Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reflections On a Pond

A Quiet Moment

Just a whisper of the wind in the cool air,
While walking the country side, so fair,
As winds blew leaves of silver and gold,
The old trees cracked, while standing,
So bright and bold.
I came to a pond, all clear and blue,
Swans swimming, near water lilies through,
As I sit close to the water with fresh air all around,
The calmness was still, not even a sound.
I looked at my reflection, floating there,
With sunlight glowing around my face and hair.
As water flowing over rocks hidden in the sand,
I felt the cool, as water rolled over my hand.
The country so green, flowers blooming astray,
The contentment feeling, overwhelmed, as I walked away
 Carolyn Thomas Langston

Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL warm sunny day
here on the farm.
I wasn't about to spend my day inside so after
lunch I headed out to work in the yard.

It was warm enough to go without a jacket
so I rolled up my sleeves and started to sweep up
the 12x40 foot slab that was the workshop
floor in the 40X180 foot building
that was sold and removed this winter.

We have already buried nearly half of the concrete
footing that the walls of the building sat on...thank
goodness it didn't have a concrete floor throughout!

I've been thinking a lot about what to do 
with all that land we've gained 
where the building sat. 
DH's plan was to level it and plant grass.
I do the mowing.

Hmmm what about a pond!

Not your typical back yard pond...

I brought up my idea to DH and he
likes the! 
So now in my spare time I am
going to look up as much
information as I can on the building
and maintaining of a pond.

Ours would not be as large
as most of these 
but large enough to make
us happy and that's
all that matters.

We may find that the layout of
our land where we'd like to put the pond
won't work so if that's the case
we'll have to forget it.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

DH was going to break up and bury
the concrete floor that's left.

I had another idea.
What about building a tiny 'cabin' with a front
porch that we could use as a garden/tool shed
It's central to the farm so no more walking 
from one end of the farm to the other to get
and put away tools!

The best part would be right next to
the pond.

Since the slab is so large I thought...
what about building a pergola for 
the picnic table to sit under? 
We could plant Wisteria and train
it to grow over the supports ;-)
The concrete slab is plenty big enough for
all of that.

He likes my ideas.

Can you picture sitting on a little covered porch 
under the trees beside a beautiful pond
with coffee in hand watching the sun rise
over the fields and pond.
It just so happens that we would be 
facing east ;-)

So...if the land topography
works...we may just have a
pond to relax by one day.

For now I will look up all the
information I can find...hope for the best
and do a little 'reflecting' on a pond.

I hope your day is a good one.

Maura :)


Kath said...

OOh I like your ideas too Maura. Youve got me thinking...I wonder if we could have a pond on this slope? I must have a pergola too...any other ideas? :-D

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maura,

Our neighbors put in a backyard pond several years ago. They bought the "kit" (with a liner)at our favorite nursery and I guess it took the two of them a whole weekend to get it dug and all set.

It looked beautiful and then the fish arrived, and all seemed so peaceful. Then the hawks arrived for "sushi" dinner. From time to time they did lose fish to the hawks but after awhile the plants grew and there was enough hiding places.

It was so peaceful to sit and watch the little waterfall and just listen to the sound of the water.

Can't wait to see what the "plan" is.....


gill said...

Hi Maura
It's still really cold here in the UK
I love your idea of a pond! We dug one about 10 years ago - best thing we ever did!

Jeanette said...

That sounds really wonderful! I wish we had enough property to have a pond!

Linda said...

Love the idea of a pond..

Canyon Girl said...

No wonder you DH likes you ideas, they are all wonderful and I'm looking forward to see them come to fruition.--Inger

Pondside said...

I hope everything works out for a pond, Maura. I can tell you that we love our ponds - there's nothing more soothing than watching the water. We stock ours with ornamental fish and it's a pleasure to watch them.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful post and photos.
Have a great day

quiltzyx said...

Just the thought of a pond is peaceful, isn't it?
My Mom & StepDad built a small one in our suburban backyard years ago, with a fountain spray in it, what a lovely sound. Then my Aunt built one on her 5 acre property in No. Calfornia - ended up being at least twice as big as she planned. They stocked it with bass. Now my oldest sister has a small waterfall & pond in her backyard. She does have a bit of a problem with 'sushi' eating birds & such, but it is so nice to listen to & look at!

Scrappy Grams said...

A pond is a lovely idea! My husband, youngest son, and I dug a backyard pond (by hand, because there was no room to drive in a back-hoe) I won't go into details,the pond was about 4-5 feet wide with a waterfall. We had a screened-in back porch just a few feet away. The sight and sound enhanced coffee drinking in the morning with other times just sitting. Best wishes for your ideas to come to fruition!

Finding Pam said...

Our pond was dug over two years ago and it is still not full. I know we will eventuall enjoy our pond. RIght now our dogs love it and swim in it.

When you have land there is always so much to do, but it is rewarding. Hope you had a wonderful day. It was so beautiful here.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Loving the photos. Who doesn't dream of a pond?? I'm also dreaming of seeing green grass again!

Rural Revival said...

Maura, I know you would just love having a pond. We really enjoy ours. In fact, it was THE selling point for the Artist, as soon as he saw the pond, he was smitten!

I love your ideas, happy planning!


Catherine said...

I love the idea of a pound, very relaxing sitting by a pound and nice for the geese; your pictures are very nice with your new music. have a good evening hugs Catherine

Martha said...

A pond would be great and imagine all the "wildlife" that will come and visit! Water is a great attractor of wildlife.

Rural Rambler said...

A pond Maura, a POND! Yes a POND!! And then could I cross over the state line and pay you a visit and bring some sweet wine to share and sit and listen to the outside sweet sounds with you. Spring Peepers, which we are already hearing by the way! CH and I love sitting in our green adirondacks just enjoying the pond. Well until the skeeters and chiggars show up! I feel kind of lucky, we have a pond to use for viewing, picture taking, fishing and enjoying but it is our sweet neighbor's pond and the taking care of it is hers and the loving of it is ours. I am pretty sure we enjoy it much more than she does. Dreaming is just the best!

A Vintage Chic said...

Such lovely garden plans, Maura--love them all! Hope all your wishes come true this year!



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