Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Green Month

Country Living

It's March...
the GREEN month!

It may not be green where you live just yet
but it won't be long until that beautiful
refreshing color shows it's pretty face.

Here on the farm we are surrounded by 
beautiful green fields of 
winter wheat
here and there the lawns and gardens
are showing signs that spring isn't far off.

Yesterday we had tornado 'watches'
and 'warnings' from late afternoon
until 1am.
Fortunately we only had high winds
and 1/4 inches of rain
but tornadoes hit down here and there
and destroyed 60% of the
small town of Harveyville KS.

We found out this evening that our friends
son and his family had the roof 
torn off their home yesterday.
They were all safe.

This is a month early
so hopefully this isn't a sign
of what's to come this year.

Country Living 

On a brighter note... 

I've got my vegetable garden
planned out and down on paper
and hubby has made the garden boxes.
Now we just need to get them in the garden... 
fill them with compost
and wait for the weather to warm up. 

I started a list for the perennials I'd like
to plant this spring
and the annuals I'd like 
to plant in pots. 

My lists usually end up larger than my 
pocket book can handle but I'm sure
I'm not the only one who
does that. 

Since there's nothing pretty to show you
in my gardens I thought I'd share a 
few photo's I found on the Internet.

I love the photo at the top
of this post and how about the garden 
sheds above and below!

Better Homes And Gardens

I love the salvaged windows in the shed above.

Better Homes and Gardens

This time of the year in the country critters start
moving. I suppose it's mating season for some
and other's are just moving from winter quarters. 

I found a big fat skunk body at the end of the
picket fence the other morning.
Shep must have caught it off guard
before it had a chance to spray.
I feel bad for the skunk
but this is a fact of life in the country. 

Most critters stay clear of our farm
because of Shep but some can't
resist the tantalizing smell of chickens.
Even skunks and possums 
like eggs ;)   

This Old House

This week hopefully we'll be hauling home
mulch and compost for the garden...
I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!

How about you...have you got plans
for your gardens this spring? 


Anonymous said...

Saw your posting on Julie Harward's blog. I LOVE your photos! All of them are beautiful. I was so sorry to hear about your friend's son's issue with the storm, but relieved that they were okay. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies

Anonymous said...

Saw your posting on Julie Harward's blog. I LOVE your photos! All of them are beautiful. I was so sorry to hear about your friend's son's issue with the storm, but relieved that they were okay. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies

Pondside said...

I can't wait to get into the beds and tidy up after the winter, Maura. There's lots to do to prepare for the wedding and I'd like everything to look tip-top!

Judy said...

Hi Maura: I just simply love the ideas that you put forth. That little garden shed with the Church windows I would kill for! I like the change up of your look, do you do something different for spring? I can't remember how I got the one I'm using!! Thanks for your sweet comments....Judy at GoldCountryCottage

Kath said...

lovely photos Maura, I can't wait to see everything looking green and lush. Our plans are to continue to battle with 10 years or more of neglect, especially the brambles.

Beth said...

we had the chance of a tornado last night ... lucky it was just heavy rain & thunder & lighting & a little wind. nothing to bad. i wish for a garden. our yard ... we can not even get grass to grow. i keep telling the hubby we need to cut down more trees for more sunlight but for some reason he is so in love with the trees. oh well maybe one day. i enjoy the ivy i have growing on the back deck ... it is the 1st plant we have had to really take off. we have some periwinkle that love the side of the house. it really is taking over ...but that is what we wanted. so pretty when it blooms. i'll have to enjoy your garden ... can't wait for spring. (:

FlowerLady said...

What wonderfully inspiring pictures. I'm ready to do something in my gardens again today, as well as doing some 'homecaring' and laundry.

We have green all year long, so there's not much excitement in this spring season as in the rest of the country where gardens have been asleep all winter.

Happy gardening in this lovely month of March.


Lynne said...

I loved your GREEN inspiring post. The garden sheds gave me ideas. I especially liked the one with the old church windows, no stained glass.

I have ideas brewing in my mind. I purchased some zinnia seeds which I will plant in bedding pots inside. This will be something new for me. Usually annuals, here in Michigan, I don't plant until i am assured of zero frost.

We are changing one area of our rear yard, adding more brick pathway and placing rectangle gardens for the annuals of zinnia and cosmos. Plus I am splitting some of my perennials to add to the site. I am calling this my sun garden because it is one of the two areas in our shade/tree filled yard where we can count on the annuals to thrive.

Some of our front gardens will be changed this year to remove over grown plantings. This will make room for my beautiful Annabelle Hydrangea which now encompasses a very large area.

I find it so inspiring to dream and create . . . thank you for "turning the key."
Love, Lynne

cindy said...

Your post makes me excited!

Deb said...

We are in the middle of one of the worst snow storms this winter :(

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Maura! Glad you all are ok! CH is in charge of the garden, I just pick what is there fix it and we eat it :)

Melanie said...

My wants list is bigger than my checkbook too!! Loved the pictures that you shared, am anxious to get my hands dirty too!!

Beatnheart said...

Beautiful dreamy lil sheds

EG Wow said...

Wouldn't I LOVE to have that Better Homes & Gardens structure in my gardens?!!!

Judy said...

Hi Maura: It's me again!! I was reading over your post again and knew I forgot to mention about the tornado warning. How scary is that? We have earthquakes, but at least we don't have to sit and think about it before it happens because they can't tell that, but on the other hand, we can't be prepared either. Both bad, if you ask me. How sad for your friends. Has Shep ever gotten sprayed by a skunk? Buddy did last year when we were in San Diego. What a mess, maybe I'll blog about it sometime. Happy March Day...Judy at GoldCountryCottage

NanaNor's said...

Hi Maura, I loved seeing these photos, I am dreaming of spring. It is green like this back in Ca. but not here in Co. I am thinking about the few veges we will plant and the addition of more herbs this year. Have a great evening.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I'm glad you escaped all the nastiness that struck some people, Maura. I can't imagine the kind of conditions I saw on television.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

What beautiful inspiration photos. I started cleaning up yesterday and even put a few flowers in the back perenniel bed. I am all about adding garden structure and architecture this year. I have plenty of plants but need some resting points. I am with you...I love all the March represents. Glad you're safe. Patty

A Vintage Chic said...

Such beautifully inspiring photos,'re right...spring is definitely in the air!

So glad you were all safe with tornadoes nearby--so scarey!

Looking forward to seeing your gardens in full bloom--I know they'll be just as enchanting as the photos you found!


the cuby poet said...

Love all the photos with the promise of Spring.

Finding Pam said...

I'm glad that you and your family are safe and did'nt have any tornadoes.

Your photos are so inspiring. Thanks for the dreamy photos.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Oh goodness, to have such beautiful gardens and gardening sheds! I'd be outdoors all the time.
Unfortunately, my health doesn't allow me to enjoy such pleasures and hubby doesn't have even a little tint of a green thumb!! I need to have one of those HGTV shows come in and do a major overhaul and renovation. Wouldn't that be divine?

wendy said...

This certainlly does make me long for spring.....but it is a long way off here where I live. We still get some pretty good snow storms in APRIL.
Our yard is in it's "infancy" stages since we have only lived on this 1/4 section for 2 1/2 years. Much to be done.
I don't even know where to start.

Better come up with a plan of some sort eh.

Claudia said...

Well, my big plan now is to reseed the lawn which is a muddy mess from all the work on the septic system and tree removal. Oh, I'll garden, too, but reseeding has to be the top priority!


Anonymous said...

We are all thinking of springtime and just waiting patiently. Your pictures make spring look so inviting. Thanks for sharing them.

Betsy said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I'm so hungry for spring! Can't wait to get outside again.


CHERI said...

I too look forward to planting time. It gets so hot here in south GA though that I don't get to plant lots of things that I would love. You have a lovely blog and I always enjoy your pictures. Glad all of you are safe after the storms.

Nancy said...

Lovely photos. Love the garden sheds and all the beautiful flowers. (sigh) Thanks for sharing this taste of spring. And thank you for visiting my blog and for your very nice comments. God bless.


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