Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yesterday Around The Farm

Yesterday morning after I let all the critters out I got out my camera and took a few pictures around the farm. It was a beautiful morning and I opened all the windows before it turned hot and muggy.

The meat birds are going in with the rest of the chickens tomorrow. We thought we'd keep them separate but we feel bad because they're not getting the bugs and grass the other young chickens are getting so later today we'll move them over to the 'other side'.

Priscilla and Percy are NOT going to like all the other birds moving into their territory but they'll have to learn to get along.

Just threw the chickens some scraps while they were in the compost pile. The young ones are getting big!

Licorice is Romeo's favorite can tell by her bare back!

If you look closely you'll see the toad in front of Chelsea can just see the legs on the lower left of the picture as he jumped away.
Smart toad!

Headed out to get the mail. The corn is really growing across the road.

Lizzy came with me

She's watching the dogs pulling up the rear.

She's hiding and getting ready to pounce on Chelsea

Thinkin about making some 'sun tea'

Yellow squash will be ready soon

It won't be long until we're enjoying home grown tomato sandwiches!

Percy and Priscilla near the garden.
Notice Percy's left wing sticking out. We think he may have broken the joint when he was younger. 
It doesn't seem to slow him down any.

All in all it was a good day other than tornado watches and thunder storms.

What kind of a day did you have? 


Rural Revival said...

I was away all day, so this my dear, is a sweet treat! Tomato sandwiches, just the thought makes my mouth water; nothing my dad and I liked more than thick slices of tomato on fresh bread in the summer.

What a lovely post Maura, thanks!


Julie said...

Looks like such a nice day and I can't believe how far along your garden is! We just had to much snow in May but June is turning out to be a nice a warm month!

Melissa said...

Oh, Maura. I enjoyed walking around the farm with you. What a lovely place you call home! I can't imagine ever living in the city again... it's such a blessing to wake up surrounded by our animals, gardens, and orchards. And the boys are able to go fishing just a few steps from our back door. God is so good! What an awesome creation he has given us to enjoy! : ) Melissa

Pondside said...

So nice to read about your day. Mine was a bit hectic - left home early and didn't get home until 9 so I never even got to see my chicks and goats.

Amy Kinser said...

I loved seeing parts of your farm. How inviting and welcoming I am sure your home is. I have to comment on Romeo. I have a black rooster that looks just like him. My rooster is Big D and he is enormous. He has become a novelty of sorts around our home because everyone loves to come and look at him. Wondering if you have problems with your hens losing feathers on their backs. Almost every hen we have has chunks of feathers gone...oh so not a pretty sight.

I am so enjoying your blog. Thanks and God bless.


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