Thursday, February 25, 2010

Didn't do my homework!

Here is the dining room renovation although we have since added sheer cottage curtains, pictures and moved furniture around. We added crown moldings, sanded, painted, refinished floors...all done by my hubby and I . We renovated all 3 bedrooms, living room and dining room before we moved in. We still have the bathroom, laundry room/back porch and kitchen to do. Not to mention we have dirt work to do around the house and a front porch and screened porch planned. Makes me tired just thinking about it! It's a good feeling knowing that we are doing it all on our own although at our age (far side of 50) it's not as easy as it used to be.

I can see that I didn't do my homework before I started this blog! There is a lot to know about putting a blog together and one of the things you should know is how to get your pictures sized down to fit your blog and then be able to find them...and I'm struggling with this. So...if anyone stops by for a peek and doesn't see much...please come back and check on me as I will have more pictures once I figure this out.

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