Monday, March 22, 2010

Future Kitchen Renovation

This is the fall/winter curtain I made for under the sink. I'm looking for material for a spring/summer curtain next. (oh oh excuse the salad bags I left on the counter for the chickens!)

We spent three months renovating 3 bedrooms the dining room and living room in our little farmhouse last summer. We still have the bathroom the laundry/back porch/entry and the kitchen left to do. My husband and I are in no hurry to tackle any of it...we're still burned out from the last renovation! BUT...since we're not in a hurry to do any inside work I'm still renovating in my head. Well...thinking of the future renovations..getting ideas and trying to work with what I have now. I decided to take the doors under the sink off and sew a curtain....this one is for fall/winter but I'm trying to find the perfect spring cottage fabric. I'm leaning towards something like what I had in the kitchen of our last major kitchen renovation...a Waverly fabric or close with yellows, raspberry reds, greens, creams in stripes and flowers. I'd like to make a spring /summer valance for the window...curtain for under the sink and a runner for the little old farm table. I'm sure I'll find something on Ebay but so far nothing at the fabric stores. This kitchen renovation won't be a major as we won't be changing the cabinets but I think I'll paint them and we'll put a crown molding on them. The ceilings will be beadboard and I'm hoping eventually to tear up the linoleum and paint the old wood floor..maybe even stencil it too. These are just ideas for now but I'm having fun working it out in my head. If you have any suggstions I'd love to hear them! What would you do if this was your renovation?!

We'll probably change the countertops out but paint the cupboards

I love this yellow cupboard! These are the other two rooms that need renovating. Notice the stockings in the mirror in the bathroom hanging over the tub! Geez Maura.

These are temporary shelves that my DH put up for me. We'll build an old fashioned cupboard looking thing there eventually and I'll probably sew a curtain to the bottom just like the sink. We changed out the hardware.

We needed all the storage space we could get so DH put these little shelves up too. He sure is a sweet heart!

For now...we've got lots of work to do outside. I'm not in any hurry for the inside as I want to enjoy the 'ride' and take my time to give this old kitchen some country cottage character that reflects our personalities. I hope you'll continue to join us as we continue our adventures down here on the farm. 


Millie said...

It is already so quaint. I love it. How do you live on a farm with all those animals and keep it so clean? I have muddy cat pawprints across the kitchen floor and even more kid (human, not goat) tracks.

Beatnheart said...

Oh Kids, How fine everything looks..I can see those cupboards painted for sure..What about some kind of table runner cut in half for your curtain under the sink. I did that with a runner I got at a yard sale for a don't get any "shirring" but it looks great and its cheap.. Spring is here!! Thank you for your help ie. where's my post? I dug around and cleared it

Janean said...

we too are always in a reno...when we're not actually working on one, we're planning one. LOL.

fabric under the sink cabinet is a wonderful look! with my honey, it'd have coffee stains and soapy hand stains in three days or scotchguard may be a *hot tip!*

maurakeith said...

Hi Millie! Aww's definitely a farm house kitchen but hopefully it will have a 'cottagey' feel by the time we're done. LOL well our dogs really like being outside and the cats are barn cats. One day I'd like an indoor cat...I even bought a littler box and litter! Now I just need to find another kitty as I don't want to break up Lizzy and Olly who are brother and sister. LOL I remember the 'kid' tracks that came in at my house (I have 5 children). I hope you have a great day! Maura

maurakeith said...

Hi Cynthia...great idea about the table I just need to find something I like! Good for you for figuring out what you did to your post...I visited and left a message for you...Yeay! Have a great Tuesday! Maura :)

maurakeith said...

Hi Janean...LOL great suggestion about the hubby always seems to be working in dirt or oil or something dirty here on the farm! Since I want something lighter and brighter for spring/summer I'm going to buy a can of scotchguard next time we're in town. Thanks for the tip!!! Take care...Maura

Oz Girl said...

Ya know, even without being renovated, your kitchen is adorable. Very country already. :) I love the curtain under the sink... I used to do that in my bathrooms when I would rent apartments in my younger days, esp with pedestal sinks. Make a curtain, velcro it around the sink, and presto, extra hidden storage under the sink! Plus it added charm to the bathroom in a rented space. :-)


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