Monday, June 21, 2010

Goosey Goosey Gander Part 2

Back in April I think it was... I posted on the two little goslings that we had just brought home (you can see that post( here ). I named them Percy and Priscilla.

 They were the cutest little things...all yellow and gray fluff balls who took to my husband and I quickly.

They followed me everywhere I went.

Well now they're nearly all grown up...they're no longer little yellow and gray fluff balls!

They don't like my new garden shoes or my hat.

But they're still cute. To me.

I wasn't so sure I was going to like geese but it was love at first sight for me. Now I go out several times a day just to sit and visit with the geese and watch their goosey antics.

Percy giving the cats a piece of his mind and he'd like a little piece of them too!

Priscilla joins in

Priscilla is the more outgoing of the two. She's the first one to chase the cats (they don't like the cats AT ALL or dogs for that matter)  They're also very protective of me and if any of the chickens come around when I'm visiting them..they better look out! 

When visitors come they're not too can tell they don't like these other 'critters' with their Momma but so far they haven't pinched anyone. 

Every night the chickens go into their coop by themselves although sometimes I have to go chase in the odd straggler. The geese however do NOT go into the barn by themselves. Every evening around the same time I have to round them up then starting with Percy...pick them up and put them in for the night. Percy is getting quiet heavy.
If he keeps this up I'll need a wheel barrow to get him into the barn!
The hardest part is keeping him in the barn until I go back for Priscilla
he sometimes get's upset that she's not there with him.
I hate the thought of what would happen if we lost one of them.
I think the survivor would pine away for the other.

This is a picture of a full grown African Goose
Males can get up to 20 pounds! 

Percy is getting the bulge on his upper beak, Priscilla has a bit of a bump but not much of one.

Morning time here on the farm is pretty exciting.
First the dogs to out. Then we head over to the coop to let the chickens out.
That's always a noisy time as everyone wants to get out the little chicken door at the same time!

Then I head to the barn for the geese.
OH BOY do we LOVE to be let out!
Percy is the first one...he starts flapping his wings and then they're both running like they're going to take off.

 WOOHOO I yell every morning as they do this. I think they like it because they run back to me.

Most every time I go out to visit with them I ask them if they want to FLY
and we all take off running ( too...and I flap my arms) (I never professed to be sane) and they usually pass me on the 'runway'.

My husband says one day he's going to get a picture of us doing that.
Hmm....I don't think so.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!


Anonymous said...

Geese are cute to me from afar. I had a bad experience with them at the botanical gardens back in 1998, where they started chancing me and my college boyfriend. We ended up making a run for they are cute. Love the pic of them chasing you everywhere you went.

Finding Pam said...

Geese are excellant guards as well. My former neighbor had geese and we had chickens,and all went on alert if anyone came to our homes.

I can just see you flying with them! You sound alot like me. LOL! My animals are everything to us.

Have you tried leaving them a trail of feed to the barn?

Have a great Monday as well.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Maura,
I think we have a lot in common! Love that name, Lilac Lane, oh how wonderful! And your living room looks just gorgeous!
My Mom and Dad had geese. The male was named Ashley and he tended to be a bit aggressive. I used to carry a broom with me when I went outside. hehe. When I was little we had one named Bruce and he used to guard the chicken house. My chore was collecting eggs and he generally hissed at me a lot.
But, I grew up on a farm so you tend to get used to those kind of things!
Take Care,

Rural Revival said...

Oh Maura, there getting so big!! Mornings sound like fun around your place, thanks for giving me a peek! : )


Jody Blue said...

They do look entertaining!!!

Julie said...

I've heard that geese are very good guard dogs! They are so cute and would be so fun to have your very lucky!

Beatnheart said...

What a sweet story. I’m scared of those geese already! Your life sounds hard but storybook. Why don’t the g eese fly away...?

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Maura,
What a lovely story...thoroughly enjoyed visiting you today, animals are always so much fun to be around. And it's so nice to find I am not the only one who is BEARLY SANE! LOL!!
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Catherine said...

hello Maura! i'm back just to look at your blog. I like the geese when they spread their wings!

Da Momma said...

I love these pictures of the geese. And I absolutely love the visual of you "flying" with them in the yard. Whenever I get down there, you'll have company and we'll be "sane" together! Your poor hubby! LOL He knows when sisters get together, anything can happen! Enjoy!

Pondside said...

Gorgeous photos of those happy geese! Of course you fly too - I would!

Diane said...

What a lovely post! This spring I bought 30 cochin bantams and I tell you I just love them to death! We have other chickens but these cute little balls of fluff are just so cute and hilarious. They only get up to a lb. they aren't good layers, but they are good sitters and they are very sweet gently little chickens. I just love baby chicks so this sounded perfect for me. I spend hours sitting on the porch watching them and like yours the funnest time is when we let them out in the morning! Also, when they think they are in danger and the run for the chicken house like the sky is falling! Thanks for sharing I truly enjoyed it.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwwww. a post after my own heart! :) Your pair of geese remind me so much of my Greta and Grady. Grady is 100% Brown Chinese, Greta must have a snippet of African or other in her. Love them both. Two weeks ago something got in their coop and attacked Greta. She is fine now, but I really think she was protecting her (infertile) eggs. Bless her heart. I have a baby monitor out there now.. yes I do! Nobody messes with my geese, or chickens or donkeys or anything ;) Soon I'll have to place that monitor between the goose coop and the chicken coop :D Thanks for sharing the beautiful story and pictures of your precious geese! Give them a honk and a wing flapping for me! -Tammy

Oz Girl said...

You are so funny Maura! :-D You are just living life large on your beautiful little farm. I love Percy and Priscilla, and esp the pics of them flapping their wings... would love to see the pic of you flapping along with them, LOL!


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