Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enjoying Spring

Peach blossoms

This has been a busy few days for us...getting the new vegetable garden tilled and ready for planting and getting ready for company. Before the rush I did manage to get out and enjoy a nice warm sunny morning with some of the animals and my camera. It's so nice to be outside when it's not windy and we've had our fair share of wind this winter and spring. I hope you are enjoying spring where ever you are!

Olly enjoying the good weather

Chelsea and Lizzy ...getting ready for the chase

Truce...for the moment

Cherry trees in bloom



Cherry blossoms

Chelsea pretending she's ignoring the cats


Lizzy in the tree

Lilacs getting ready to put on a great show!

Pastures are greening up

Cherry bloosoms

Hubby getting the veggie garden ready

Lizzy in her element

Apple Blossoms

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Pondside said...

Beautiful springtime photos.
That's a serious vegetable garden! It makes our little raised beds look like play-gardening, although my back tells me that it's not play!
Happy weekend!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, I love your peek into Spring! We hope to plow the garden today. I'm sure it's still too wet (sigh) but we'll try anyway :) Enjoy your weekend, Maura!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Ah, spring on the farm. Everything looks so peaceful in your pictures. You take great pictures, by the way. I always enjoy visiting you and seeing what your babies are up to. Have a great weekend! Twyla

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Ladies! Happy weekend to you too!!

Pondside...that's only part of the garden..there's more behind me..I may regret the size of it later when all the grass starts coming up!

Tammy I hope the ground is dry enough to plow your garden this weekend...Good luck!

Twyla and Lindsey it is very peaceful here until the dogs start chasing the cats. Both cats just got back from the vets from being spayed and neutered so they won't be out getting chased any time soon fortunately. We just took the goslings out into the yard for the first time...they followed me like I was thier mummy. It was so cute listeing to their little feet go 'slap slap' on the dirt! Poor little things were having quiet a time trying to keep up with me but I didn't want to step on them. They are just so cute..they're not very stable on those big webbed feet yet. Wished I had taken my camera out with me but I'll try and do that again this weekend and get hubby to shoot a few pictures.

I hope all you ladies have a wonderful day...enjoy sunshine if you can! All the best...Maura

Deb said...

Those were wonderful photos. I especially love the ones with the cats. Don't they just make a photo captivating. It is starting to be nice enough to spend time in the yard here too and I am looking forward to gardening. Our cats and dog enjoy the garden too. Have a nice weekend and hugs to all the animals. Deb

Janean said...

all the blooming....all the tilling....all the antics of Chelsea and Lizzy....all so much fun!

hope your day is the best!

Millie said...

I truly love this time of year when the trees are in blossom. Ours are not quite there yet, so it is extra nice to see how beautiful yours are looking. Love your pictures.

Beatnheart said...

Of Maura, How wonderful!!! I enjoyed every single one of beautiful ..and your silly little cats!! Those lilac bushes!! please keep us posted on their progress. They are my very favorite flowers yet we cannot have them here ( no winter chill) you can get them sometimes from florists but not much smell to speak of...Maybe I'll just pop over for the weekend when they are in full bloom....

Laura..DancesWithTeddyBears said...

What fun pictures, Maura.
Lizzy poses so well. As if she knows her picture is being taken ..and that she's gorgeous. Love it!
Enjoy your weekend!

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, how lovely! I'm envious of your beautiful blossoms. I loved the animal photos too. Everyone looks so content in the beautiful weather.

Rhondi said...

Hi Maura
What a beautiful place you have to call home. The cherry trees are so pretty and I can imagine what it must smell like when the lilacs are in bloom!
I hope you get to see oyur grandchildren this year. I'll stop feeling sorry for myself for only seeing them 3 times a year.
Hugs, Rhondi

Nancy said...

What pretty blooms. I just love all the dog pics! So cute! You've got such a beautiful property. have a great Sunday!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hi Maura,
Just stopping by your beautiful place, and enjoying your gorgeous Spring blooms.
Lizzie looks like my Sydney cat, American tabby's are so sweet.
Your farm is just bustling with activity, good luck with your garden !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, the trees look so pretty...Kathy


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