Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peep Peep Peep

They're heeeerrrre!

Yesterday morning around 7:20 am just as I was warming up the car for my 20 mile drive to the YMCA the phone rang. It was the post office in town calling to let me know our shipment had arrived. When I got to the post office they took me into the back and before I even saw them I heard them...63 peeping chicks! It was an exciting trip home with the box on my lap...DH had opened one corner of the top of the box so I could see if they were ok but as soon as I pulled the lid back 63 fluffy little heads looked up at me with that...'lets fly the coop' look. I put the lid down but stuck my hand gently inside the box..oh my...it was warm...and OH SO SOFT. When we got home hubby went out to the garden shed and turned on the warming lamps in the trough and put their food and water on top of the wood shavings and newspapers. Then I opened the box and started lifting them out. Oh MY they were soft and just so darn cute!!! With all the excitement and 'cutness' I forgot to count the chicks as I took them out of the box...can you imagine trying to count 63 chicks all zipping around?! I'm just going to have to trust Murray McMurray's count I'm afraid. Most of the chicks are Buff Orpingtons which are a beautiful English breed that is the most gorgeous gold color. They are a friendly bird who for the most part love to be handled. We had two...now we're down to one and they are my favorite breed. We also have 8 black Australorp chicks another big friendly breed who have great personalities....our handsome rooster is a black Australorp. Did you know that a hen of that breed has the record for laying 364 eggs in one year?! That's a lot of omlettes!!!

I see you! Little Black Australorp in a sea of Buff Orpingtons.

Little fluff ball

Taking a drink

Keeping warm under the heat lamp

So soft

Nap Time!
Wouldn't you just love to put your cheek on that soft little pile of fluff!

I hope you'll come back and visit us here on the farm again. I promise to take lots of 'chick' pics!
I hope your day is a sunny one.


Rural Revival said...

It's a grey day here, but my heart is filled with sunshine looking at all of those little bundles of sweetness! In informed my husband on the weekend...chicks next year, ready or not!

Have a wonderful day Maura and if you could, please give those little chicks a peck from me. : )


maurakeith said...

LOL good for you Andrea!! You'll LOVE having chickens and so will your husband...I promise. They are such sweet creatures. This is our second batch of chicks..the first time we only had 6 and kept them in a large plastic storage container in the kitchen until they feathered out enough to handle being outside in December. They had a lamp in their cage so they were just fine. I checked ours this morning and they are all doing great...we haven't lost any so we're happy! Have a wonderful day and I hope you have sunshine tomorrow! Take care Maura :)

Janean said...

they are adorable!!!! mr. rooster's a cutie too. that little peeping noise is music to our ears, huh?

that photo of the one chick drinking is the best!

Beatnheart said...

Oh lucky you!! I want chicks but I can't have any..the city life..I can't help but think of all the energy you have to keep all of this up..I have gotten spoiled and lazy, and here you are feeding all those animals, doing your blog before the sun is out and doing up your house..You are amazing..Take good care my friend. Cynthia

Oz Girl said...

We may still get some chicks this year yet... have to finish fixing up the coop first! We'll see what this w/e brings, if I can get the hubby motivated to get outside. I think we're supposed to have a nice weekend.

The chicks are adorable, and I look forward to seeing their "growing up" pics!! :)

Melissa said...

They're soooo cute! And soooo many! Glad to hear they arrived safely. : ) Melissa

Shirley said...

I still would love to live on the farm only can't convince my hubby of that. We had bannie's when I was growing up also. I love all of the animals that we made pets out of them and sometimes parents weren't to thrill, but we had a lot of fun. We would feed some of the babies by bottle for one reason or another. I can remember feeding calves when we would lose a mother. Thank you for all of the fond memories.

Millie said...

Seeing your wonderful pictures make me want more chicks! As cute as they are, I must say my favorites are the goslings. There are no cuter babies. Ever thought of trying geese?

Catherine said...

do they really come by post? they are really cute. I would like to have some again!but when they grow up the fox eat them! so i gave up.have a nice day

maurakeith said...

I've never had geese...maybe a goose would do better at keeping our little Shih Tzu Chelsea from trying to chase them! Hmm I'll have to think about that and you're right..they really are cute. Thanks or the tip! Take care Millie Maura


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