it will be replaced
with a screened porch.

After I finished my coffee
I took a little walk 
and checked on the gardens
to see if they needed watering.

It's been very dry here
in our part of Kansas and every
day I have to water everything.


The herb garden was looking good
especially the lavender. 


You can see how the little garden
is laid out.

These are old bricks made 
in Coffeeville Kansas.


I decided to put water in the
bird bath since it's so 
dry. I thought the birds
might need the water.

Now I just need to keep
a watch on the cats!


I was going to stain the picket
fence and I even started
a couple of years ago
but it was too big of a job
so I decided to just let it age

I wish it would hurry up!

No white picket fence 
for us I'm afraid.
Our rusty water would have 
it stained in no time. 


I think it will look
just fine...
one day.

In the meantime...I'll just
enjoy the view from right here. 


I hope your week is a good one.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Sunny Country Morning

I was getting tired of watering 
and weeding
picking up piles of horse poop
and tired of 
throwing broody hens
 off their nests.... I put the kettle on
grabbed my camera
and  few 
other things
and headed out
under the trees.


 It was a perfect morning
for taking pictures
sipping tea 
and reading a
good book.

Chelsea thought so too.

The photo above with the
rose on the book 
reminds me of the movie
'You've Got Mail'

I love that movie.

The book is 
The Mill On The Floss
George Eliot 

It belonged to my
Nana and
I've had it for years.


I think it's time I read it.

Lizzy hung out on her favorite
watching me.

A cup of tea and a good book
under the trees 
on a sunny morning in the country.

Tattered old lace found at the flea market

It doesn't get much better
than this.


Linking to
Nancy at Rural Journal for

Rural Thursday 



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