Thursday, March 8, 2012

Picket Fences And Big Feet

I love fences.

Not so much when it comes time to mow
along them or when they need repairing 
but here on our farm we need them.

We have wire fences to protect our
chickens from wild
critters and two of our three dogs
plus horses to keep from 
eating our neighbors crops.

The picket fence however is to give the little dogs
Chelsea and Bubba and the cats
 a break from ...

Well OK...sometimes it's not all Shep.
These photo's were taken around 2 years
ago...Shep has grown even larger
since then.

Chelsea has not.

These two race around like this every day.
Sometimes several times a day.

Oh the damage those big feet can do
when they are running or digging!

Shep can be a real PEST.

Another reason to have the picket fence
which is only close to the cottage
is to protect our new gardens.

The shade garden above...
and the sunny garden below.

Henry below can play outside the picket
fence but when he was smaller
as in the photo below...
he didn't venture far from it's protection.

Can you blame him!

Below shows the pasture fence on the left
and on the right you can see where we 
quit with the picket fence. 

A welded wire fence continues along the 
lilacs but one day we'll extend the
picket fence part way down our
'lilac lane'.

In the meantime we enjoy our space
that's free from the pesky giant dog
and his big feet!


I'm joining with 
Jan and Jer


Neesie said...

I love all your photos today Maura. I've always adored black and white pics.

What a fun time Chelsea, Bubbs, Shep and the cats must have.

Picket fences are very popular here in Melbourne. I think they are so cute and would have some myself if we had the option. We have a wrought iron fence around the whole of our plot but unfortunately Muffin can fit through...especially if something interesting is happening on the other side! :D

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Love your picket fence, and the dogs, and the gardens, and the lovely lifestyle you have carved out for yourself.

traci said...

yes, those dogs can make a mess can't they. on most days you can find 6 of them running around our farm. i love that wooden fence. how it curves around. very charming.

Deb said...

Mornin' Maura..these are great 'action' shots of your sweet dogs. The cats always take good photos..cause they are cats. I am just chompin' at the bit to be a country girl (woman, senior...whatever) and I enjoy your photos so much. Deb

NanaDiana said...

There is nothing that says Home to me like a picket fence. I love yours! Not only does it add protection, it is pretty! I love your row of lilacs. They are my favorite flower of all time- xo Diana

FlowerLady said...

What a wonderful photographic portrayal of your sweet country life. The b & w format what interesting. A visit to your place always makes me feel peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Happy! Happy! Love every little and BIG(feet)thing about this post Maura. Great B&W captures and I find the shots of the dogs and cats mixing it up make me smile :) What better fence than the picket fence at Kisiwa Creek Farm! Enjoy your Friday Maura, I loved starting my morning with you! It's sunny here today in our little bit of country, I see a walk this afternoon around the Tiny Ten~4 times around :)

Tara Dillard said...

Reminding me of the happy years with my chocolate lab, Suzy & her sidekick, Taz, a teeny mut.

Taz adored Suzy more than life.

Thank you for those memories.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Muffy's Marks said...

Your fence photos are award winning. Love them, and are so necessary when pets are involved, Keeps everyone happy!!Have a great weekend

Kath said...

I love it when you show your animal photos.

Anonymous said...

I love the first shot of the picket fence. It really does make life easier when you have good fences.

Beth said...

i love looking at views of your farm. so gorgeous. i could waste many hours there. just lovely. (:

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful, all the fences on your property. And I enjoyed reading about how each one separates something from something else.

Love the name Henry for a cat!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Maura: Oh my dear!! First, I'm really liking the black and white and second, I also love fences, but like you and trees, I find that I don't have too many pictures of them. That Shep! I love the pic with the cat. His facial expression with the eye cocked tells the whole story perfectly. Thanks again, as always, Judy

Rose said...

I really like all of these, but love that last shot.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful black and white photos.

Regards and best wishes

Carletta said...

A beautiful series of shots!
Love the curve of the fence and the view looking back at the cottage is serene and inviting!

Jan n Jer said...

Great shots...a nice story in pictures!

Michaele said...

Awesome black and whites. I really enjoyed this Maura.

Mecky said...

I adore picket fences.
Great pictures today!

wendy said...

I love the picket fence.
The only fences we have thus far are barbless wire fences....due to the horses.
and the cows that a farmes leases onto our pastures come about early June.
Our dog......SHE SURE IS HAPPY in the country. She loves to run around just like yours.

I love the photo of the lane.

Faye said...

What a charming place and account of some rambunctuous dogs and cat. What a grand dog Shep is. What is his breed? I hope you'll show us the lilacs when they bloom.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh I love your action shots! Shep is having a ball.

TexWisGirl said...

LOVED this!!! LOVED!!!

Joy said...

Everything is beautiful Maura, your flowers and farm are inspiring.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Love it! The antics of your pets are just too funny...but isn't that the way it is? And the fact that they have so much space to roam makes it all the more fun!
I am in love with your picket fence. I would love to have one in my yard and it's on my of these days. :)

Nancy said...

What a delightful place you have. Your pets are hysterical. Loved the photos and your commentary. God bless.

LANA said...

I love fences, too! And I really love yours! Your photos are fabulous. Have a great Sunday.

quiltzyx said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour of your fences! So much fun to see the 'kids' at play too. :)

Tina said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking us around your place. It is a lovely corner of the world and definitely worth all the effort you are putting in there!
Take care and have a good week.

Jen said...

I love the pictures of your home Maura. It is a dream home! I am getting lots of ideas and am seeing fences in a whole new light!
I took some photos of our dogs running around the canal yesterday on our dream home, our narrow boat! I will post soon!
Spring has sprung here and the flowers are really blooming!

Scufty said...

I've just spent some wonderful time catching up with you since we got back. Your pictures are so beautiful. The black and white are stunning - you have such a wonderful eye for these. The colors in the tulips really are splendid and make me wish spring here already. I know it's on its way! It's hard to believe you're planning your garden already but I guess it won't be long before you can plant. A few more months for us! I know hubby will do a great job with your planter boxes again and your garden will be gorgeous! Enjoy your wonderful weather and I'll be back and miss you .... Scufty xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the picket fence, but I'm madly in love with the pets. Each one is precious.

Sherri said...

Love your fences, they're lovely. Your blog & your lilacs took me back to my childhood in central Indiana. I have lived in S.E. Georgia for nearly 20 years now & thought lilacs were out of the question for me. Imagine my excitement when I found them at a local garden center today! I can all most smell them now. Thank you for re-sparking my love for these beauties.

Jocelyne said...

These photos were so much fun to look at ! I love the tree with the eyes, nose and lips, what a great idea !
The picket fence is beautiful and when you'll extend it to your lilac lane it will be even more beautiful.
Have a nice week-end !


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