Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missouri Treasure Hunt

Last weekend
my sister in law
and I headed to Ozark Missouri
on a quest to find her the
perfect cupboard for her kitchen.

We actually took the trip
to see a cupboard
she had found on Craigslist
but we couldn't see it until Sunday.

Soooo what's a couple of 
antique loving girls 
to do with themselves until then?

Yep...we went to every
antique mall 
we could find!

Here's a look at some of the 
treasures that caught my eye.

I LOVED this white French pitcher
but I couldn't see spending $70
on it. 

Above is one of the umpteen 
antique malls we searched through
on Saturday.

I loved this cupboard above.
Below is the detail of the 
hardware on it.

More details below


Look at the height of this screened door!
Love the color. 

How about this work table above

Wouldn't this make a great work table
in the garden shed or craft room?!

I think it would take some strong backs
to move this thing.

Above and below is the cupboard
my sister in law went to
see originally.

It's a really cute cupboard but 
unfortunately it wasn't
large enough for what it was 
intended for.

It's got great details.

If any of you Missouri Bloggers
think you would be interested
in this cupboard
the lady was asking
and it is 90" tall 15" deep
and 32" wide.

Below is what my sister in law bought

It appears to be made with reclaimed wood
and old tin ceiling inserts.

I LOVE all the details!

The sweet lady who's cupboard
Donna didn't buy
told us about a HUGE antique mall
that was open on Sunday.

Oh goodness...I ended up with a sore neck
from 'rubber necking'
trying to look at everything!

This place had us drooling....
so be watching 
because I will be
 doing another post on this soon.

I'll also show you what I brought 
home with me!

I hope you are having a great week.

Maura :)


Beatnheart said...

Hi Girl! So sorry for my lack a daisakell visits. Etsy takes up all my computer time that my blog and everyone else’s takes a backseat. Looks like things are grand in your neck of the woods. Love the final purchase...take care. cynthia

Pondside said...

I'd say you spent your time well! :)

Liesl said...

Love the cupboard your sister bought, I would have gone for it too!! We don't have such second hand shops here...I will go bonkers being able to "rubber neck" all those goodies! What a way to spend a weekend with one's sister..

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Maura

Fantastic pictures, I have seen so many things that I like! I agree that $70 is a lot for that enamel jug...
Isabelle x

Kath said...

I have an enamlled jug exactly like that in my garage, which I found here when we moved it. I wish we were neighbours, I would invite you over for tea and make you a present of it :-D
Lovely photos, I do like to browse these places.

AshTreeCottage said...

Fabulous finds!

Susan and Bentley

B'ham said...

Oh My !!
The Craigslist cupboard was lovely...
But the one your S-i-L bought is absolutely Gorgeous !!

I love the hinges and the 'Porch' overhang...

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the bread tin and the hutch your SIL bought is very pretty:@)

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Love a good antique's that time of year again! Fall barn 'em! Thanks for sharing your trip with us...what terrific items.

Martha said...

We LOVE Ozark for treasure hunting! Lots of great places there!!! The black sideboard in our sunroom came from there. We've not been back since we bought it but I think sometime this fall another trip down there is in order -- you found some lovely things!

Lynne said...

YUM, I wish I had been on the trip with you.
I am anxiously awaiting your next post to see what you brought home!
Oh my, treasure seeking is such fun!

Anonymous said...

Love it all! Looks like you guys had a GRAND time! Love the cupboard your sister ended up with, but also love the smaller one to......but oh that work table! LOVE IT! Wouldn't it be a great work island in a big kitchen?

Kim said...

I would put that old work table in my living room. Love it! And you are right $70 is too much for that pitcher. The bread box though would have been worth it.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Liking that French Pitcher and the old work table.

Mecky said...

That is a great cabinet! I also like the stepback cabinet!

I have been so ready for the flea market coming up, but it looks like we will have to pass this month. have fun!!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like another trip to southern Missouri is called for! I love antiquing and going to flea markets and Ozark has some good places to visit. I'd love to have the bread box, but don't really have room for it. Darn. Can't wait to see your purchases!

Toyin O. said...

That cabinet looks great:)

Lavender Cottage said...

Your sister chose a unique cabinet. Lots of things to look at, I love days like that too at the antique malls.
I saw a breadbox similar to the one in your photo but it was much shorter to only hold one loaf of bread, I keep thinking about it and if it's still at the store.

Vintage Gal said...

Oh my gosh ~ looks like you had fun ~ thanks for taking us along. I would have been drooling too. Your sister's choice is a beauty ;-)

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I love antique shopping and Missouri is a good place to go!!! There is a place I went several years ago. It's right next to the Lambert's restaurant in Ozark. By chance, is this the one you went to? Dying to hear and see more about your antique trip. Hubby and I are going to Branson around the first week of December and I'd love to squeeze in some antique shopping. ;)

I love the cabinet your sister bought much better than the other is really beautiful. She made a great choice.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a great way to have a girls getaway!! And you saw so many gorgeous pieces! (I would not have wanted to be the one to lift and load that cupboard into your truck though.)

Bearly Sane said...

I like both cabinets Maura, the first show a lot of potential but the one that went home with you is divine.
You have such wonderful antique markets over there I am sooo envious.


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