Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunny Day on the Farm

Phoebe looking for Shep and Chelsea

It was a beautiful day today except for a bit of a breeze. It felt SO GOOD to be outside enjoying the sunshine finally..seems like it's been weeks since we've had a good sunny day! I took my camera out and got a few pictures of the animals. Shep our Akbash pup who will soon be 8 months old, Chelsea our raggedy looking farm dog Shih Tzu and our little Dinky Donkey Phoebe were all enjoying spending a little time together along the fence. Phoebe has an 'attitude' that matches Chelsea's but somehow they get along really well...most of the time anyway. Shep is just a big easy going mush who loves everyone and nearly everything. Bubba he wasn't having any part of the 'party' so spent most of his time on the porch. The chickens were having fun hunting and pecking in the pasture and the cats were enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately the cats went in for a siesta so missed the photo session. It was a wonderful day.  I hope your day will be a good one too. Take care.     Maura

Shep and Phoebe having a chat

Phoebe checking out my camera

Phoebe wants Chelsea's toy

Shep and Bubba playing

Romeo coming over to greet me with Buttercup close behind

Eeyore enjoying a bit of green grass


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am so DELIGHTED that you stopped by and brought attention to this delightful blog! You cannot imagine how I love such an environment as yours. I was raised in one like it and miss it terribly sometimes. All the time to be truthful! I miss the smells, the animals, the ...just everything!

That is what is so great about blogging...every now and then someone comes along that shares their life and times and it is exactly what you need to see...and sometimes hear! :)

Do come see me again. My blog is not the greatest...but I am not trying for that. I am just enjoying getting to know how many fantastic folks there are out there, loving, sharing and going through life the same as I am.
:) It will be fun getting to know you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, what great pictures!!I love all the animals. Have a great weekend...Kathy

Catherine said...

I am going to a donkey show tomorow! i love the color of your donkey she look so sweet.Have a nice weekend

Janean said...

sweet photos! my thought was, "there's nothing like a friend or two."

okay, there's probably a post explaining this, but why did you decide to have donkeys? just curious. :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I so enjoy seeing your animals. They are all so cute! It was a beautiful day yesterday, boy, what happened?! Twyla

Beatnheart said...

Oh Maura!! loved this as you would know..that little Phoebe is adorable!! Sometimes when I get up early in the morning, I think of you feeding all those animals and taking care of them..Lots of work I bet, but I hope you are enjoying it. It seems to me that you would be up to the task.. Enjoy the weather !! lot of love, Cynthia

Millie said...

I absolutely love Phoebe. She is quite the pretty thing. All of your pictures are wonderful.

maurakeith said...

Hi Millie,

Yes Phoebe is a pretty little thing...she's got an attitude to go with her good looks too. I'm glad you like the pictures...I have fun taking I just need to learn how to do it right! Thank you for stopping by the farm...I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care. Maura :)

from my front porch... said...

Oh, all these animal pics just did my heart good! You have such a beautiful place, I just admire it so much!!
Your new little chicks are just too cute for words!
Please forgive me for not stopping by in the past week. I have just been so covered up with spring projects that need to be done this time every year..ugh.
Have a wonderful weekend!
xo, misha


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