Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Secret Garden

Remember the movie The Secret Garden?

 I watched that movie with some of my children years ago and loved it.
It made me dream about having a secret garden of my own one day. A place that is hidden from the rest of the world..all mine. A place to dream.

Imagine having a special place to sit and relax  that's all your own.

Hidden behind a door...

And Stone walls...

A Garden Room with lots of beautiful flowers

And a few interesting inhabitants..

And climbing roses everywhere.

My Secret Garden would have to have one of
these tucked into a corner...

And have the soothing sound of a fountain
in the background

What would your Secret Garden be Like?

(Photos from the Internet, HGTV and Country Living)


Pondside said...

What could be better than what you've shown here? Perhaps a pond and a bench for gazing at the fish?

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I agree Pondie...a pond with some Koi and a bench amongst the ferns and Japanese Maples. It doesn't get much better than that does it. You HAVE the ultimate Secret Garden right in your own back yard...lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

How about this garden you showed on your post? :) I love the first photo of the girl trying to coax the squirrels. Beautiful.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Angie, I love that picture too and the last one with the fountain. I LOVE that mossy look. I think I'd have to have a large secret garden if I'm going to have shady areas with moss AND roses!....oh well I can dream can't I ;)

Catherine said...

I have a big garden, but i mis my parents little garden full of places to hide.when i was a child ,i was dreaming of a big garden...a pound and a cascade, the noise of water.

From the Kitchen said...

Thank you for a charming and lovely visit this morning. I loved "The Secret Garden".


Debbie said...

Well, for a minute there I thought your lovely Lilac Lane included a Secret Garden as well. I was girding myself against the green eyed monster.

I'll bet you WILL have one some day, though!

My secret garden hides behind a little gate surrounded by dense greenery. Inside, it has a fountain, and little walking paths, and a bench just for reading.

Of course, it all lives in this head of mine. Somewhere in a nook or cranny hidden away at Pine Knoll.


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