Thursday, April 1, 2010

More of Beautiful British Columbia

Southerland Falls

I moved to Kansas from a small ski village in British Columbia. There we recieved 40-60 feet of snow per was a true 'Winter Wonderland' where the snow came straight down and turned posts into mushrooms as the snow piled up. Sounds were muffled because of all the snow banks along the roads. If you didn't ski or snow mobile or snow board or some other form of outdoor activity it was a LONG LONG winter. Most of the people who lived there were the outdoors type...people who lived there because they LOVED it. Yes you either loved it or hated it. In the summers it rained a lot. This particular part of the country was considered a 'northern hemisphere rain forest' so it is a very lush green place to live. Moss and ferns were everywhere along with cedar and hemlock tree's. When the sun comes is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Clear water...waterfalls...mountain lakes... lush forests. A place I sometimes miss but most especially my family. I hope you enjoy a little taste of my homeland.

Hubby and I at Begbie Falls

Hubby can't get over the clear water. We don't see that in our area of Kansas.

Begbie Falls

Northern Hemisphere Rain Forest

Some of our Children and Grand Children
on the mossy trail near the waterfall

Heading back up the steep trail

These waterfalls are about a half hour drive from my former home. The closest town to the east was a 2 hour drive across mountain passes and summits. To the south you had to drive about  25 miles and then take a 20 minute ferry ride and then another half hour drive to a town smaller than mine. To the north it was 80 miles to a huge dam that was the end of the road and near the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River. To the west it was a 2 hour drive to a small city where we used to do a lot of our shopping.  Every where you went was beautiful scenery.

Do I miss it? I miss my family.

I still love the mountains but there is a beauty to the prairies and farmland. My Dad was a true 'flat lander'. He loved to visit us in BC with my Step Mom and he loved sight seeing and picking huckleberries on the side of a mountain and drinking from a mountain stream...but he would always say...'I LOVE the mountains...but they get in the way of the view!'

Finally I understand.


Melissa Price said...

Gorgeous photos, Maura. I'm sure it was difficult to leave it all behind. ALL of our family (mine and hubby's) live in Alabama. Most of my family (mom, dad, brother, grandpa, aunt, uncle,cousin) live right around the corner from us. It makes the holidays so full of excitement. I absolutely love living in Bama country where the weather is often mild. Your new home is very beautiful. I hope you're happy there. : )

On the flip side, we don't travel as often as we'd like. But, we make time to spend a weekend or two at the beach. We're a 3 hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico. Life is good! : ) Melissa

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Oh Melissa you're so lucky! What a wonderful thing to have your family so close to you and you can see them when ever you want. I've never been to Alabama and to tell you the truth I don't even remember seeing many pictures of it so I'll have to go on the internet and check it out. It must be nice to live in an area where the weather is mild nearly all year. Yes I'm happy here...I love Kansas and our farm but it would be nice to travel around the States and see parts we haven't seen before like New England...I haven't even seen the eastern part of Canada! Maybe one day we'll travel a bit once hubby is retired. You lucky girl to go to the Gulf Of Mexico...even my sister from England has been to Florida and the Caribbean...our turn next! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Take care Maura

Millie said...

The pictures are absolutely wonderful. It's nice that you can see the beauty in the mountains and the prairie. I must say I am grateful to have my family living near me. They are such a help with everything.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Maura,
Your pictures are gorgeous! I am a mountain girl myself but I know what your Dad meant about the views....on our one and only trip out west....I was awed by the vast prairies and the big wide open sky! It was truly beautiful!!
Happy Easter!
Laura :)

Beatnheart said...

Hi!! I went into Santa Monica today to the store so early morning I was in the garage preparing my stuff that I was bringing in...Got home at 7pm and straight to Ukette had to pop in to say hi to my pal..Beautiful British Colombia wow never been it looks awesome..Yes you have a beautiful family to must be so hard for you..I can't believe you had so many kids wow...I'm a childless old crone!!! its ok it was by choice ( you can understand why) anyhow talk tommorrow yes?

Beatnheart said...

Hi again!! just saw that you found Tongue in cheek!! yea.....Hey lets go to France!!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures Maura. You have a huge country with a lot of diferent sceneries you are LUCKY...! in fact you don't have to go abroad! best wishes for Easter . Catherine

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hi Cynthia! Sounds like you had a busy day'll have to take pictures of your booth so we can admire all your 'things'! You girls sound that video of you playing together! I think there are more and more couples deciding not to have children so you're not alone. The people that I know seem to be very happy and keep very busy...always on the go and doing things. They make me tired just hearing about everything they do! Hey ya...let's take a trip to France..wouldn' that be fun LOL! You have a wonderful weekend my friend. MauraXX


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