Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old Photo's And Barn Charm Tuesday

This is a picture of our old barn.

Some of you will remember the
post I did on this a while back.

It needed a lot of work
but we were up to the task 
and planned to restore it
by putting on a new roof 
and removing the metal siding
to reveal the beautiful old barn red
wood siding.

It had Dutch doors on both ends
and in the middle was a door going into
a large room that was open
all the way to the ceiling.

There were two perches
up there for barn owls.

The second time we went to 
look at the farm before we bought it
I watched 
hubby walked into that middle
door and a few
seconds later I saw a huge old
barn owl fly out that same door.

Hubby is deaf and so didn't hear
the owl or see it! 

Above is a big old raccoon 
hiding on one of the perches.
He looks small but believe me
he was HUGE.

I think he was looking forward
to a chicken dinner that evening.

Here's a few of the old barn details.

I loved this old building and working
on this post made me a little sad
as we lost this old beauty 
to fire 
in 2010.

Hubby was burning a brush pile 
on the other side of a huge metal building
that we removed the following year.

It was a hot day with a light breeze
and we figure a spark must have
drifted over the metal building
and landed on the barns old wooden
shingle roof.

The fire department got it out 
before we lost the building but
there must have been a 'hot spot' 
that both the fire department and 
hubby and I
missed as two days later a wind
set it up in flames again.

This time the fire was too 
fast for us and all 
the fire department could do
was to keep it from catching our old
chicken coop on fire and the old lean-to.

Thank heavens no animals were lost
and no people were hurt.

I felt bad for the fire fighters as 
it was the hottest day so far that summer.

I really miss that old barn.

Now there is a big open space where
the old barn once sat 
on it's old stone foundation and
our garden sits on the backside of this

Somehow the old farm lost some of 
it charm the day we lost the barn.
It's never felt quite the same.

I'm joining up with Tricia over at 


I hope you'll pop on over and check
out all the other beautiful old barns :)


John Gray said...

you know how I feel about it.... quite quite lovely

Mimi Foxmorton said...

So beautiful.........thanks for sharing this............ :)

Country Gal said...

Glad no one was hurt during the fire ! Thats a shame it was a beautiful old barn ! Wonderful photos ! Have a good day !

Cottage Tails said...

aww I'm sorry you lost your barn!
We had a organised burn up, Dh is very safe. We thought it was all out. Built a new burn pile - but overnight it burnt to the ground. WE were very lucky there was no wind as of course we were all asleep. So totally undertand how just a small smolder can begin a fire.

Love Leanne

Kathy said...

Oh, how sad to lose such a relic. At least you have these wonderful photos to reinforce your memories.

Beth said...

oh, that is so sad. sorry to hear that. great photos. (:

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

It is very sad that the charming old barn is gone. I remember when my dad's old wooden barn was torn down to make way for a new metal one. It was just never the same. The old barn had been standing for years and years. It was part of the landscape.

These are beautiful photos of your barn, thanks for sharing!

Julie Harward said...

Too bad about the barn, it was a nice one. I love barns, there is nothing like them! I have so many wonderful memories of playing all day in the barn. :D

Anonymous said...

Maura I am so excited you did a post on your beloved old barn! How exciting. I know it is a heart breaker about what happened but seeing the pictures and having you tell us about it is a fitting remembrance. Maura your Farm is still pretty dang charming. It's lovely is what it is :) Top picture is beautiful with your edit! Oh and I'm just seeing Rosey and Hope on your sidebar-HooRay!

Lynne said...

Charming old barn . . . sad, sad loss with a fire. Your poignant writing and photos of the happenings of 2010 was beautifully said . . . .

Janet said...

Beautiful place to live- I just love it x

Lesley said...

Oh dear, I was expecting a before and after story - but not this kind of after.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

What a fabulous old barn - they have such character. Thank you for sharing with us.

My Little Home and Garden said...

That's a sad but beautifully told story. How fortunate that you have photographs.

from me to thee......... said...

oh my, that made me so sad, I love old barns and homes and sheds....anything with a history...and so beautiful....

karen - Simply Inspired said...

shadows and light...the stories of our lives...i would miss your barn too if it had belonged to me. thank you for sharing and remembering with us...

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh how very sad to lose that old barn. Hopefully, someday you will rebuild it.

The pictures are lovely. I love coming over to your blog as it gives me a feeling of peace and contentment. I know you are happy in the life you chose.

Genie said...

Your beautiful pictures tell such a heart wrenching story. My worst fear is this old 110 real old farmhouse catching on fire. It would be done before the volunteers could get way out here n the country. So sorry you all lost it. Unbelievable that it caught on fire a second time. genie

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Your photos are wonderful. But, I am so sad about the barn. My heart aches for you because I love old barns and appreciate people who also understand their beauty and significance. Thank you for sharing this with us and sharing your wonderful photos.

Scufty said...

We can all feel the loss you feel over the old barn through your words. The pictures you took are such a bittersweet memory now, eh? Your farm is still one filled with charm and character and I know will bring you many hours of enjoyment... love and miss you.... Scufty xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Maura, I'm so sorry you lost it! You've taken some lovely & beautiful shots here & it's obvious you love your farm... Must be absolutely heartbreaking... I'm also glad nobody or animals were injured!

I just love looking at the photos in your sidebar =)

Thanks for joining this week's Barn Charm =)

Ironstone and Pine said...

Hi Maura....oh, I am feeling your pain, that is so sad; I would've loved having that wonderful barn in my space too, I know you miss it terribly...but like you said, at least there were no injuries, I say build another!(like maybe a dismantled barn looking for a new home??!!

Deb said...

That is so sad, Maura. I have wonderful memories of playing in my grandma's barn as a child. I'm sure you will build another one, or possibly move an existing one to your property. Hugs, Deb

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I love old barns, too. It would have been lovely to have been able to restore it. I'm sad you lost it. :(
You're right, there's something about old barns that give a farm character.
I'm glad you shared the pictures.

Betsy said...

Those old barns are truly treasures. I'm sorry to hear that you lost yours. I'm glad you have the pictures.


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