Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Old Back Porch

Up until now I haven't shown many pictures of our old back porch. It's actually on the side of the house but comes out to the back of our property.

Don't know why they set the house sideways on the farm like this but I'm glad they did as we get to look out of three rooms onto the long grove of lilacs and a pasture.

The old thing isn't a pretty sight but it has it's country charm and if you like 'chippy' and 'weathered' well you won't be disappointed.

Part of the porch is covered and part of it isn't.
Shep likes to lay on it when it's cool out
but when it's as hot as it has been this summer
he climbs under the porch.

See the old electric box above the chair?
That's what you hit when you want to turn the light off on the pole by the driveway.

Thank heavens the rest of the house has been rewired!

The old porch posts have seen better days.
If only they could talk...

This one has seen a good number of cats use it as
a scratching post over the years.
Still does today.

When the day comes that we tear this old dear down
I will keep these posts 
and use them for something special.

Now this is a bit embarassing for me as I've never
shown a good picture of the back (side) of
the old farm cottage.

It's not a pretty sight but this gives you an
idea of how small our porch actually is.
(Remember we have only been in this old house just over a year)

The part to the left is actually only 8 feet
deep and this covered area is about 6 feet deep.
Not much you can do with it
but it does give you a place to sit in the
shade on a hot sunny day.

(Will be painting soon!)
Here's a better look.
If you follow the roof line down from the peek of the house
to the right you'll see a bit of a change in pitch.
Once we tear off the old porch we will follow that lower pitch almost up to that spot and then follow that pitch down just to the right of the far left windows.
Are you following me?
We will then come 14 feet out from the house.

That will be our new screened in porch.
With hanging bed.
Can't wait till next spring!

This is the view from the porch.
That building will be gone within the next
few months and that little grove of
lilacs will be reduced to half it's length
so that we see beyond the fields to the trees
in the distance.

Our old garden in the city

A picket fence will go from the house
nearly out to the pole and the over to the right
and I will finally be able to put in gardens
and NOT have to worry that white dog
will chew and dig everything up!

Oh happy day!

Have you got any future plans to change things 
around your home?

Enjoy your day!
Maura :)


Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

I think she is perfect... just the way she is!

Verde Farm said...

I love your porch. I think is is wonderful now! Your place is heavenly. I know it will just continue to develop. So much fun isn't it? Don't forget to tell us the other thing you bought at the flea market :)
Amy at Verde Farm

What kind of dog is your Shep?

The Bear's Blog said...

Beautiful, charming, historical, "home".

Thank you for sharing. The porch is lovely, I would take charm over size anytime.


Ann said...

Your old back porch looks like a slice of Heaven to me.

Jeanette said...

It may be old and rickety but it sure looks like a lovely place to sit!

Celestial Charms said...

Yes, I can see my cats having a field day, scratching away on your porch post! I like a worn look to porches, makes them feel more comfy.
Have a great day.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Ladies!


Amy...We have to go and pick up my other flea market purchase and we'll be doing that this afternoon sometime. I won't forget to show you pictures of it I promise ;) As for Shep....he is an Akbash. Have you ever heard of them?

Joyce...I'm glad you like our porch the way it is. It's cute but we have a glass table and a porch swing and other wicker furniture that I would like to bring out but can't because of the size. Plus it would be nice not to get bug bites while we're out there too. One thing for sure...we will add 'charm' to the new porch for sure.

Ann...thank you!

Catherine said...

I like your old porch , it's a lovely place to sit and your dogs knows the good places to sit! Thank you for sharing.Hugs Catherine

from my front porch... said...

Country charm, chippy, weathered~love it all!!
I adore your little porch, but cannot to see the new addition!
Our side porch off of our kitchen, looks just like yours! Half-covered :) It is the area the outdoor cats hang out when it's too hot or rain!
Just love your posts! xo, misha

p.s. Did you ask your little cottage if she minded showing off her "backside" ? You know how some of us ladies are about that! But, she is grand old Dame. I guess she didn't mind!!

Beatnheart said...

HI Sweetie, Catching up!! I ‘ve been a bad girl! Your blue bike is killer! What a major score...I’m going to make your pasta tonight for supper...
Your daughter is adorable...Hope you are enjoying my own personal favorite season...Yippeee....cynthia

Red Gate Farm said...

Where do I start? Love Shep, love the chippy porch, love the chairs, LOVE LOVE the old electric box to turn on the light, love the posts, love the watering cans... I should stop now!

I do have to say, at least the back side of your house doesn't include an old oil (as in heating oil) tank, extremely rusty on a bunch of stacked pieces of wood (think lincoln logs). We had that to look at for the first couple of years over here at Red Gate Farm!

The new porch and sweeping view will just be amazing! We of course have a very long "to do" list, but we're in no hurry for most of it.


Rural Revival said...

Yep, we're painting too! A larger front porch would be nice but that's waaaay down on the list. : )


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