Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fur and Feathers

Olly visiting the garden shed.
He hears the chicks inside 

The other day we finally had was a good day to get outside and do some work around the farm. I cleaned the chicken coop and raked some of the soil  around the outside to get ready for when we throw down some grass seed. I will be SO happy to finally have grass and not dirt all around the house. You can just imagine what a mess 3 dogs (one HUGE pup included) can make running and playing in dirt and then coming onto the back porch! In between chores I went in and got my camera and spent time with some of the animals...the cats and chickens were enjoying the sunshine and warm temperature and the dogs were spending time watching the chickens and the cats. I know the dogs wanted to do more than just lay in the sunshine...they were waiting for one of the chickens to fly over the fence or for one of the cats to wander over so they could have some fun! Unfortunately for them everyone was feeling rather lazy and just wanted to lay around and enjoy the sunshine.

Butter Cup hears something

Little Lizzy checking out the chickens
She'd love to chase them but the rooster will come a runnin!

Romeo with his girls

Henrietta getting ready for a dust bath

Olly putting on a show for us
He REALLY wants to visit the chicks!

Henrietta starting her dust bath

She says 'this does wonders for my skin!'

Olly ...daydreaming of butterflies and and bugs
little fluffy yellow and black chicks!



Susan said...

I want chickens so badly. They are beautiful! Love your blog!


maura said...

Hello Susan...nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and I'm glad you like our chickens. What's stopping you from getting chickens? Even if you live in the city you are (in most places) allowed to have a few but NO roosters as long as your neighbors don't complain. Something to think about if that's the reason you don't have them. They are such wonderful pets and friends...they don't expect anything from you and they don't talk back or give you a hard time and best of all they reward you for taking care of them. Have a wonderful day and I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Can't wait for my chickens! Coop is in the planning stage. Love your pictures and captions. Adorable! Waiting for sunshine to arrive in MO again.... ~Tammy

maura said...

Hi Tammy! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, I'm sure having fun with it. Oh boy..I'm really looking forward to seeing your coop when it's done and your chicks when you get'll have so much fun watching them hunt and peck! They'll just keep you smiling. I hope you get sun at the farm it was sunny when I got up but it's very dark right now and the weatherman is predicting rain for this afternoon...I think it may come early. I hope you have a wonderful day...have fun with your coop plans and I'll be watching for you! Take care. Maura

Catherine said...

i'm enjoying your blog too , i hope the dogs and cats won't catch a chick!!!how many chicks do you have?nice post! have a nice Sunday Catherine

maura said...

Hi Catherine! The chicks are in the garden shed which turns into the chicken coop at one end and they are in a large water trough (without water!) that has a fine wire top on it to keep snakes and other varmits out. Eventually we will build a larger pen in there with an outside area where they can get out and scratch around. This will be all finely spaced wire with a top on it so no dogs or foxes or coyotes or hawks can get to them. So far so good...they are all still alive and growing like weeds. OH and there are 63 of them! You have a wonderful Sunday too. Maura

Laura..DancesWithTeddyBears said...

What wonderful pix, Maura. Romeo looks like a real charmer and I loved the dust bath. But the second to last pic, through the wire fence of Olly looking upward, is priceless. What a fantastic shot!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Hana said...

Hi Maura,
Love all the photos of the cats and chickens! You are so lucky to live on a farm! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

MomTog Diaries

maura said...

Hello Hanna...welcome! I could learn a thing or two about taking pictures by visiting your take BEAUTIFUL photos! Yes it's wonderful living in the country...every morning when I get up I'm grateful to be surrounded by nothing but fields. Right now they have Black Angus cattle grazing on two sides of us...I'll miss them when they go. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Take care.... Maura

Millie said...

Chicks are just the most torture for a cat. You can just see how Olly wants to play. Wonderful pictures. I also love the dust bath pics. What a wonderful way to take a break from your hard work.

Rural Revival said...

Oh, what adorable little kitties! And Butter Cup, she's quite fancy and I love her name! Oh, I think my barnheart is acting up!! : )

(That's a good thing!)


Brambleberry Cottage said...

One of our nine chickens was named Henrietta,also. That's such a perfect name for a chicken, don't you think?

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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