Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early Spring 2011


It seems like it's been a long time coming
but I think spring is finally physically here.

It has certainly been a long
winter here in our part of Kansas
and I know we're not the only ones
to feel that way.

Yesterday afternoon and again this morning
I took a few photo's around the farm.

I'm afraid there's only a few areas
that look good right now as we have SO
many projects on the go so please excuse
all the extra fences and dirt piles. 

Hopefully we'll get most of them done 
as soon as we're done the 
bathroom project.


The Day Lilies are growing nicely

The birds are building nests in the
Lilac grove

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed
that we don't get the 30 degree
temps that they're predicting 
for tonight.
Sure don't want these tender
Lilac blossoms to freeze!

The south pasture (left) is just starting to turn
green and you can see the Lilac grove
on the right just starting to bud out.
This year I'm planting grass in the middle
of the lane. Last year we had to dig
a trench for the water line so
lost that lovely little grassy lane
onto the farm

The neighbors winter wheat
looks beautiful and green

It was time to change out the winter
mailbox scene for the

Heading back down our lane from 
the road. 
I was hoping to paint the house before the
Lilacs bloom but I'm not sure we'll have 
time. I'm not giving up hope yet though ;)

Straight ahead is where that 40'X180'
building came down.
Before then you couldn't see all the
way out into the back fields.

Mr Fixit and his brother just got finished 
burying the concrete foundation walls
so now that dirt has to be spread out
evenly. The concrete pad you see there
was going to be buried until I had the
wonderful ;) idea to put in a pond.
Now the plan is to build a little shed
out there complete with covered porch
and rocking chairs and a pergola
with Wisteria or grapes on it 
that will eventually look out over a farm pond.
I like my idea better don't you!

The grass we planted after trenching and
putting in the water lines is doing better
than the original grass.

These pictures were taken this morning.
If the building was still there you'd never see 
the cows with their calves.

These babies are just a few days old.
Just another reason I'm so glad
we moved to the country.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Maura :)


Rosetta said...

Adoro la tua cassettina postale,รจ bella la tua campagna.Ciao,Rosetta

Red Gate Farm said...

I'm so jealous that you have "budding" already! We're still a bit off from that but I'm checking my fruit trees and lilac all the time...

I love your pond idea. Especially with a place for chairs, how serene that would be. At our old home we had a water feature that was a creek that ran into a pond... oh how I loved the sound of the water trickling and the birds loved it too.

Happy spring!

Catherine said...

Nice pictures Maura,

I like yor idea of a rocking chair and pound. I am surprised that you don't have grass everywhere because here it is always so green.I hope the bathroom work is going on and that you are not too tired! Hugs Catherine (i hope you will recieve my giveaway soon because it is long)

Kath said...

An idyllic location Maura, how lovely to see the cows and their young. But what I am most fascinated by, is your mail box! We dont have them here in England, the postie pushes the letters through the door, or I guess large properties might have a square lidded box on the gate. I love it that you change the look according to the seasons!

Muffy's Marks said...

Thanks for allowing me to 'walk' along with you. In a few months our newly fallen snow should melt also. Then I will take you for a walk in my neck of the woods.

Shabby soul said...

Darling Maura, you live in a beautiful lovely place, that (I'm sure) will soon became a real heaven. I adore pergola's idea, and wisteria is one of my fave plant, for color, smell, quickness, strenght.
I'll always remember my great grandfather's home, with a marvelous wisteria pergola and 2 enormous fig trees. Now sadly that home doesn't exist anymore, but in my memory.
I hope one day to have a garden all mine, to plant a wisteria and fig trees...

Your cows and little ones are beautiful!!!
Here spring is finally arriving, even if it's still too cold.
Have a good day

Cozy Little House said...

Can I move out there to the land of serenity with ya? You have my beloved bluebirds on your mailbox! I must look into getting one of those. You're talking about winter, and we're having a new air conditioner put in Friday!

Pat said...

Oh! you have "almost lilacs"!! I can't wait for mine. Everytime I see your blog, it is like a nice walk in the country. You show just what I would look for on a walk. Thank you!

Dawna said...

Glad you are getting spring! Our part of Alberta is still covered in lots of snow! and we had more falling this morning again. Oh,,I long to see my lilacs blooming here...soon I hope,,,soon. Have a great springy day!

Michaele said...

You have such a beautiful place. Everything - even the neighbors place looks so neat and tidy. I just love your posts and your music. Brightens my day.

Beatnheart said...

Lovely, beautiful idillic lifestyle. Oh Maura...the lilacs. how wonderful! Keep us posted on their every move.

Leslie said...

Your world is gorgeous!!!! Happy Spring.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Such beautiful photos as always Maura. It's absolutely beautiful there.

Country Gal said...

Your photos look just like it did here until last night WHAM! we got hit by a snow storm YUK! it rained, it had freezing rain, windy and had a thunderstorm during the night whilst it was snowing WEIRD ! I hope your spring stays spring for you. Have a great day !

Sherri said...

I'm so glad Spring has come to your part of the country! Can't wait to see your lilacs!

GardenofDaisies said...

Spring in the country is so beautiful!!! And I love that you have calves!

Rural Revival said...

It looks like spring is really planning to stay around your place. I hope the frost stays away, I so love seeing your lilacs in full bloom!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello everyone! Michaele what you're thinking are our neighbors is actually one of our buildings. Our closest neighbor is about a half mile away. Also for those of you who think we have cattle...we don't. We are surrounded by neighbors fields and the cattle belong to them and are only there for a few months before they take them off to plant crops. So we enjoy them for as long as we can.
Thought I'd just let you know.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments...I really do appreciate them! X

Rural Rambler said...

I think Spring is farther along in your bit of country Maura. I can see the green tint on Lilac Lane! It is going to be beautiful and smell wonderful! I WANT some lilacs! Our wild pears are trying to pop and the Red Bud are just getting going and we are suppose to have two nights of 29 or 30! Enjoy your Thursday at Lilac Lane!

Deb said...

Oh my gosh, Maura. These photos are beautiful but that lane.....I would be as thin as a post from walking it all the live-long day. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

John Gray said...

if norman rockwell painted a farm...he would have painted yours!

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful photos!

I can hardly wait to see your pond & "pond house"!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beautiful scenes. I would love to have a lane like yours to drive down. It must be so peaceful and quiet there. Have a good day!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Oh, a pergola with wisteria - what a lovely picture it puts in ones mind. Settle down in the rocking chair with a good book and a glass of iced tea.

Our lilacs aren't anywhere near bud stage. I can't wait for their sweet fragrance.

Tonya said...

Maura these pictures are so pretty. I too love the fragrance of Lilacs. Your post made me smile this evening such beauty. I love the mailbox too. Blessings.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Maura,
I am so jealous now I could cry! We still have snow! It's about making me crazy! But your pictures are such a bright spot and I got your giveaway gifts today and I going to blog about it! Love it all!
Hugs and wish I was there!

Nezzy said...

Dang if this Ozark Farm Chick isn't a bit (lot, huge, massively) jealous. Right now our deck is covered with ice in the old 'frost holler'!!!

Your picture are just marvelous sweetie and give me hope that soon I too shall have some bloomers!!!

God bless ya and have a fantastic Friday!!!

Rhonda said...

Dearest Maura...
I am in love with the pictures you posted of the old abandon farm!! I am like you...I wonder what it's story is!! I love old farms!! I was raised in the the mountains of NC out in the country. After college my husband and I moved to Charlotte, NC (20 years ago) and we lived in the city. After 15 years of city living we finally bought our dream OLD farm house on the out skirts of Charlotte with lots of land. We have been in remodeling mode for several years now! Hopefully, you will visit my blog which I have lots of before & after pictures!
Looking forward to prowling around your blog!!! Also looking forward to getting to know you!
I am your newest follower...I hope you will follow me too!!! (I found you via Rhondi)



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