Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Amish of Yoder

Amish carriage hitched to the hitching rail at the restaurant in Yoder

About 20 miles from us is the small town of Yoder Kansas, it is the central point for the Amish communties in the area. On Saturday mornings we sometimes go to a local restaurant there for breakfast and on the way we travel some beautiful country roads. A few of the Amish live along the way.  I still get a thrill ever time I see one of their carriages travelling these roads. Usually when we get to the restaurant there will be a least one and on most trips a handfull of of those beautiful carriages tied up to the hitching rail that runs on the north side of the parking lot. You can pretty much count on the fact that you will see some of the Amish gentlemen sitting enjoying coffee at one or more of the tables. They are always polite and kind when they see people smiling at them...I'm sure they know that they are a local attraction. Last year we went to Herritage Days in Yoder and it was wonderful seeing all the Mennonite and Amish watching the fellows have fun on horseback. You can't help but smile at the Amish children with their home made dresses and britches and bonnets and the little boys with their black hats. When we were watching the horse events there was a line up of little ones all wearing bare feet standing on the fence railing. I would have loved to take a picture but I knew it wouldn't be right without asking permission so my camera stayed where it was. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to live the Amish lifestyle....but somehow I don't think I'm ready to give up the luxuries that I've become used to. So for now...I'll just enjoy these wonderful people and keep baking my bread and appreciate that I am now living my dream of living in the country on a little farm. 
This fellow was looking for company.

One of the Amish farms along the way to Yoder. They are not hooked up to outside electricity.

One of the Amish churches in the area.


Simple but beautiful Amish bench

Amish quilt


Catherine said...

hello! i love thre Amish country! i went to Lancaster and met them , so the quilts, eat Amish food ...which is delicious.Their wood work and quilts are wonderful.thank you for sharing .Hugs Catherine

Beatnheart said...

Beautiful post Maura...Those quilts look so beautiful..There are Amish People in Wisconsin also and they are fascinating. Some of them sell homemade items right out of their homes, donuts being one of them..Funny, you just go into their kitchens and buy them right on the spot..Could go for one right now...See You ! Cynthia

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit that area sometime.

Celestial Charms said...

Ah, Amish country...beautiful. Love everything about their lifestyle, except no electricity :)
How fabulous that you don't have to drive far for such interesting sights.
I'm so happy you are enjoying your countryside dream.

maurakeith said...

Hello Ladies! I'm glad you like the post on the Amish...we're lucky to live so close as Maureen says. Once our snow is gone from the storm they're prediciting I'm hoping to get over to Yoder and do a bit of shopping. They have a wonderful little bulk food store there where I buy flour for my bread. One of the workers there is Amish and she is such a nice lady. I asked if she drove in to town with her was winter and she said 'no..I brought the tractor in!' was too cold to bring the horse I guess. I think it would have to be a lifestyle you were born into to be able to live that way...although I'm sure we'd get used to it in time. I hope you girls have a wonderful weekend! Take care



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