Monday, May 3, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

The clock my 'farmboy' bought for me one Christmas and the rooster
I found at a garage sale years ago for $10. They had two of them...I still kick myself for not buying the other one!

I thought I'd share with you just a few random photo's of 'things' from around our little farm cottage. Some are things I've found at garage sales and some are 'treasures' that are dear to me and I've had for years.

My Ironstone collection (part of it). Every piece was bought at garage sales!

The platter is Spode from the late 1800's that I paid $12 for. It has a crack but is still sturdy.
I LOVE this platter! The two shallow bowls are from the mid 1800's. The Pinwheel candle
holders were my mothers.

Catherine this photo is for YOU! The Eiffel Tower was bought from the little shop
ON the Eiffel Tower. These Blue Willow dishes I've had since about 1980

These two photo's are of the sheer curtains in my dining and living rooms.
I love the embroidery on them.

This pint mug means a lot to me. It was taken from a Pub in England around D Day
by my father. He even brought home a half pint mug too!
It was during this time that he met my Mum.

Here's a close-up of the pint symbol

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite things. I'll show you more one day soon.

Take care and have a WONDERFUL week!


Laura..DancesWithTeddyBears said...

I did indeed, Maura! Peeking at some of your favorite things was like stopping by for tea. Oh, wouldn't that be lovely. ♥

Beatnheart said... Morning Maura! this is a link to a new follower of mine ( yes look at me copying and pasting!!) ..I'm not sure where she came from, but she is in Australia and raises Geese!! I thought perhaps you might find it interesting...Lovely little post...I love pop's pint great that you have it...lots of love, Cynthia

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing your treasures with us, Maura. I adore your Ironstone collection. It's the best feeling when you come across a jewel at a garage sale or thrift shop, isn't it? Hope you have a great week! : ) Melissa

Catherine said...

I noticed the French TOUCH!!!Love your blue dishes and the curtains...I would love to have the same.hugs catherine

Cindy said...

Chic! I didn't know you had a blog! Such wonderful writing, I have sat here for over an hour reading all of your posts!

I especially love your ironstone collection... I've been trying to find some at garage sales, that's my garage sale goal this year :)

from my front porch... said...

OOOOH! Love everything! I collect Blue Willow also! I knew we thought alike!
Wonderful day! xo, misha

Pondside said...

We share some favorites, I see. I love your blue and white dishes, and the fact that you remember where and when - and the pint mug, well it's a family heirloom!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Friends...thank you for your wonderful comments! I really do read every one of them and I do try to comment back but lately I've been outside so much that I get behind on blogging. Sorry!

Laura...Yes it would be lovely to have you come for tea! We could have fun watching the geese or the dogs chasing each other around the yard or just sit and watch the day go by as we sip our tea. Maybe one day?!

Cynthia...WOOHOOO 'look at you' is're really coming along with your computer knowledge. Cutting and! Thanks for the link to that web site..maybe I can learn something about my geese! Funny you should call my Dad 'Pop'...that's what I called him and he called his brought back happy memories for me..thanks!

Melissa I hope your neck is feeling better. Yes it sure does feel good when you find something you love at a garage sale for a good price..or at the flea market. Thanks for stopping by!

Catherine...yes that's my 'French touch' LOL! I actually have 4 water colours that I bought near the Eiffle Tower down near the river from a couple of artists that were painting there. I still have to put them in frames and I bought them in 99!! Oh well C'est La Vie!

Cindy...are you my present exchange buddy??? I didn't have a blog when we exchanged you know why you haven't seen my much on CITR. Dure didn't know it was going to take up this much of my time LOL! Good to see you!

Hi Misha...Isn't Blue Willow's timeless and never seems to go out of style. LOL I think we have VERY similar tastes. As they say...great minds think alike!

Hello Pondside...yes I sure do love blue and white dishes. You know I had considered selling mine at one time...I'm glad I didn't! yes the pint is a family heirloom LOL...isn't that terrible!

Thank you ladies for stopping make my day...HUGS!


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