Saturday, May 15, 2010

Decisions Decisions...Suggestions Anyone?

Time for a change

It's time! Yes it's time to make some changes to the outside of our little cottage. Nothing major like building on the front porch that 'Mr Fixit' has planned for the future or the screened porch that he says he's going to build later this's time for a new paint job. I never really liked the blue when we moved in nearly a year ago but when the lilacs started to bloom this spring the blue color started to look pretty good! BUT...I've decide that it's going to be something totally different. I've been wracking my brains trying to come up with a color that REALLY 'hit's that has that wonderful 'Country Cottage' feel. The one that seems to stick with me is a pale yellow. Then I start thinking maybe just a plain white. Then I thought of an old fashioned green. Now I'm totally confused. One thing for sure...unless we get hit by hail or a tornado...the roof is going to remain brown for the next 10 years AT LEAST and the trim will always be white since the windows are trimmed in white aluminum and vinyl. I guess I should hit the big 'home improvement stores and get a few pamphlets but I thought I'd just throw this out there to see what you wonderful followers and visitors think.  What color do you think would work for our little 'country cottage'.
I'm open to all your suggestions and ideas......PLEASE....don't be shy!

The 'dirt work' is nearly done and we're almost ready to put in the steps and sidewalk then plant grass.

I put these stones in place for edging (ouch I swear my arms are about an inch longer than when I started). I don't like straight lines in my garden but these stones were too HEAVY to get fancy with curves plus Mr Fixit want's to build that porch across the whole front of the house one day. This will serve to keep the future mulch from being washed away. I'll plant two smaller shrubs on each side of the steps to soften the straight lines and the sidewalk will be curved.

Snowball Hydrangeas

Half of the depth of this stone is burried!

Here's a view of the gable end. See the scalloped shingles?
It would be interesting to see these painted a different color.
Maybe we need 3 colors?

What do you think?



Beatnheart said...

How about Lilac?? I don't like blue houses for some reason..Lilac would be bold your husband would probably hate it, but wouldn't it be cool to be driving up your road and see a pale Lilac colored house of Lilac Lane...there, I've said it..bold but cool....

BeautifulDees said...

Oh I love your cottage, I think yelllow would be a nice color for your cottage, with maybe a real deep purple accent and of course white trim every where.

Pondside said...

Do you get snow where you are? I don't think yellow looks particularly good in snow. How about a slate grey/blue? It's stunning against the white window trim and holds up against either summer green or winter white.

Debbie said...

I was going to say yellow too. It's a happy color, and it's stunning as a backdrop for purple/lilac accents and flowers. Just be careful to pick a pretty yellow. Mustard just doesn't go with Lilac Lane, IMO.

Or... you could be safe and go with white with green shutters.

That's always pretty!

Deborah said...

What about a "sage" green?
With the white would really stand out...and its not a colour that you would get tire of quickly.

But Im sure whatever colour you choose it will be "home" and lovely. Im excited for you!!
Have fun :)


Deborah said...

Oh by the way...I love those yellow flowers blowing in the breeze! I looked for them at that address, but cant find them. Can you let me know what page and where you found them? Thank you!

Deborah :)

Catherine said...

yellow would be nice, surrounded by trees and grass .Thank you for your visit and i wish you a good Sunday (i feel better) catherine

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

The first color that came to mind was a pale yellow. Then I read down more and saw pale yellow had also struck you, and so many here.
A pretty mellow yellow would look delightful!
You've done a lot of work and it shows.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Anne said...

The light green on your blog page looks nice or how about a tan with crisp white trim and black shutters?

from my front porch... said...

Our cottage farm house is yellow with barn red trim. We love it!! In the spring/summer I have wreaths on the house and screen door, cellar door, and the old smokehouse-all done in sunflowers and smaller dark orange flowers! It looks so pretty :)
Whatever you decide will look amazing. You have a wonderful way with decor!
xo, misha

Lynn Richards said...

I was thinking yellow as well, but the comment about the snow really makes you think!! Something light enough to make it pop. Celery green or sage? I'm assuming snowball hydrangeas flower in white?? Those will be gorgeous!! Makes me want to google farm houses to get an idea on colors!!! What do you think of a red door??
Good luck! It will be beautiful whatever you pick, like all the other work you have done!!

Deborah said...

Thanks Maura for your lovely note to me!
And thank you for your kindness about the flowers ..I searched a little tonight for them, and didnt find them..but Ill keep trying and thanks for trying too..
Thats so sweet of you..and Im so happy to meet you too!
Have a lovely week... :)
I live in beautiful Ontario :)

Deborah xo

Anonymous said...

I think pale yellow would be beautiful. I just love your cottage....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Your cottage is just darling! I actually like the blue but would change it to a different shade (grey/slate) or a soft robins egg (leaning towards the green side) because they would both go well with the brown roof.

Another option would be a beige/taupe.
Or a soft sage green with the brown roof and white trim.

Have you considered shutters? This is what I want to add to our own place as I could add an accent color then (your home exterior is very similar to my own)...

either way it is a very charming place and I can't wait to see what you select!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Well that must have been a job - moving and digging in those big ol' stones! I did some slate on end last month and that was hard and those were thin pieces! I love snowball hydrangeas! That's going to look just beautiful when they're all big and in bloom!



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