Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to the farm!

This is the lane to our farm cottage and on the right up ahead is the grove of lilac bushes. We moved here in June last year so we didn't get to see the lilacs in bloom but we are told they are beautiful. Unfortunately the former owner told us that a freeze killed the buds last spring so there weren't many blooms...hopefully this spring will be a good on for the lilacs.
This is Shep our Akbash (Turkish livestock guarding dog). He was over 100 lbs at 6 months! He's only 7 months old now and still growing like a weed.
This is Phoebe our little dinky donkey and she is 10 months old. She's got an attitude that girl!

Since this is my first post I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few pictures of where this Blog originates from. Please keep in mind that this farm is a 'work in progress' and that's putting it mildly! This has been the coldest and snowiest (is that a word?) winter I have ever seen here in our part of Kansas. After moving here from a ski village in the mountains of British Columbia where we got 40-60 feet (yes feet!) of snowfall per winter the winters here were a breeze. However...after living here for 10 years I have now become a sissy when it comes to the cold and snow! I am anxiously awaiting spring like I'm sure many of you are. Since I am new at this blog thing I hope you will be patient with me as I try and figure this all out. Anyway...welcome to the farm!


Catherine said...

hi Maura! welcome on blogland! I like your header, the snowy pictures . we both have white animals ,i have two white dogs and a white cat!I had two donkeys .yours has a nice color.( i will leave an e-mail) before i go to sleep! have a nice day .xxx Catherine

maurakeith said...

Just trying something....sorry.text to click on

Oz Girl said...

Hello from one Kansan to another! I just noticed your comment on Andrea's blog (Rural Revival) and had to come visit my fellow Kansan neighbor. :)

I love, love, love your lil country cottage. How absolutely adorable!!

maurakeith said...

Hello Susan...I love your Blog!!! I visited when I first discovered 'blogs' a couple of months ago and read your 'bed bug' post...sure had me itching just reading it. I love what your fellow blogger does to those little trailers and I've sent my daughter the link to your post as they have one that needs work. Anyway...thank you for stopping was so nice to 'see' you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Maura


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