Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dreaming Of Spring

Even though it may not seem like it
to most of us...
spring is just around the corner.

It won't be long until our gardens
show signs of life.

Some of you are already enjoying
spring blossoms and flowers
but for the rest of us
we'll have to wait a bit longer.

Last spring I started work on our
shade garden
and this fall I planted
50 daffodil bulbs.

I hope they survived the dry winter.
I watered yesterday.

I have dreams of one day having
a garden similar to the garden
I planted in the city.

I shared this garden with you when
I first started blogging.
I thought I'd share it with you again.

We had built a new porch on our old home 
in the summer of 2003 and in the fall 
we put up the picket fence and arbor.

I planted the garden that fall.

This was the garden's first spring.

Above is the little garden shed we built
at the back of our old house. 
To the right..out of the picture is our
screened porch on the back of the house.

Hubby eventually built a picket fence
here and I planted a little garden
and laid pavers.

We moved before we built 
window boxes.

Flowering shrubs at the back of the old house.
We have packed that pile of rocks
3 times 
and now they 
reside here on the farm 
along with a bunch more we dug
up from the foundation that was under
the old barn. 

I framed one garden bed with some of the 
larger stones but I have more
gardens to do.

Poor hubby ;)

Hubby built my 'old' wheel barrow
out of old parts and wood.

I still have it but it's seen better days.

You can see a little bit of the 
window boxes hubby made for me
on the front of the house.

Eventually this front garden
was filled with 
David Austin old fashioned roses
that climbed over the arbor 
and the end of the porch
and many other old 
fashioned flowers.

Some survived the Kansas heat
some didn't. 

Now I'm starting all over here on the farm.
I doubt my garden will be as full as
this became but that's ok.

I'll enjoy it anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this repeat tour
of our old gardens.

Have a wonderful weekend


Cat-arzyna said...

I am also dreaming of spring !
Have a good weekend !

Finding Pam said...

Your former garden is beautiful. I miss my garden from our former house. It is so hard to start over again.

Our weather has been so warm, but surely we will see some winter in Feb. or March.

Stella said...

What a beautiful garden you had and I am sure your new one will be just as beautiful in time. What a lovely redbud tree you had. Mine died this summer I think the heat and lack of water was just too much stress on an old tree. I too am longing for spring but since we still haven't had winter here in KC I wake every morning knowing we will have inches of snow on the ground.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks for showing spring.
It would be so hard to leave my garden, but then there is the opportunity of starting from scratch!

Muffy's Marks said...

Ahhh, the beauty and smells of spring. Patiently waiting for warm sunshine upon my face.

John Gray said...

give me my first spring day and I'll wet my pants!!!!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The garden at your old house is lovely. But I sure, with time, your new one will be just as lovely.

Karen said...

I didn't "know you" back at your old house,so it was nice to see your garden there. I do love a spring garden. Have fun planning your new one. I'll look forward to your "host of golden daffodils" as Wordsworth would say!

Beth said...

wow, how lovely. i too can smell spring & know it's right around the corner. the hubby & i keep trying to get our periwinkle to take off & slowly it is working. but it takes time. i know in time you will have a beautiful garden there as well. you have the green thumbs ... i can see it. (:

Beverly said...

Lovely gardens, I am really ready for Spring...but we have quite a while to go yet!!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Not dreaming of spring yet but your pictures are a wonderful reminder of what's to come.
You showed a picture of some beautiful blue flowers...what type is that? So pretty.
I love old fashioned flowers and perennials but have yet to find any of the old-fashioned that survive our Oklahoma heat. Maybe I'm getting the wrong kind. :/

Vintage Gal said...

Marra ~ We have quite a bit to wait for spring, but I am dreaming as well. Lovely pictures ~ sigh ~

A Vintage Chic said...

So much beauty, Maura...always a sad thing to leave behind a garden you've put so much work into...but your new home is so lovely, too! I know you'll get it just the way you want it!

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, my friend...


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

All of these pics made me smile!
Thank you for that!! Your garden(s) are so beautiful! You have a green thumb for sure :)
Spring will be here soon. Every January I begin to dread this. Weird, I know! Although I love spring, it is followed by the dreaded heat and humidity of summer. ugh. I am hearing that because our winter has been so mild, that means a mild summer. Hooray! I sure hope so; last summer was awful, wasn't it!
Hope you and Keith are having a lovely day!
xo, misha

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Ohhh this is absolutely lovely - your yard is as perfect as your house.

Anonymous said...

Looking at your beautiful garden has really made me yearn for spring. I know your new garden will be every bit as beautiful.

Neesie Natters said...

Please don't move into spring just yet Maura because that would mean I'd be heading into Autumn and I don't think I'm ready just yet.

I loved looking back at your garden. Isn't it fantastic to have the photos to revisit whenever you wish?
Remember its the journey and not the destination which can apply to your new exciting to have a clear canvas. Lots of hard work but it sounds like Hubby is a treasure.
Have a wonderful week :D

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Very nice Maura! Just seeing those tulips just make me smile!
What a lovely garden and I bet your new one will be just as wonderful!

Terri said...

I love spring bulbs! Beautiful garden.

Scufty said...

It was great to walk through the garden again with you - brought back so many treasured memories! I know your garden will be just as beautiful. You've already gotten a great start with your little fairy garden and I know with your talent, there will be lots of surprises in your new garden. We're still covered with snow so certainly not thinking of planting anything yet! I'll live through yours until we can! Thanks and miss you....Scufty xoxoxoxoxo


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