Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mrs Robin Hood

Me and my Hoyt bow

About 5 years ago my husband and I took up archery. I really didn't want to do it but DH wanted to try it so he borrowed a bow from a friend and gave it a whirl. He loved it! So...he borrowed a bow for me to try. I have bad shoulders so I can't pull very hard but once I got used to it I LOVED it. We practiced at home every day and started going to the 3D shoots where you walk trails and shoot at life-like foam targets at different distances (we don't hunt the real thing). It was a was wonderful getting out in the forest walking the trails to shoot 50 targets and I discovered I LOVE to compete with my husband. At first he beat me every time...but within a couple of months I was beating him! Being the sweetheart he is...he was happy for me and built shelves to show off my plaques and trophies. We bought new bows and started going to shoots in different towns..we loved it and the people were very nice...we always came home dead tired but happy. Eventually we moved and it was too far to drive to our archey club so we gave it up. My hubby still shoots his bow once in a while here on the farm but I haven't picked mine up for a couple of years. Maybe one day I'll take it up again...but if I do...I'm going to practice in secret first so I can still beat the pants of my hubby!
DH practicing at the club

My daughter Angie came to visit from Canada so we took her to a shoot
She loved it!

Angie and DH showing off thier 'bulls eyes' or 12's

There were 'fun shoots' where you had to do different things like shoot backwards at a target 20 yards or more away.

Sometimes you had to wait along the trails for your turn at a target.

This little fellow travelled along with his Mom and Dad and other siblings.
He got a little sleepy along the trail.

Shooting through the trees downhill was always fun NOT!

One of my better days with my old bow

Archery is a fun sport when a husband and wife do it together. My sweet hubby and I REALLY enjoyed hiking through the trails and meeting the people. It was a wonderful way to spend time with each other.
I hope if some of you have thought about trying archery that this will inspire you to go ahead and just DO it.'s great exercise too!


Melissa said...

Wow, you are really good with a bow! It's nice to find a sport you enjoy, especially if you're good at it. Always a nice bonus. Have a great day! : ) Melissa

Rural Revival said...

My son has mentioned wanting to try this. We certainly have room now for a target. I have to admit, doing it on a hike looks like a lot of fun!


Millie said...

You should set up your own course--that might be as much fun as the competition.

maurakeith said...

Andrea you should take your son to a 3D shoot some day...our club had a few kids shooting and the parents just tagged along and kept score. It's even better if the parents shoot too and it's a great way to spend family time together. Wish I had done this when my kids were little!

maurakeith said...

Millie..that's a great idea! We'd have to buy some old 3D targets but it would be fun to have targets set up in secluded areas on the farm. That would be a nice break from house work or gardening! Maybe once all our outside work is done we'll look into that. Have a wonderful Friday...Maura

Beatnheart said...

I'm late today but had to stop in for a visit...I'm sure you'll be getting busy with all those chicks..I have a feeling blogging slows down a bit in the nice weather cause everyone wants to be outside..Its lovely that you and your husband had a hobby together..very sweet..I do hope you can take it up together again..Good night, sweet dreams..cynthia

Laura..DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Oh, did that bring back memories. I used to shoot, many moons ago. I, too, loved it. Especially walking the trails..
Very enjoyable post.
Thanks for the memories!

maurakeith said...

Hello Cynthia, good to see you. Yes I'll soon be heading out to check the chicks then head to the Y this morning. I think you're right about blogging slowing down in good weather...we have SO much to do around here that I'll be outside when ever it's not raining. I'm not sure if my elbow can take pulling my bow back again but I think I'll give it a try one day..I miss it. I hope you have a wonderful day....take care my friend. Maura

maurakeith said...

Hello Laura! It's nice to 'meet' someone in Blogland who did archery too and loved it. It's a wonderful sport for the whole family too isn't it...just wished I would have started when the kids were little as I know they'd have loved it. Oh well. I really miss it. I'm glad I brought back good memories for you. Have a wonderful day...take care. Maura

Catherine said...

I did archery for a while and my children too , when they were small .My daughter was good , i was too nervous! you had better do yoga at the same time!!!

maurakeith said...

Catherine that's wonderful that you did archery with your children! I really wish I had gotten into it years ago with my children too...they all love the outdoors so I know they would have had fun. Oh well..maybe my grandchildren will take it up one day...they already rock climb and snow board! Yes I need to make sure I work hard at my Yoga to build up my arm strength! Have a wonderful evening!


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