Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Sunshine... On My Down... Makes Me Happeee!"

Meet Percy and Priscilla.

Some of you will remember them
from earlier posts.

They were just tiny when we brought
 the two of them home April 4 2010.
They were so sweet...and soft.

They were such sweet little goslings
and would follow me around like I was

They grew up so fast. Too fast.

This day we had just had a big rainstorm
and the 'pond' hubby had dug 
just for them was full and overflowing.

The sun was shining
and it was nice and warm so 
I let them out to play.

They followed me to the water.

If a goose could smile...
then I would say this was a

They were giddy and goofy
and they had a blast.

They took a little break and ate a snack...
tasty grass!

Then went back in the water
and blew a few bubbles.

And preened themselves.

Then it was time to 
head back to the pen.

It was a good day.

I hope you enjoyed a little walk
down memory lane with me.


Joining Karen over at 
My Little Home And Garden 


I hope you'll stop on over and say Hi
and visit the other bloggers
taking part this week.

I hope your week is a good one!



Hayley said...

Oh my goodness, I love all your animals!! Especially the donkeys........ I have always wanted to have some donkeys.One day......
Your geese are just lovely and they look like they were having the time of thier lives! xx

My Little Home and Garden said...

I enjoyed taking that walk with you and watching the geese play in the water. I was smiling and chuckling the whole time! Thank you for linking these wonderful photos of Percy and Priscilla to Sunlit Sunday.

Anonymous said...

They're adorable! I'm gonna see if mom will get some again for the farm... they had some a couple years ago, but something got em, but they have 2 donkeys, now, & they protect all the animals out there! =)

Special 'K' said...

Love your pics the ducklings are so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Michaele said...

Precious photos Maura.

Julie Harward said...

Oh how fun! The joy of having pets, or in your case babies. They are beautiful, I would love that! (I sent you a friend request of face book) ;D

Betsy said...

They're so cute! How fun to watch them enjoy the day. One looked like it was lifting its face to the sun--such a universal instinct whether you're a human or an animal.


E. said...

what great shots. i saw a smile. i really did. so cute!! (:

Deb said...

So sweet watching them play. They really are very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and I will pop over to visit with Karen. Have a nice evening. Deb

Lynne said...

Oh my "Mother Maura Goose!" I loved this so much . . . ADORABLE! It reminded me of one of my very favorite children's stories, Robert McCloskey's, Make Way For Ducklings . . .

Prairie Cat said...

I think I just died of cuteness overload.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Percy and Priscilla are so cute. I love that they follow you everywhere. They look like they are really enjoying their time at the pond.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a wonderful trip Mother Goose - enjoyed all the photos.

Neesie said...

Oh how special and adorable Maura. I love each and everyone of the photo's.
What a delight to have them around.

That's a definite smile I have to agree...pure pleasure :D
Thank you so much for letting me visit with you. I really enjoyed our walk.

Have a wonderful week and say 'Hi' to Percy and Priscilla ~ well to all on your farm! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I've never enjoyed geese so much! First of all, your photos of them were awesome. Such cuties! I really really loved them.

Pondside said...

Little ducklings and goslings grow up too fast! We've had our share of 'puff balls' around the pond and I look forward to seeing a few more this year. I love the 'heading back to the pen' photo!

Ashley Ashbee said...

Aaaaaaw! Sometimes we don't even need to anthropomorphize animals to see that they are happy.

karen - Simply Inspired said...

maura...thank much...i am smiling broadly and "feeling the happiness" way over here... such joy!

Hearts Turned said...

What wonderful photos, Maura! They really do look like VERY happy geese--I think they know they're loved!

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend!


Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Oh how sweet they are! I would love to have some for pets, but my dogs would probably get them. It was so pretty here today, not warm, but pretty. I was so happy to see the sunshine, I went outside and washed windows!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

When I first saw your post title, I thought "what? I don't remember the song going like that." :/ But then I had to laugh.
Such sweet little babies and how fun to watch them as they have a great time on a warm day.
Great got some wonderful shots, Maura.

Beatnheart said...

I remember when you introduced them to us... You know I love your farm animal stories.

Sandies' Patch said...

Hi Maura, just popping over from Kath's blog, Hillside Cottage' in the UK.
Lovely to see your 'critters',especially the Shit zu, Bubba, he's just like my Bobby, sadly put to sleep 18months ago.

You seem to have a gorgeous garden there!

Have a great week,

Sandie xx

Catherine said...

They were very funny in their pound.The horses looks quite happy in your field, i wish i could sleep under the sun heat like they do! soon i hope... Hope you don't have too much bruises! Catherine

cherry said...

Ahhhhhhh so cute..hugs, Cherry

Cuby said...

This is my first visit and I am rewarded with these little gorgeous balls of fluff. Great start. I'll visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

Maura you are such a softie! :) Love your big old heart for animals!


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