Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Old Front Porch

I miss this front porch. We don't have a big front porch like we used to in the city. This is the porch my husband and I built in 2003 on the house we did all the renovations to. This was the ugliest house on the block...the front was just a flat facade with a small cement stoop with no roof leading to the front door. Rain would get down your neck as you worked your key in the door. There was old cement driveway right up to the front window. It was BAD. So one day we decided to build a porch. Hubby had something different in mind....I had 'dreams of grandeur'! I drew it up on paper and Keith fell in love with it....and the rest as they say ' is history'. It was such a comfortable even had a ceiling fan and a porch swing. The best more getting rain down your neck as you tried to get inside! Once we did the porch we put up a picket fence that followed the curve of the driveway but only surrounded the entry garden and then an arbor with a gate. This kept the little dogs from getting out out on the road as neighbors walked by. We enjoyed many wonderful days and evenings sitting out on that porch. Neighbors came by to sit and was really nice. Now that we live in the country we won't have any neighbors walking by but we will be able to take in the beautiful views of the fields around us and our pasture and in the evenings we'll even get to enjoy the beautiful prairie sunsets. One day.....

Best of all was when my daughters came to visit and we got to enjoy the porch.
This is Angie.

I hope if you have a porch that you are getting to enjoy it now,
and if you don't have a porch I hope one day you'll have one.

It's a wonderful place to make memories.


Catherine said...

I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE AFRONT PORCH , but here we haven't that. It must be nice in the summer and when it's raining you don't get wet! i can imagine myself in a rocking chair!!!let's dream!!! hugs Catherine said...

Hi Maura,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. It is so nice to meet you and visit your charming blog - goodness - love the front porch that you and your husband built - amazing. I hope you will soon have a new front porch at your farm house.
I do hope you will pick up a paint brush one day and try your hand at painting. There are lots of good how to paint books at Michaels or on the internet. I suggest you find a book on a subject that you love - buy a few basic acrylic paints and a brush and go for it. I am pretty much self taught - have attended lots of workshops and just started painting one day after photographing Monets garden in France. Try painting a simple flower pot of geraniums and do not be afraid that you will mess it up - there are no mistakes - only possibilities.

Best wishes and Blessings,

Oz Girl said...

What a beautiful front porch Maura, and with a ceiling fan to boot. I love a front porch with a ceiling fan, it just doesn't get any cozier than that.


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