Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Porch Time Again!

Country Living

Don't you just love this time of year.

Many of you have been enjoying some
beautiful spring weather 
and have already got your
veggie gardens planted
and pots of beautiful flowers
sitting on your patio's decks 
and porches.

Unfortunately for us here in 
our part of Kansas it has been 
unseasonably chilly for the last 
couple of weeks so we're a bit
behind when it comes to 

I've got a few potted plants on the 
porches but I think I've lost a
Boston Fern because it got too
cold one night.

HOWEVER...it looks as though
starting Thursday...we are returning
to spring temperatures and that

So..here are a few beautiful porches
and screened in porches
to get you in the mood
or to get you

California Living

I love the porch lights on the wall 
of the photo above this one.
We need a new light on our old porch
out back and I think one of those would 
be perfect for the old farmhouse.

Country Living

I thought this outdoor living space
above was kind of like a porch.
If the roof isn't glass then I 
think I would put 
something up 
for those
rainy days. 

Country Living

I'm still thinking about a hammock
to put between two 
of the trees in the
shade garden.

Country Living

Hubby says he still would like
to build a screened in porch
here on the farm.
One day.

Robert Stern via The Enchanted House

In the photo above do you see those
two swinging couches?

Wouldn't that be wonderful if they 
were the size of a single bed.
Imagine laying there
reading a book 
your eyes 
get so heavy 
you just fall asleep.


The above photo is more like a 
3 season room but 
I love the cozy look of it.
I bet it would be wonderful
even on a rainy day.

House Beautiful

Don't you just love that 
coffee table 
hanging willow love seat!

Country Living

What a wonderful place to
enjoy a meal.
It's hard to beat living 
in the country.

Southern Living

What a great place to be on a hot
summer day.
Imagine sitting out there reading a 
good book and then when you get
too hot...you just walk out to 
the beach and dive into 
that cool water.

Red Bud Manor Inn

You don't need a beach to cool 
off on this beautiful shady
front porch!

Southern Living

This is another great porch above.
I bet that ceiling fan feels great
on a hot muggy day.

Whether you have a front porch,
back porch, screened porch,
patio a 3 season room
or just a lawn to sit out on...
I hope your weather
is warm and sunny.

Enjoy your week!
Maura :)


Rural Revival said...

Nothing says farmhouse like a delightful porch. What a wonderful assortment of eye candy!! : )

Sherri said...

Maura, I could see myself on all those porches-LOL!!! I love to sit on porches and rock away either reading or knitting. Just gorgeous! Hope your weather is really beautiful soon!

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Now I have a full blown case of porch fever! I found some antique light fixtures last year at the Santa Monica Flea Market and it took some rigging on my husband's part but their up and working. Amazing how just a light fixture helps create ambiance. And those hanging beds - I saved a photo of one just like that. I'm thinking I need to do one of those! Just as soon as it's warm enough to actually sit outside - brrrr! At least it was sunny today! Thanks for some great photos to enjoy and inspire!

Red Gate Farm said...

Thanks for the inspiration Maura! I can hardly wait for the nicer days of spring, let alone summer. We don't have a porch, it was enclosed many years ago but it is still a nice place to hang out... and of course, here in Washington, way more practical! I'm planning on doing a little painting there this spring or summer... and maybe exchanging my wicker chairs for a cushy, slip covered chaise lounge!

Here's hoping your warmer spring days are on their way,

D. said...

I am a porch girl!
Love porch pictures and love my porch!
All of our neighbors have nice porches and we all porch hop!
On any given day or evening their is a porch party at someones porch during the summer !


Julie Harward said...

I want that wicker hanging love seat for my wrap around porch...but first, it needs to stop snowing and the way it's going here, that will be June first! ;D

Kath said...

Thats one thing we dont have here in England- porches, other than a tiny entrnce way or canopy, probably due to all the wet weather. These are more like our conservatories.
I am planning a covered seating area, but it's a drag having to lug everything in every night, because of the damp nights.
Oh well I guess thats what makes our little country so green :-D

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Maura,

Well, here I am a deck bear but on St. George Island I am truly a porch -girl- bear.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence, The porch/deck monkey (giggle)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Love all the inspirational pics Maura!
We have had a cold, wet spring and I am starting to despair that we will never have spring.
But seeing those pics give me hope again!

Midwest to Midlands said...

I love them all. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you get warmer weather soon.

Country Gal said...

All are soo nice, yes Papa here wants to build a screened prch as well I'm all for it!
Have a great day !

Janet said...

Wonderful porches ! thoroughly enjoyed this post- I would love to hang a hammock up in my garden too-will have to wait a bit longer for my trees to mature[before they would take my weight or anyones for that matter ] the light fittings would be perfect for your porch Maura-have a great week x

Linda said...

Maura, thanks for sharing all those delightful pictures. I miss my porch. But I do have a back porch on our new home.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

The porch tour was fun! I love porches, but haven't had one in quite some time. I miss them! I remember back in the day when people sat on their porches in the evening and those taking walks would stop by and visit. Now, not too many people have the time or maybe we're inside in front of our tvs or computers. :D Have a good day!

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

ok... u got me drooling! my porch is so dusty and dirty right now and i totally do not feel like dealing with it!!!! : ) happy spring!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

love cozy porch pics! i just planted some flowers but with all of this rain it isn't any fun to do further plantings. hopefully the weather will cooperate soon!

Anonymous said...

hallo! very beautiful porch..in Italy the porch is different from your.I have a big old house with a big garden,with pool and fruit trees.I am lucky! But I don't like italian style, I love your home style..american style!kisses,Kiki.

Missouri Gal said...

Hi Maura, Yesterday I was in the big town of Columbia, MO and thought how nice it would be to live there. But then the traffic is unreal and peope are so rushed up there. When I got home and looked out over my land, I thought what was I thinking!
And what lovely porches you posted!
Nicole :)

CHERI said...

These are all beutiful. We have a big wraparound porch on our porch...not as lovely as these, but I love it. I grew up with a big front porch where my friends and I often spent afternoons in the porch swing. So when we built our house over 30 years ago, I knew I wanted a porch for my children and grandchildren to enjoy also. Nothing like a southern front porch and a cold glass of ice tea. Love your music!

Verde Farm said...

I love a beautiful porch. These are so inspirational! You definitely need a screened in porch at Lilac Lane. My favorite one here is the Country LIving one and the BHG one a close second :)
Hugs my friend,

Dawna said...

I am definately a porch girl!! Love your inspiration pictures,,,,makes me want to go have a cuppa something and relax with my new magaxine I bought today. We are working on finishing our front porch..I bought some new furniture for it,,,so it is all coming together. Weather isn't s[er warm here in Alberta yet though...


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