Thursday, June 24, 2010

Log Homes and 'What If's'

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Before I moved to most of you know.. I lived in the mountains of British Columbia. It's a beautiful province with mountains and lakes and ocean and orchards vineyards and even rattlesnakes and tumbleweed.

Love all the stone and those huge windows!

In the area I lived in we were surrounded by mountains and trees...LOTS of trees. Logging was the #1 industry there and because of that there were a lot of log homes built. Some were just cabins but some were beautiful huge homes.

We stayed in this one in Arkansas

I've always loved log homes and my dream at one time was to build one on the side of a mountain beside a lake. Well life happens and things change and I am now living my dream on this little farm in the country surrounded by wheat fields and corn. I love has it's own beauty and the people are so friendly...especially here in the country. There are times though ...especially when it's hot and humid like it is now in Kansas that I think about that log cabin in the cool mountains of BC. 

This is one of my favorites

I think we all have our little 'WHAT IF' what if we won the lottery. Well if something like that were to happen to dream would be to build that log home on the lake near my children up in Canada and live there 4 months out of the year.
The HOT HUMID months. 

Love the front porch

I like the walk out basement


This looks more like a post and beam with it!

My log home would have a wrap around porch...large windows...screened porch...dormer windows...Huge fireplace with wood insert and the master bedroom would be on the main floor.
Dream's of grandeur? Yes...but it's only a dream after all.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has 'what if' you like log homes?

What would your 'what if' dream be?


GardenofDaisies said...

These all look wonderful to me! :-) What a nice dream! Where in Arkansas did you stay?

Catherine said...

Hello Maura! Romain is in your country now!!! yes i love log houses, i stayed in one in Canada and it was very nice indeed! have a nice day, see you soon .Catherine

Anonymous said...

I LOVE log homes. When we get married, we are planning to eventually build one in Colorado where the fiance lives. Not sure if you could find it now, but last month's Architectural Digest was all about ranches, log homs, country home. I was loving every page of it.

Jill said...

A girl can dream eh? I'd luv to be sitting on the front porch of one of these spectacular log homes watching my kiddo's play while reading a good book :)

Rural Revival said...

My 'what if' would be a house by the seaside so I could listen to the waves crashing, but I would also like a large forest just like in B.C. behind me. The best of both worlds! : )

I've never been to the interior just the coast but that was enough to show me what a beautiful province it is. I'd move there in a heartbeat.


Pondside said...

That's a beautiful dream, Maura! If you win the lottery you're sure to find the perfect lake and building site!
My what-if would be an apartment in Brussels or Paris or Aachen - and I'd visit for a month every season!

Beatnheart said...

My dream is to make it out alive of this nasty city...Lots of people just love Southern California...I just don’t get it...Great weather, yes that is true, but at a huge price. I long for a simpler life, kind people, not pretentious..sigh. I just make the best of it. Looking at my life , my home you would think I have it made...maybe I do...but I have a dream.

Joycee said...

I love all of these "Vacation Homes!" Right up my alley, just my cup of tea! I guess a dream of mine is for us to be able to retire a little earlier. I want to start the fun things that we've planned right now!!! Have a great weekend...

Cassie said...

I have my dream log cabin is TONS of work. We are still working on it, and probably will be 'til we croak!! (Though the dream is to get 'er finished when my hubby retires from his job down in Phoenix. :<)

Martha said...

Lovely log homes all -- I once yearned for a log home but alas, now I live in a brick cottage in a small town on the prairie of Kansas -- and it is my dream home EXCEPT it has no Butler's Pantry or back staircase -- sign -- those would be my dreams I suppose!

Finding Pam said...

My favorite one is the fourth on from the top. It looks quaint and not too large. Growing up we stayed on the lake in a simple house. One large room with the basics and a screened in porch all the way around the house. The porch had lots of beds with quilts on them. It was so neat to stay there.

I would love to build a bunk house for company someday.

Oz Girl said...

Log homes rock, hubby and I have always loved 'em. If we ever hit the lottery, we would just have to have one! Not too big, just a reasonable one with a master bedroom and nice large bath would be a jump up from what I'm accustomed to. LOL

And yes, I'm with you on this hot, muggy weather lately... let me know when you're heading north and I'll jump in the car with ya! Haha!

Jan said...

such cool pictures of cabins!! We stayed in one very similar at Petit Jean Mountain in Ark.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Maura, I enjoy your blog so much! Yes, I love log cabins too. And I love the mountains as well. You found lots of pretty log homes on here.


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