Monday, February 21, 2011

Mosaic Monday

Lilac Lane Cottage

It's hard to believe that in approximately
a month and a half the lilacs will be
starting to bloom again.

Early April 2010

Last week we enjoyed beautiful
spring temperatures
which fooled us into 
thinking spring was in the air.

On Sunday we enjoyed another
beautiful warm day 
but today it just barely got above freezing.

Just starting to open last April

Our Lilac Lane in April

Nearly opened

It's hard to be patient when you 
know that these beautiful
blossoms will
soon be
filling the air with 
their sweet scent.

"I am thinking of the lilac trees,
That shook their purple plumes,
And when the sash was open,
Shed fragrance through the room."
Mrs Anna S. Stephens - The Old Apple Tree.

I am joining with Mary at 
Little Red House for
I hope you'll visit the lovely Mary and visit 
all the fellow bloggers taking part this week.

I hope your week is a wonderful one filled with
warm sunny days. If not...just remember
spring isn't far away.

Maura :)


A Vintage Chic said... of my very favorite scents in all the world...can't wait for them to bloom!

It's feeling more like spring here in California...things are blooming already! Not my lilacs yet, though...still waiting!


Beatnheart said...

So amazingly beautiful...wish I could see them, smell them, dive into them. Lucky, lucky you!

Pondside said...

I can't wait!! Our lilacs will be later than yours, but I'll enjoy yours while I wait for mine!

Shabby soul said...

Darling Maura, you live in a heavenly place! Your lilacs are wonderful!
Here in Italy spring is not too far, but no blossom, until now... I'm waiting ...
Your blog make me dream.
Have agood day

gill said...

It's not feeling anything like Spring in part of the UK! It's grey and dreary!

Vintage Gal said...

I Looooove Lilacs. They perfume the air and let a little spring into your home don't they? I Can't wait~! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love your Lilacs.....we have a few and I just love their smell and beauty! I so enjoy bringing fresh cuttings indoors, makes the whole house smell sooooo good!

Sunray Gardening said...

I can understand your anticipation since I am feeling the same way on my gardens. Beautiful photos of the area.
Goldenray Yorkies

Finding Pam said...

Your lilac trees are so beautiful. Lilac and Peonies are my two favorite flowers.

Do the bees like lilac like they do most of the blooming plants? The smell is intoxicating.

Sherri said...

Maura, your lilacs look beautiful!! I see why you can't wait! The smell from the lilacs are just pure heaven isn't it!!

Julie said...

I just planted a lilac this last fall I so hoping that it is ok after this cold and freezing winter!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Maura, the photos of your place with all the lilacs are so pretty! I can just imagine how heavenly it looks and smells when they are in bloom. There is nothing like the scent of lilacs in my opinion! Love them. We have a few bushes in our yard and I can hardly wait until they are blooming this spring! Have a great day, Cheryl

Robin said...

Beautiful photos Maura. I'm looking forward to lilac blooms myself. They are always a delight. I only have two tiny shrubs at the present which barely give any blooms but the neighbors have a whole row which they let me pick from.

Deborah said...

Beautiful Maura!!
I a d o r e lilacs! Their scent is heavenly!
How blessed you are to have lilac bushes!
Im so happy for you dear..
And yes, spring is just around the corner and I cant wait!!!
Gorgeous photos friend!

Deborah xoxo

Verde Farm said...

Oh Maura, they are so beautiful. Does it just smell like a lilac bush all over your farm when they are in bloom? Can you open the window and smell lilacs in the breeze? How wonderful. I only have 1 lilac bush and I want to add more. Yours are just gorgeous.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos I love lilac, we have 4 lilac bushes at the back of our property. I also love the smell of lavender, we have a lavender farm not far from us and their shop is wonderful! Have a great day !

Buttons said...

Maura I love your photos I also await the lilac they are so beautiful. I love the smell of spring. Thanks for stopping by my blog. B

Michaele said...

Nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs and cherry blossoms. I planted a row of lilacs last year at the farm and have a few years to wait for their blossoms, so, I care for them, and wait.
Thanks for the lovely photos and music!

Lavender Cottage said...

I think next to roses, most gardeners would pick lilacs for a favourite scented plant.
When my parents still had their house near us, it was on Lilac St. where the old farm must have have lilacs lining their long drive too.
In my garden is a no name lilac from the Royal Botanical Gardens of Ontario, given to me as a garden writer because the tag was lost and it could be a rare variety or just the common type. 12 of us received a few sticks in a pot two years ago but I've not seen flowers yet to determine what I have.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Beeeee.u.ti.ful photos! And, lilacs are one of my very favorite flowers. We had a lilac TREE at our old house that was about fifty years old... It was enormous. Still waiting here....

Warm blessings,

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maura, those images are beautiful..I look forward to seeing them when they are in bloom in April too!

Shabby soul said...

Darling Maura, I'm happy to have you as a follower!!
You're welcome!
I'm waiting for your news... :)
Have a good day

Pandora's Cottage said...

Just happened by - and so glad I found you! Love your photos, and your life on your farm - sounds a bit like my own! I'm now following and looking forward to more about your lilacs!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Back to freezing temps, huh? I've been wondering how long our "early Spring" will last. Fortunately, it's been going strong for a couple of weeks now and looks to hold out for atleast the next week or so (if the forecast rings true). I've been basking in sunshine and dreaming of getting my hands dirty! It would be so very hard to be patient with the lilacs... GORGEOUS and FRAGRANT! I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Genny said...

Maura, I can smell those lilacs all the way here in northern Virginia. They are one of my very favorite flowers. I wish they bloomed all year long.


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