Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking Back

My how things change.

With March just around the corner I decided
to look back and see how things looked
during our first spring here on the farm.

These pictures were taken all during
the month of March 2010.

In September 2009 we bought our
little Phoebe.
She was a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey.

A friend of ours had offered to give us one
but when that never materialized
we decided to buy Phoebe.
She was 5 months old.

At the end of December
our friend showed up with the male
that he had promised us months earlier.
He was a stud! 

Because we are softies we couldn't tell
him 'too late' we kept the donkey
and named him Eeyore.

Along came March.

Unfortunately our fences were no match
for Eeyore's determination
to visit Phoebe
but since she would not be old
enough to breed until she was 
around 3 years old
we decided to have him castrated. 

A couple of weeks later 
Eeyore and Phoebe 
went to live on a large farm
where they could be together with
lots of pasture
and strong fences!

Towards the end of March that year
Hubby and I were in a 'farm store'
and overheard a lady complaining to the
store clerk that they had just been in the 
store with their 12 year old Grandson 
and his friend. 

Behind their back he purchased a chick!

She told the clerk that she wanted to bring the 
chick back because they had no place to keep
a chicken. The clerk said 'sorry...we don't
take chicks back'. 

The lady was ticked so I whispered to hubby
"should we buy it from her?"
Since we had 63 new chicks coming a few
days later he said to go for it. 

The lady was so happy to find a home
for the little fellow that she wouldn't 
take any money.

So 'Spring' came home with us. 

Unfortunately Spring was a Cornish X
and was destined to live a short life.

It may have been short...but it was a good life. 

The very next day was the first day of spring.
We had a snow storm!

Two days later the snow had melted
and the chicks arrived in the mail.

Most of the chicks were Buff Orpingtons.

Yellow fluff balls! 

Their days were spent eating...drinking...pooping
tearing from one end of the trough to the other...
and sleeping.

Sometimes they wore themselves out so much
they fell asleep standing up.

The remainder of the chicks were
Black Australorp.

Hard to believe this little fellow
would grow up to look like this!

While the chicks enjoyed their cozy warm
shelter in the garden shed
the older chickens were able to finally 
enjoy the barnyard.

The barnyard was Eeyore's domain
and he decided that the chickens were
NOT allowed on his turf.
He chased them every chance he got.

The day after Eeyore and Phoebe
left the farm....the chickens
had the barnyard all to

They were happy chickens!

FYI ...see that long building? 
We sold it that summer and this time
last was down and hauled away.

Hopefully if we get some rain this summer
we will have some good pasture grass
growing there :)

The end of March meant Shep was 8 months old
and Lizzy and Olly were 9 months old.

Shep had a blast trying to chase the cats.
Olly would run but Lizzy...well
she NEVER backed down.
She stood her ground and then some!

End of March sky.
2010 was a good year for rain but
last year we were in a drought.

Hopefully we do better this year.

Above is our nearest neighbor 
as the crow flies. 

Two years ago the fields across the road 
from us were yellow.
This year they are green with winter wheat
shown below in January 2012.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that
this March will be a good month
with lots of gentle rain.
If all goes well the grass seed we sow
will take root before the heavy rains hit.

After all....April is Tornado season
here in Kansas!


Beatnheart said...

Wow Maura...this is book material. Your blog has become absolutely have grown leaps and bounds. Such beautiful photos and you really put us right there. Thank you..

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Maura: You are too much!! It is such a great story. You know how I feel about "feathers" but that little one asleep on it's feet is so precious! Every time you have a new post, I'm singing that song forever! I love all your music too...Take Care, Judy at GoldCountryCottage

Kath said...

fab photos!

Skogkjerring said...

Love your little donkeys it´s too bad they couldn´t stay on your farm but you have your chicks and they look lovely also. Would love some chickens myself but the Captain says no. Your farm is just so charming.
Oh I remember so well the tornado seasons in Kansas. I´ll never forget driving to Texas from Kansas and getting stuck around Oklahoma city with a Sarah who was a baby at the time and the radio guys hollering about five different tornados surrounding the city limits of Oklahoma City. It was hailing and the traffic was pretty much stopped up- what a nightmare! Luckily we got checked into a hotel and the tornados avoided the city that year!!!
I always think the wheat fields look like oceans of gold....beautiful!
Warmest greetings from Norway :-)

E. said...

what great change. never a dull moment. i love baby chicks. had a friend who recently had a bunch ... so interesting how they age & grow up. very educational for me ... considering i never grew up on a farm. continue to enjoy the change. can't wait to see what happens next. (:

Neesie said...

Ditto Beatnheart...
Maura you completely transported me to Kansas and you're special place on earth. It truly was magical :D

Melanie said...

Awesome!! I have been enjoying reading your blog, this post is the best yet!!

traci said...

i love all your animals. they have a wonderful home at your farm. i am hoping to get some more chicks this year. they are so fun to have around. have a great day maura.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Maura, I thoroughly enjoyed every word and picture of this blog post. What a great story.

Kim said...

thanks for the trip down memory lilac lane!

My Little Home and Garden said...

Thank you for another wonderful walk around the farm, Maura. It looks like a wonderful life there.

John Going Gently said...

I think that this was your sweetest blog ever... lovely

Anonymous said...

Hi Maura! Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. I wanted to let you know that when we went to the western side of Canada, we took the Trans Canadian Hwy from I think Vancouver to Calgary, maybe a little further. I think we entered the U.S. in Montana. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. We were in our RV and I remember staying in many lovely RV parks and also the the Provencial parks. We spent about a month just traveling through here and there. It was one of our favorite vacations. Thanks for asking about it.

Lynne said...

Really great post . . . liked meeting Eeyore, Phoebe, Spring, Shep and Lizzy. Loved the photo with the red hand pump and your field vistas were wonderful. I hope March won't disappoint you! We need some March rins too . . .

Deborah said...

What a wonderful visit with you Maura right down to that heartwarming music!
Oh bless you "softhearted" people!
That chick was so cute and what a beautiful life you live.

Deborah xoxox

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Aahh, the life on a farm ebbs and flows, doesn't it? We have a donkey named Eeyore. He is our "guard" donkey for the baby calves and pretty much has the personality of an Eeyore...very boring. :)
It is very spring-like here and, with the early grasses and buds being seen everywhere, every one is getting antsy for Spring to finally arrive.

Julie Harward said...

What a sweet post! I loved all the shaggy animals, and the sweet baby chicks. You have really got me yearning for Spring now! ;)

Michaele said...

Hang on tight Dorothy! I am so hoping you guys don't get a hard frost on that wheat. These are all gorgeous photos! Loved the one with you and the chick the best : )

GardenOfDaisies said...

Love your little farm and all the creatures who have come to call it home.

wendy said...

What a fun earlier spring days walk through your farm .
The miniature donkeys would be so fun to have I think.
And the chicks brought back so many wonderful memories for me at my grandparents farm.
They always had a shed full of baby chicks in the spring...under the heat lamp just like yours showed.
Me and my sister would go in to see them and had to be very careful where we stepped.
What a noise they'd make.

Spring is a BUSY BUSY time for us around here just as I am sure it is for you.
We still have quite a bit of snow right now.

Anonymous said...

Maura what a wonderful post. I have been waiting to come back and read it while sitting on the couch, no distractions. It was worth the wait!! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful writing voice Maura. Thank you for my afternoon treat! Take care Maura, we have already seen bad weather and Buffalo, Lebanon and Branson took hits from severe storms and tornadoes last night.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots & love the babies... too cute! Love that long barn, too! =)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a great post. I loved every word. I am hoping there won't be much of a tornado system this year, just some wonderful gentle rain for you. It's been a strange weather year everywhere. Here in southern California we had a very cool summer last year with no rain and our rainy months of winter showed us very little rain too. We really need it. Oh I how I love all your animals. I'm sure it must have been difficult to see the donkeys go. The chicks are all so precious and of course I love the cats and dogs. Loved this post!


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