Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Gentle Giant


I've written posts about our gentle giant Shep before. Shep is an Akbash which is a rare breed of LGD (livestock guardian dog) from Turkey. These dogs are different from any dog most people have ever owned...the are intelligent but also independant with STRONG maternal instincts for the animals they are guarding.
(you can look up the Akbash breed here)

Shep with Phoebe and Chelsea

He loves the chicks

Our baby is nearly 10 months old and weights around 110 lbs and has just started into another growth spurt. When this happens he eats like a horse...but normally he doesn't eat as much as you'd expect.
Adult Akbash dogs can get up to 130 lbs and up to 32" from the top of the shoulders.

Shep and his 'mum' (me)

 They are wonderful dogs especially when you live in the country. One thing that takes a bit of getting used to is that you always have to be in 'alpha' other words you have to make sure that an Akbash knows who's the boss. Even in play they love to put a leg around you or if you're on the ground they'll try and stand over you...all in play of course. You always have to remember that YOU are the 'big Kanhuna' and never forget it. They are VERY loving dogs....and our Shep is no exception

He's always playing

Olly and Shep

Anytime is play time!

Akbash are wonderful dogs and are great guard dogs for your property too. During the day he's pretty quiet and laid back but in the evening that's when you start noticing his breed. They have great hearing and are always on the alert. Shep patrols the farm and barks when he hears something out of the ordinary. I'll tell you...I wouldn't want to be a thief sneaking around and come face to face with him. He's got the most hair raising growl and bark I've ever heard!

I'm 5'5 1/2" tall

We certainly don't have to worry about prowlers with him around!

We love all our animals and it's a wonderful feeling to know that we are ALL unconditionally loved and protected by our Gentle Giant


Deborah said...

Shep is adorable!!
They sure have a way of getting deep into your heart dont they?!
He looks gentle too!

Deborah \0/ xo

Millie said...

He truly seems to be a model for the phrase "man's best friend." I absolutely love big dogs.

Pondside said...

He's a beauty!
You know, you have a double in Nanaimo.....I couldn't figure out why you seemed so familiar until last week, when I was there for a meeting. Apparently we all have a double!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Girls!

Pondside...if my 'double' has relatives with the last name of Fidler...we could be related! I know I had a Great Uncle and Aunt who lived in Nanaimo many years ago. You just never know. I agree...I think we all have someone who looks like us! Have a wonderful Tuesday...Maura:)

Wildflower Cabin said...

So nice to meet Shep! He's adorable and very faithful. I see by your profile, we have some things in common! I will certainly stop in again! Have a good week! :o) Janice

Amy Kinser said...

Such a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing photos of him.

Blessings to you.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Welcome Janice...thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you'll come back again and visit us at the farm. I hope you have a good week too!

Hello nice to see you again! Thanks for visiting...I hope you have a wonderful week too.

I hope all of us enjoy some sunshine tomorrow!
Take care....Maura:)

Manuela@TPOH said...

He's just beautiful! I absolutely love dogs. We have a Golden Retriever (not a good guard dog but so loveable). I wish my dog would be as good around cats as yours. But then I'm sure he was probably raised with Olly?


Deb said...

He is very handsome. I enjoyed your post. Give him a hug from the dog biscuit lady. Hugs, Deb

from my front porch... said...

Your pup is just like our Zeke.
A gentle 150 lb Giant! He loves his sisiter pups, all of "his" cats, and children!

And no one would get in our home, either!!
Shep is just beautiful :) How do you keep his coat so clean and gorgeous?!
From one big dog lover to another!
xo, misha

Flat Creek Farm said...

He may be a big guy, but he is sure "adorable." :) Really beautiful/handsome doggy! My sister has an Akbash, or part Akbash.. I think? I will check into this matter :) Thanks for sharing him!! -Tammy

Rural Revival said...

Maura, he is absolutely beautiful! I have never heard of this breed before, but he looks a lot like a Pyrenees to me, which I have always loved.

Please give him a big hug for me! I would if I could. : )


The Bear's Blog said...

So sweet. Precious. I love the pictures of his "hug" both human and animal. (o:



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