Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

Here in Kansas it has turned HOT. For the next few days our temps will be close to 100 with high humidity...not what this 'snowbird' is used to! I've been really envying the birds hopping in and out of the birdbath in the back yard and watching the geese out in the pond (mud hole). It's times like this that I start thinking about how nice it would be to have an inground pool in the back yard.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to just wake up in the morning...walk out the French doors from your bedroom (I'm just dreaming here) and dive into a beautiful clear pool!

Or how about after a long hot day of working in the yard (or at your job) ..rinsing off under your 'out door' shower (still dreaming here) and slipping into that nice clear cool water.

Imagine floating on an arm chair in that beautiful pool with a nice cold lemonade or iced tea...oh my.


And don't forget the 'Pool Boy'!

Hey...I'm just dreaming here ;-)


Jeanette said...

Oh wow those pools look wonderful and refreshing. It's nice to dream!

Julie said...

My hubby would sure love a pool but I'm not much into water! But I sure wish it would get warm here today it is only going to get up to 65!!!

Rural Revival said...

As soon as the humidity hits, I want a pool but for now I'll have to dream. Great photos!

from my front porch... said...

I would only want a pool if someone else did the upkeep!!!
And the pool boy?
When J and I were dating (and lived in south Florida)we would spend weekends with my BFF whose parents owned a condo-the Penthouse! They were only there a few months out of the year. So we had the place every weekend! It was ALL senior citizens (in their 80's) except us!!
All the ladies just LOVED J! He became their personal butler and bartender. LOL! They nicknamed him Cabana Boy! They hung out at the pool, like teen girls, waiting for him on weekends!
Wonderful day to you!
xo, misha

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos! Makes me want to dive right in.

I found your blog, Maura, though one of your comments on Rural Revival, and I must say your blog is lovely--I love those adorable photos of your animals! I'll definitely be following your posts from now on. :)

Finding Pam said...

I remember how much I use to want a pool, but I got over it. I am more of a pond person with fish.

Beatnheart said...

Doen’t that just look like the very thing including the pool boy...Us Coogars have to fantasize once in awhile...take care lil sis...cynthia

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

I'll skip the pool, as we seem to be stuck in cool and damp, but I'll take the pool boy.
(Uh, did I just say that out loud..)
I hope some cooler weather comes your way soon.

jeanne said...

Great dream! Ahhhhhh

Da Momma said...

I could very easily have a pool in the backyard if only it had a retractable roof so that we could use it year-round. And I'd certainly take the pool boy with it! For now, I'll settle for our lake...thanks for the fantasy though!

Much love.... Scufty

John Gray said...

100 degrees in kansas!

dorothy bet u wish you wern't in kansas anymore

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Bubba and Chelsea are sooo sweet! Visiting from friend John's blog.

Summer visiting my Aunt Terry and her family in Topeka in 1965 and 1966 ~ Some of the best times in my life!! Hot and lots of fun. Now I prefer the cold to the heat. :<)
Have a nice weekend.
Cassie (using my dog'sblog)

Neil and Susan Brown said...

I feel so refreshed after visiting your blog! What a great blog you have. I will visit often! Cheers, Susan :)

Pondside said...

I wish we'd get some heat up here! Rain and clouds and more rain.....but I'm sure you remember what that was like!!!
I'll be right over to share one of those pools with you...I'll bring some candied salmon!


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