Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meet the 'Girls'

Henrietta checking out the tractor

When we lived in the city we had an acre and a half and lived on a gravel road..but we were surrounded by city. We could walk to McDonalds and Braums, Spangles, Quiznos in less than 10 minutes..if we wanted to that is. The city law stated that we could have as many as 5 chickens but no we got 6 chickens (didn't know we could only have 5 until we got the chickens). I fell in love with them...who'd have thought that a silly little chicken could win your heart!! We got to be real buddies...they followed me around the yard and clucked and pecked and had a good old time. They'd even jump up on the glider to visit with me. I named them all...unfortunately we lost one about a week after we got them but the remainder were Miss Betty Hen, Chicken Little, Extra Crispy (my husband named her) and my two favorites Henrietta and Rambo. I gave Rambo her name because she was the 'alpha' hen...protector...she would even kick my little alpha female Shih Tzu Chelseas butt if she came sneaking around. The girls endured two moves in 9 months but I think they've been happiest here on the farm where we allowed them to 'free range'. At the time we only had two Shih Tzu's and in the afternoon they shared their food water and the back porch with the chickens. We had bought a beautiflul young cockrel at the end of June and all 6 of them would be snoozing on the back porch with the dogs. We bought an Akbash pup (Shep) in September and he joined them. One day I caught my little Chelsea with feathers in her mouth chasing one of the girls so we made the sad decission to fence the girls in. I hated it! I still do. I hope you enjoy meeting the girls and maybe if you've ever thought of having'll realize from this post that they are a lot of fun and worth a try if you have a fenced yard. Oh...and the eggs are a nice bonus!
Taking a closer look.
We raised these girls from chicks. From left to right Mocha Licorice Buttercup and in foreground another favorite...Marrigold.
Henrietta and Rambo is behind her
Treat time!

Chelsea watching the girls drink her water on the back porch.

Marrigold getting ready to lay an egg


Our handsome Romeo


Oz Girl said...

We are repairing the chicken coop on our property and I'm hoping we can get some chicks this spring, and some guineas too! :-)

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blogs... yes, Tori is an Australian Shepherd and I have another, Trixie. We don't have any Shih Tzu's - that was a Google ad in my sidebar. They will pop up relevant to your blog's posts, and since I do have pics of dogs, that would probably be why that was there.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. :-)

Celestial Charms said...

I'm so happy to have met "the girls" and Romeo too. He is one good looker. I would love to have chickens and a rooster. Someday, if we ever get a ranch, which my daughter has built up in her mind already. Is that a smoker I see on your porch? My hubby has been hankering to get one, and I was wondering how good they are to have. I know you can smoke a turkey, but have no idea what else to use it for. I just love looking at all your photos.

maurakeith said...

Hi Maureen! I'm glad you stopped by to meet the girls. Oh I can relate to your little daughter...I wanted to live on a ranch SO BAD I could taste it. Most of all I wanted a HORSE! Never got one till I was 16 and gone from home. Then I never had them again until I was 32. Loved it. I've been thinking of getting another but that's as far as it's gotten so far. Yes that's a smoker on the porch but we only got to try it once last summer so don't have a lot of experience with it. Ours is used with brickets but my husband says he wishes he'd gotten an electric one as it's going to take some time to learn to control the heat. We made ribs and they were great but a little over cooked on the edges LOL! Oh well...we'll learn. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself's great to know I must be doing something right! Have a wonderful Sunday....Maura

maurakeith said...

OZ Girl..nice to see you! Thanks for explaining about the Shih Tzu' I know. Good luck with your chicken coop and I hope you get some nice chicks soon.'ve probably already checked out chicken breeds but I thought I'd just brag on the Buff Orpingtons and the Barred Rocks...they are REALLY nice birds and VERY friendly and good layers too. I've got some Black Australorps coming (like Romeo)they are good layers and one hen is on record for laying 364 eggs in a year....not bad at all! Anyway I hope you enjoy your chickens as much as I do ours. Yes I'm enjoying our Sunday...I hope you are too. Take care...Maura :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I loved meeting your chickens! If I ever get to move to the country I Want Chickens! I also was very interested in your Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. I love the addition of oatmeal and peanut butter! Have a great week! Twyla

Catherine said...

I had hens before, but the fox arrived ...and i lost most of them.I put electric fence but nothing stop them , i live near the woods;i liked to collect the eggs and hear the rooster singing early in the morning!Thanks for your visits! we had a nice day , but came back from Paris near midnight, i will have a rest today!!!xxx Catherine

Da Momma said...

This blog is so much fun to read. It makes me so happy to see everything you've done and are sharing. Your writing is so explicit - I know I'll recognize everything when I finally get there...thanks!!

maurakeith said...

Bonjour Catherine! I'm sorry that you lost your chickens to a fox..what a shame. Yes collecting the eggs is one of my favorite things to's like finding treasure! I hope you were able to rest up from your trip to Paris. Enjoy your day (Tuesday)!


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