Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ready For Guests

Next Wednesday my Sister arrives from Canada. 

The guest room is ready!

It's been nearly 3 years since Sue was here with us in Kansas
but this will be her first visit since we've moved to the farm. 

The last time she was here we lived in the big old Victorian
in we're here in the country
in our tiny cozy farm cottage. 

I'm excited to see her
and the wonderful friends who are dropping her off
while they continue on to Tulsa Oklahoma.

She'll be here for two weeks...
lots of time to I mention yack?


See this pretty quilt?

One of my favorite Bloggers gave it to me!

She said she thought of me when she saw it...
how cool is that.

Thank you my friend...I LOVE it!

It's perfect.

The pattern and colors are gorgeous.

I have a fluffy Canadian goose down comforter 
that I put at the foot of her bed
although I doubt she'll get
cold as she can see the wood stove
from her bed.

I LOVE that floral pattern and I love the lilac color.

The little black dress...pinafore apron and hat
and hanger was made by Amish
not far from us.

Sweet Dreams Sis...
we'll see you soon!

Are you having company over the holidays?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Fall Decorating

I don't have a lot of indoor fall decorations.\
to play with.

I think I need a trip to Hobby Lobby!

If you're looking for're probably
going to see it.

I promise I'm going to dust and polish before
my sister get's here next Wednesday!

No use doing it twice....right?!

The white pumpkins you see ....
they're from our last years crop 
and they're still looking good. 

I found this little crystal bowl at a garage
sale years ago and it wasn't until
today that I REALLY took 
a good look at it.

I don't remember seeing this spider web.

I don't know who the maker of this bowl is
but who ever it is they did a beautiful
job. The cut work is deep and 'crisp'
and yet it's very delicate.

Not bad for $1 !

I'm not sure how much more decorating I'll be doing
but if I find something I like while Sis and I
are 'out and about'.... and it's a DEAL
it will be coming home with me.

Are you done your fall decorating?


I'm still working on my blog.
I'm sorry if you've been looking around and
clicking on things and they aren't working.
I may have to delete a couple of tabs as I'm a
computer klutz. 

I think everything else is working OK.
If you find a problem please
let me know.


I hope your weekend is a good one!

Monday, October 24, 2011

For The Love Of Animals

This video was sent to me this morning
and I thought I would post it
in the hopes that you
would love it
as much 
I did.
(please turn off my music in the side bar first)

This was a video that was made
for the Wade SPCA in Raleigh North Carolina.
The company who made this video donated
their time and resources along with 
the staff and volunteers of
the facility. 

Unfortunately a music company stopped
the video on YouTube. 
You can see the making of the video
on YouTube but not the finished product. 

What a shame that a large company can
be so 'small' as to stop a video
because they wouldn't 
make any money
from it. 

Shame on them! 

If you haven't seen this before...enjoy!

If you have....enjoy's worth it and 
donate to your
local animal center.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Shots

Our garden shed/chicken coop all ready for winter

I headed out the door with my camera one morning
this past week to get a few pictures
before the predicted frost hit.

This is WAY too early...
we should have a few weeks before
we get hit with frost! 

Last year at this time I was still picking
tomatoes and did so well into 

We got the coop all closed up
meaning we closed all the 
'window's' and what I call
air flaps screwed shut.
At least that will
help keep 
warm and cozy
when the winter winds howl.

You can see the 'air flaps' just under the roof line. That little hole is for the cats

This building is also where our barn
cats spend the winter months.
Well at least two of them
will be in there.
has made 
it very clear that
he's going to be spending
the winter inside the house near the wood stove.

Lizzy and Henry 
have a nice warm bed nestled
in the straw to keep them
cozy during the cold winter nights.

This is our 'work horse'.
We've been planting a few trees
around the farm to add some color
and this machine is a real back saver. 

We planted two Autumn Blaze Maples
and an Eastern Red Bud.

One day this baby will dig
us a pond.

This pile of rocks is my treasure.
Most of it came from the foundation of 
our old barn that burned down 
over a year ago.

I still miss that old BARN.

Henry and the rest of the critters
came with me as I walked around
the farm snapping photo's.

Socrates our scare crow has seen better days.
The only thing he was guarding that day
was the tomato plants which was
a complete waste of his time. 

The tomato plants grew HUGE but they never
even produced one nice big Brandywine
for a sandwich all summer.

The 'cherry tomatoes' 
did better but still didn't give us 
many ripe ones at first and then for
some reason (probably because the 100 degree
temperatures ended) started producing again.

If it hadn't been for them tomato season
would have been a complete flop!

The last of the Orangello watermelons.

They really didn't do much this year
because of the heat either.

Our Lilac Lane is a little greener after only 
and inch and a half of rain and cooler temperatures.

This is where I 'while away' my time
with a magazine and an iced tea.

The Mum's are looking good
and Henry thinks so too.

More Mum's on the back porch
with Sedum bringing up the rear.

Henry just had to get in the last shot for the morning.

Since these photo's were taken we've had a 
light frost. The tomato plants tips got hit
and a few of the herbs and my gourd vines
but everything else looks OK.

Funny thing is the temperatures have gone
back up and we will be enjoying
80 and 85 degree temperatures 
for the next couple of days!

Welcome to Kansas!

Come join the fun and meet some nice people!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dust Has Settled!

Well the dust has settled ... somewhat.

At least most of the flowers were
washed clean from the rain.

I still have to wash windows and do 
more cleaning before my sister 
arrives two weeks from today.

Can't wait!

To see my sister...not clean house ;)

My Blog 'construction' or re-construction
is still going on but I'm 
happy with how things are looking
so far.

Salvia and Lavender 

The plants seem to have survived the
dust storm none the worse for wear
and are looking much better 
now that our temperatures
have cooled.

I planted some Russian Sage, Big Twister Rush and Variegated Japanese Silver Grass to replace 
the two Graham Thomas roses, 
hydrangea and clematis
 I planted this spring.
I replanted
those elsewhere. 

It seems it was a bit too dry and hot for 
them in that spot so now they should
be a lot happier next summer.

I hope. 

The bees are enjoying the last of the flowers.

The old porch boards really show up this close!

Oh well they will eventually be replaced
with a new screened porch.

Hubby was going to do that this year but with
the record breaking heat that lasted up
until a few of weeks ago
that project will have to wait
until next year.

Just as well as we would have had to admire
it from inside the house because it was just
too hot to be outside! 

It's been a strange year weather-wise.

We went from a LONG COLD winter to a 
very short cold spring 
and jumped right into a record breaking long
HOT summer that just ended recently...
to an early freeze which is to happen

Makes me shudder just thinking
what our winter could be like!

Time to split more wood I think.

How has your weather been this year?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kansas Dust Storm

Dateline October 6 2011

Ever heard of the "Dirty Thirties"? or the "Dust Bowl"?
For those of you who have never heard of this
 it was during 1930 to 1936 (and in some places to 1940)
where terrible dust storms blew across
the American and Canadian prairies.

It was caused by severe drought conditions and many 
years of poor land management.
If you'd like to read more on this you can go

Well starting on October 4th we had 3 days of what
I call a mild case of the "dirty thirties".

THIS is what we saw out our windows.
I didn't dare take my camera outside
until after it was all done blowing.

The only places that seemed to get hit by this
were the ones that were down wind of
fields that weren't planted with a second crop.

Because of our record breaking heat and drought conditions
this summer and fall and the fact that they cut down
the windbreaks to the south and west of us
and didn't plant those second crops
we got hit bad.

Just going outside to feed the chickens or collect eggs 
or run to the car got you grit in your teeth
and dust in your eyes and in your hair
not to mention make your
allergies flare!

Where the dogs would lay on the kitchen floor...
there was a little pile of powdered dirt.
That same stuff came into the house through a couple of 
places under our front door! 

When I realized what was happening I put a towel along
the bottom of the door but it was too late.
Some of that dust got into the house and I had JUST finished
dusting and vacuuming everything 
because my sister is coming to visit soon!

Oh well...I can't complain about being bored ;)

That pumpkin had just been put outside a couple of 
hours before this picture was taken...if that!

When I finally got outside to take pictures...every step I took blew up a dust cloud.

Below is how this stone is supposed to look.

When I went out to collect eggs at night while this was happening
it looked like a blizzard in the beam of my flashlight!

The poor plants were covered.

When you live in the country you expect dust.
We sure weren't expecting this though.

And here just before this happened I had gone around
and swept off all the window sills and porches 
and sidewalks and was thinking
"what a cute little clean cottage".

Two days rained. For 3 days. 

Fortunately hubby had taken the leaf blower out and went
around the place blowing the dust off every surface he could!

We still ended up with a mess.

But hey...we finally got rain!

I'm connecting with Amy for 

Have a great weekend!

ps...things are finally turning green here after 1.5 inches of rain last weekend :)
Yes...3 days and only 1.5 inches of rain!

I'm sure I heard the tree's give a happy sigh though.


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