Monday, March 1, 2010

'Back in the Saddle Again'

Well that's a figure of speach but my butt feels like I've been in the saddle. Nearly 2 years ago we lived in the city and I went to the YMCA regulary at least 3 times a week. I worked on the machines...took Yoga classes twice a week and even took belly dancing classes. read right. It was a blast. We had so much fun in that class and some of the ladies were in their 60's. They could shimmy pretty darn good too! This morning I drove the approx. 20 miles ONE WAY to the Y and met my sister in law there for the first time since we moved. We walked the track for about 30 minutes and then headed to Yoga. OH BROTHER. I didn't do too bad for the first while but by the time we were into our 100th (just kidding) 'downward dog' my wrists were giving out and during 'dolphin' I thought my thighs were going to vibrate my teeth I was shaking so bad! sister and I survived our class and headed straight to Panera's Bakery for scones and coffee...ahhhh. I love Yoga...and if you don't think it can make you sweat...try it! Now it's time to get back into the routine and check for eggs and see how the new barn kitties are doing and get some housework done. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day and take good care of yourselves!

PS  No...these are not pictures of me...I wish!  Makes my back ache just looking at some of those poses.


Celestial Charms said...

I've always wanted to take up yoga, and I think I will soon. I too did the bellydancing thing, only not in a studio. I learned from several DVD's in the privacy of home, but I bet doing a class would be fun. Yesterday, I started a new kick, Bollywood dancing. They have some great lessons on TV that I recorded, and it is more fun than bellydancing, in my opinion. Don't laugh, I even have a bellydancing outfit sitting in my dresser drawer, never having worn it! Maybe someday I will give a recital for my family. That should be some comedy routine!
Have a great day.

maurakeith said...

Good Morning Maureen! I have to laugh..I have a belly dancing costume too with the flowing skirt and a top...scarf (for the scarf dance of course!) and can you believe I even have a ankle bracelet with bells LOL!!! My husband has only seen me dance once in full costume..I'm a coward...what can I say. I did wear my costume to class with all the others for our last day...there were people looking in through the windows clapping at us (YMCA) was a hoot! If we hadn't moved I would have continued it. Now after nearly two years of no workouts other than working around the farm I have put on few pounds and wouldn't be caught dead prancing around in that get up! I'll have to check out that Bollywood dancing...sounds like fun. I hope you try Yoga...I think you'll love it. You feel SOOOOO good after it! Awww I bet your family would love a recital...take pictures if you do ;) Have a great day!


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