Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Edwardian Wedding Sheet

Last Sunday my Hubby surprised me
by asking if I'd like to go to the 
 Flea Market.

I had been thinking about it
because we had missed the 
last couple of months
but because he 
just had knee surgery 
less than two weeks ago 
I figured we'd just forget this one
and hit the last one in June.

Well heck YA...I jumped on that one
right away!

He promised me he'd stop and rest
if his knee got sore...
so off we went.

On the 3rd isle 
I came across a lady selling
antique linens. 
I wasn't going to stop because
I had my heart set 
on something else but some
antique lace caught my eye.
Lo and behold I hit the 

I found a beautiful
hand made
Edwardian Wedding Sheet!


Please excuse me for taking
pictures before I ironed it but 
this thing is HUGE
and I'm back painting the outside
of the house again so 
ironing will have to wait!

The handmade lace is so delicate.

This little corner above is the only
damage that I can see.
There are a couple of tiny spots
on the linen but they may come out
with a little tender loving care.

There is also a monogram
but I'm not sure what the letters are. 
This is how it sits on the sheet.

The sheet 'turns down' 36 inches.

I was in a hurry to take pictures
so I just used this quilt for now.
I'll soon be switching
to a summer comforter
which I think will look better.

Thanks to my hubby for suggesting 
we go...even though he had to sit down 
less than half way through
and still told me to 
"go have fun!"

So I did.

I also found this "Tea Towel" 
as my English Nana 
called them.

She explained many 
years ago that ones like these
were used for drying your 
crystal and silverware
as they didn't leave

I think this one is much
too pretty to use.

Can you imagine
going to all this work
just to dry something!

I saw this tiny cast iron
flying pig
and just had to buy it.
Isn't he cute!

I'm not sure what I'll do with the old
 feed sacks
but I liked them and they were 
inexpensive so I bought them.

Last but not least I found this 
old wooden ladder.
It's been cut in half
but it's the perfect size
for in the house
once I wax it.

I had a great time
and Hubby said he had 
fun "people watching". 

I wonder if I'll get him to 
go next month ;)

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I hope you have a WONDERFUL
Memorial Day Weekend!

Maura :)


Julie Harward said...

That is the most beautiful thing ever...I am wondering how much it was because can you imagine paying full price for such hand work? WOW..I just love it! :D

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Julie,
I checked on Ebay and other sources and these beautiful antique handmade keepsakes sell from $100 to over $300 or more depending on the size and workmanship. The lady I bought this from hadn't been to the Flea Market in a couple of years and so she was just trying to clear her basement out. She had TONS of beautiful antique linens including lace table cloths. I'm kicking myself now for not buying a few other things because her prices were so good. I paid $30 for the bed sheet. Yes...I know.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh what a find! That is an absolutely beautiful bed linen. I love it! You found some really great things. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

quiltzyx said...

Gosh, the sheet & towel are beautiful - what a great find!

Yes, you HAD to get the little flying pig, no way could you pass that one up. He just makes me laugh!

Sunnybec said...

I call them tea towels too.. but then I am from the UK!! Your sheet is absolutely beautiful. I keep looking around our flea markets as the French are well known for their beautiful far I haven't been as lucky as you!! Well done.

Janet said...

What a beauty ! it is lovely-I hope you use it and enjoy it for many years -those linens are getting harder to find plus it was a real bargain -so well done you ! Are you using the ladder as a towel rail / linen rail ? brilliant idea.x

Sunray Gardening said...

Beautiful! Love how it looks overtop the different colors.

Vintage Gal said...

Maura ~ looks like you had fun and your sheet is just beautiful ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great finds Maura! Love the sheet......I have a larger flying iron pig, hubby bought it for me several years ago and it is still a favorite piece. The ladder is great.....I have one in an upstairs bedroom that I use for hanging antique quilts over, I have also seen them used as a drying rack for flowers or hang from chains and use as pot rack in kitchen.....endless ideas!

Donna said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a great find. In fact, you found a lot of great things. And what a sweet hubby you have.

Enjoy your weekend!

LV said...

No question you had fun and found some nice vintage pieces. I love linens and have so many, but no sheets.

Finding Pam said...

Your wedding sheets are exquisite and beautiful. Love the pig and the ladder. I can't wait to see your house after it is painted.

Happy Memorial weekend to you and yours.

Melody said...

Hi Maura! What beautiful finds! Isn't that pig cute! We have one too, but it's the size of a small pig...they aren't old tho they were produced in the early - late 90's. They were all the rage here in Cincinnati, Ohio also known as Porkopolis, cause Ohio being a pork producer state, Cincinnati was the place everyone brought the pigs to market...Kahn's was Cincinnati. The saying 'When Pigs Fly' came from Ohio.

Michaele said...

See, now you have an eye for this stuff. Most people would just walk right by. You did good!

A Vintage Green said...

What great finds. I found your blog from Kate's place and I am adding you to my favorite sites. I am looking forward to reading your previous posts.
- Joy

Anonymous said...

Hi Maura, I love your gorgeous linens!!You really found some fabulous stuff.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Maura, I think i can leave comments Now! I hope you got it.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hi Maura,
You certainly found some wonderful items at the flea market, that sheet is breathtakingly beautiful, and what a bargain !
I smiled at your "Tea towel" saying, I've just never learned to call them anything else :)
Your hubby is a thoughtful gentleman, offering to take you rendezvousing and right after his knee surgery.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Woops, hit the send button, before I wished you a wonderful weekend, can't wait to see the house !

Pondside said...

Wow Maura - as you know, there is NOTHING like that sort of flea market up here. In southern Ontario, perhaps, but not anywhere near these parts! You have a good eye!

Dog Trot Farm said...

The bed sheet and tea towel are just beautiful, can you imagine all the time and effort that went in to making them? BTW, the bedroom is just lovely so bright and cheery. Great finds, you can never own to many small ladders, there is always a use for them and feed sacs too! Have a great weekend, greetings from Maine, Julie

Joy said...

Great finds, you will find the perfect place and use for them. Nice of your husband to go to the flea market and let you enjoy. I have some burlap feed sacks also. I don't know what I will do with them either!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

What beautiful finds! The sheets are beautiful and I absolutely adore the ladder and feed sacks. Looks like some great projects!

Leslie said...

oh my gosh~ what great finds! I love the sheet, gorgeous!!!!
Happy Memorial day

Celestial Charms said...

So very beautiful. A great find!

Kathy said...

This is amazingly exquisite. Did the seller tell you what it was or did you just know? What a wonderful husband to take you out like that!
Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day,

Rural Revival said...

Oh my, the time that must have went in to making such a delicate piece. What a wonderful find, and I'm glad it was someone like you who found it. : )

janice15 said...

Hello good morning, I love your antique linen that you found it is wonderful...I'm a new blogger and have just joined you.. mine is @ join me as well..I really enjoyed your lovely blog..Have a sweet day Janice


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