Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treasure Hunting!

Last month hubby and I attended the last
Flea Market of the season. 
There won't be another until September!

We're very lucky to have such a huge
Flea Market held every month
not far from us
and it's always a little sad to know
you'll have to miss a couple of months.

With temperatures in the triple
digits and no air conditioning 
in the building it's easy to 
understand why they shut it down for
the hottest months.

The first thing I spotted that made
my heart swoon was this sweet
cast iron barn.

I fell in love with it but I didn't buy it 
on the spot. I figured I'd come back
after we'd seen everything (and hope it
would still be there) as I had
something else that I was looking for that day.
Do you do that?
Go to Flea Markets or garage sales
looking for a specific thing?

I never found that 'thing' 
but this barn was still waiting for me
when we were done.

I only paid $25 for it
because I 
bought the
wire basket below
along with it.

I also found this large basket
which is perfect for my knitting.

My day was going really well
and I was happy with the items that
I had found. 
I never did find the 'thing' I actually 
went there for (I can't even remember
what it was!) but then I spotted
YES!....I had always wanted one
of these little red wagons
and this one was a real 'steal'. 

So we gathered up all my treasures
and packed them into my wagon and 
headed home.
I'll be looking forward to September.

In the meantime 
I made up for not having the 
Flea Market  this month
by talking hubby into taking me
to the 
Antique Mall 
just on the edge of the city.

He'd much rather have a 
than spend a few hours there
but he grinned and bared it...
cause he loves me ;)

And look what I found...

This sweet little half pint milk bottle
will work perfect for a vase
or anything else I choose to put in it.

I also found this white bowl 
that I've been using every
morning for my 

But my favorite 
treasure of the day 
was this old handmade

Isn't he cute...
as the wind blows the
his arms move up and down
as he chops the wood.

It's not exactly what you'd see here
on the prairies. Maybe a girl milking
a cow or a rooster pecking a cob of 
corn would be more fitting.
it reminds me of all the years
my kids and I chopped wood
when I lived in the mountains
in British Columbia.


How has your 'treasure hunting' gone 
so far this summer?

Have a wonderful week!
Maura :)


Mecky said...

You found some great things! I imagine today would of been FM day if it was held. I am so ready for another, aren't you?

Last month I found a really nice table cloth at the FM. I need to share a picture of it on my blog.

My husband now enjoys going to the antique malls with me because he looks for books, decanters and guns. He also looks out for things he thinks I might like. I have trained him well, don't you think? He hasn't always enjoyed it.

I hope that you are staying inside and staying cool.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Hi Maura!
Love the "finds"! You did good (my southern speak, Ha!)
I like anything wire! It looks perfect in the bath. And Mr Wood Chopper is adorable!

Mostly I have gone to yard sales. All of FM's seem to come back in Sept and Oct. The one Sweetwater is my Fave! I cannot wait :)
At least it will be coller, as it is outside!
Have a wonderful week, friend!
xo, misha

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

I've not been treasure hunting much lately - but there was a sale just a few houses down from us last week and I got two fabulous, hand embroidered tablecloths, in perfect condition.

I love your chopping man - we have a sawing man - and he's quite appropriate for NW WA. We lived in Kansas many years ago and it is the perfect place for any wind ornament - it seemed the wind never stopped when we lived there - it even blew the snow under the windows in the old farm house we lived it.

camp and cottage living said...

Sorry it's still there in Kansas.
Have you acclimated to it yet?
What a treasure trove indeed. It is so much fun to find unique items like your whirligig and the white barn.
I don't shop for stuff anymore since I have too much, but I inherited several treasures from the clearing of my father in-laws home.
Alot of old pictures and barn goodies.
Enjoy your Monday, Maura!

Mellodee said...

Hi Maura! I don't usually go to garage sales or flea markets much. It's not that I don't want to go but I'm really NOT a morning person and by the time I get myself going all the good stuff is gone and its waaaaay too crowded. (Rather pathetic isn't it?)

Anyway, that little half pint bottle reminded me of when I was in 1st and 2nd grade in a very small Catholic school in FL (back in the 1950s). One of the local dairies would deliver milk every day in those bottles. They had these little pull-up paper caps under a foil wrapper.

I always hated the milk because it wasn't homogenized (it was a loooooong time ago!), so it would separate and you had to shake it to mix it all up again but it didn't work real well. Also the school had no refrigerator. The milk crates were stacked outside on the northside of the building in the shade until lunch. Still some days the milk was no where even close to cold! Amazing how clearly I remember that! :)

cocosmom said...

Hubby and I have a booth at a flea market in Fl. My first task each day is to run around and check out the day dealers. I also have booths in an antique malls, so I have an outlet for my spending. Got into the malls when my collections were taking over. I find many teasures that I love but I have to come home and find something that I am going to sell before I bring a new item into my house....I love eclectic style, so it works for me.

Janet said...

Love your choice of goodies -thank you for sharing your finds-had to laugh though -I always do the same as you look round first then go back-if its still there it is meant to be !Its coming home !

Sunray Gardens said...

Great finds. Love the little barn.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Catherine said...

I love all your finds, they look very nice.I love the cast iron barn, it is so beautiful. I went to flea markets, but did not find much. Here they are outside and as the weather is so bad most of them are just cancelled!But i don't despair...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Maura! The little barn is darling and I want a little red wagon too! You did great on your hunt for treasures. Your heat is here in MissouREE now. Hope we all can hang in there. I will be staying inside but I will miss the outdoors so much. Got to smell the outside :) Whirligig!!!!! Love it!

Linda said...

What great finds Maura. Love it all especially the wagon. It's is hot here(Ontario) as well and we sure could use some rain.

bj said... really hit the jackpot. I love all your finds.
We don't have a good flea market here. Sooo, I depend on thrift stores to supply me my junque. :)))

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I don't go to Flea Markets around here....but we do have a GREAT thrift store. I have my latest *find* on my blog. I've been blessed with a husband that will shop so long with me that *I* get tired!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Thanks for your thoughts on the swing bed. I am loving your photography, the music, and your story. I am a new follower.

Bearly Sane said...

Love that barn and the Radio Flyer waggon...what a fun time you had hunting your treasures Maura. I like to look first and go back, I figure if what I liked is still there, it was meant to come home with me.

I have a couple of small red waggons that I use as props for my bears.

Warmest hugs,

Beatnheart said...

That barn is so awesomely cool...i would of jumped on that baby and pushed you outta the way to get it. I’m having a giveaway tied into my
blog...come on by and try your luck ...lots of hugs, Cynthia

Michaele said...

I don't know how the heck you found that wagon. They have so many uses, I can't believe someone would sell it. Lucky you. That barn is very unique. I would have grabbed it up also. That is my problem at garage sales. I just bring home too much stuff. Good stuff and good deals, but just too much. No will power here when it comes to bargains.


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