Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine Finally!

Yes finally the sun is shining...we almost forgot what it looked like with all the rain and storms we've had over the past couple of weeks. I don't know about you but too many cloudy days makes me tired and slightly depressed. I NEED that bright yellow ball in the sky! The garden is full of weeds and the lawn would make a great pasture so I have my work cut out for me this weekend...but who cares as long as I'm outside.
I managed to get a few flowers potted up and took some photo's around the farm.
Don't you just love the sun! 

This is one of the rose bushes that grows here on the farm
I have no idea what kind it is but it smells beautiful.

It was HUGE when we moved in last year but it was in bad shape
 so I cut it right down in late winter.

I'm not sure what this is but I'm thinking a Mock Orange?
It smells wonderful too.

You can see the 'new' chicks that I posted about at the end of March.
They're getting big.

The old wheel barrow has seen better days.

I'm still struggling with the house colors
but as soon as I make a decission
I'll post it!

I hope you're weather is nice this weekend too and that you get to enjoy the great outdoors.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful garden you have! Can you send the sun my way? Raining off and on since yesterday...and we are in the process of ripping up "Cousin It" shrubs...:) Love the little wheelbarrow! sooo sweet!

Manuela@TPOH said...

We had a very stormy day here yesterday also. My poor husband was stuck in a plan on the runway in Destin trying to get back to Atlanta for longer than he cares to think about !

Your roses are beautiful. I don't know if that's a Mock Orange (I think they have thorns?)

Those chicks are getting big! A day spent outside even if it's doing chores is good! Looks like more rain here so I'll hope to get out tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Pondside said...

Have a great weekend, Maura! I agree - everything is better in sunshine!

Melissa said...

Well, you got your sunshine, and I got my rain. Yay! All is right with our world today. It's a beautiful morning and everything is looking lush and green. My heart is full. I'm so thankful for your friendship and encouragement. Have a blessed weekend! : ) Melissa

Debbie said...

Your oranges are beautiful, and I really like that old wheel barrow!

Anxious to hear the pain color decision. I liked the new options that you posted the other day as well as the yellow idea.

Debbie... just another blogger vicariously living on Lilac Lane...

Beatnheart said...

Things are looking so beautiful Maura!!! enjoy it all my friend. Warm regards, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful. I love your roses....Kathy

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Send some sun my way, we're still all cloudy soggy and cool. And the weeds are loving it!
Your yard is looking good. I love the potted flowers, and the roses. Pretty!
Enjoy your sunny weekend, Maura. Hugs.

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Maura, your flowers are gorgeous! I can smell their wonderful fragrances all the way over here at my cottage. ;)

Just a reminder that today is the final day to enter my giveaway. I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Have a great & sunny weekend!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Shirley said...

Your flowers are so pretty and it is indeed good to see the sun. We have had such rainy stormy weather that I was in the mood for some sunshine. We have gone to the warmer weather requiring the AC as it is 11 O'clock at night and we are still at 78 degrees. I have got to work in the yard tomorrow and that is all there is to it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine said...

yes we need sun! here it's already summer since a few days, but we already can water the garden at night , because we did not have much rain this winter and it's already all dry. I hope it will rain sometime, the crops in the fields are doing pretty bad!!! but it's nice to have sun , i'm going to the sea today!! have a nice Sunday, hugs Catherine

John Gray said...

I think the sun is shinging on everyone in blog land


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