Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Old 1902 Victorian

This is the home we moved from last June. It was a beautiful home on 2.5 acres on the edge of a charming little farming town. It had a 3 car garage and a 30X80 heated shop for my husband. The people we bought it from had faithfully maintained the old home for over 30 years. It needed some updating as it had old wallpaper everywhere which I had planned to tear off and then paint. I never did get around to doing that as we only lived there for 9 months before the pull of the country became too strong and we sold it. I sold the home myself ..it took about 30 days. We ended up buying an old run down farm but I have NEVER regretted it. So today I thought I'd show you a few pictures of our old Victorian. This place had potential so if you love old homes like this one...go ahead and dream about what you would have done with it if it was yours. I'd love to hear some of your ideas!
The turret with it's original weathervane that has the initial of the first family that lived here.
Front porch
This is the pergola off the kitchen out back. We put picket fences up later and stained them a dark walnut...I wanted white but the water there has iron and it would have stained them so I went with the dark stain. It was very English looking. There was wisteria and trumpet vine growing over the top.
This is the front parlor. The pocket doors had quarter sawn oak on the parlor side and on the dining room side was a wood no one seemed to know. The fireplace was tiger oak.
The wood fretwork was beautiful to the left.
Part of the dining room. The turret wall isn't shown in this picture and you can see the second set of pocket doors going into the family room/kitchen area
This is the guest room. This room and one other bedroom and the hall and stairs were the only rooms with wall to wall carpeting. The rest was quarter sawn oak and were beautiful.
I later found a beautiful white wicker headboard but don't have a picture of it on my computer.
One of the old cypress trees out front.
Not sure when this picture was taken but in the back you can see part of the old barn with cupola that was in the back. The people we bought this house from tore it down and built a huge workshop. To this day they regret it. Me too! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a wonderful day.


Celestial Charms said...

What a magnificent former home. I would probably still be dreaming what to do with it, even after moving. Nothing beats living in the country, though. Makes me want to move into an older home. We purchased a new one 4 years ago, and although it is very nice, their just is no authentic character to it. I suppose the positive side to that, is that there is no resident ghost! This according to my 8 year old daughter...

maurakeith said...

LOL you're daughter is cute. Yes she is a beautiful old house but she is on a busy road that tended to get busier when it was harvest time and there is a railway crossing about a block away. Living in the city was quieter! Now we hear the trains WAY in the distance and cars going by are few and far between...some days you could probably count them on one hand! I bet your home has cozy charm even if it is a new one...isn't it wonderful how 'things' set the mood in a home?! Good to 'see' you again..take care. Maura

Rhondi said...

What a beautiful home, but I like the cottage that is on your banner even better. It looks so friendly and welcoming.
I just noticed that you are a new blogger. Welcome to blogland. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Hugs, Rhondi

maurakeith said...

Thank you for the welcome Rhondi..and yes I'm really enjoying Blogland! Hugs back..Maura

Rural Revival said...

I have always loved big old Victorian homes like this with all of the nooks and crannies, I think I always will but as I get older, I find the charm of your new house much more hospitable for every day living..cozy and comforting! I'm glad you're happy with your choice. I can't imagine moving after nine months. It takes me years to get over my fear of boxes! : )


maurakeith said...

Hi Andrea..nice to 'see' you. I loved this house too...it had such a wonderful flow and everything was in such good shape...but it really wasn't us. We moved from the city to be in the country but we couldn't find anything we liked or could afford...then we saw this house and fell in love. It was our desire to be in the country that made us decide to sell and move. We found this little run down county cottage that had so much potential that we couldn't resist taking a chance. It was the best decision. We LOVE the country and have NEVER looked back. Every time we go to town we pass our old Victorian and one of us always comments..'it was great living there but I don't miss it!'. We've got lots of work ahead of us but it will be a labor of love. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Take care Maura

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I would much rather have an old home to renovate than a brand new one. Of course, having a hubby who can remodel or build anything makes that easy to say.

Your previous home was lovely, but I can tell you from experience, small cottage living is wonderful, too.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Verde Farm said...

Maura, Oh My! I am in love. This is a beautiful home and I love the Victorian era home. That turret is fabulous and your decor breathtaking. That wooden fretwork-oh my. The pergola with wisteria, dreamy. I know what you mean about that pull to the country though. As beautiful as it is--thr old potting shed and wagon wheel at your new home is just perfec to me!

Dawna said...

Your home before moving to the country is beautiful and full of potential....but awww the country, nothing beats it!! Am having fun looking around your blog and getting to know you better. Lilacs and sunflowers are two of my favorite flowers as well.

Velma (Dawggone Cute Creations) said...

I just now found your post about this beautiful old home...my, oh my! I am in love :) As much as I love the country, it would have been hard for me to leave a house like that...too bad you couldn't move it, huh?


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