Thursday, February 10, 2011

Farm Friend Friday - Fur And Feathers Around The Farm

Bubba showing Shep who's boss last spring

It's time to join Amy over at
Verde Farm
for>Farm Friends Friday

I really enjoyed visiting the other
blogs that took part last week.

It's such fun seeing all the 
sweet critters and lovely farms
and meeting others who love 
living or dreaming about the 
country life.

This week I thought I'd show you
a few of our furry and feathered 
friends here on the farm.
Some are still with us
others are not.
But we 
them all.  

Percy and Priscilla spring of 2010

Percy and Priscilla
Talk about two geese with
totally different personalities.
Percy is very shy and sweet
while Priscilla is the curious
bold one who was always the first
out of the barn.
Heaven help the cats if Priscilla
spotted them in the barnyard!


Buttercup was given to us along
with her sister Marigold.
We raised them as chicks in a plastic 
storage bin on our kitchen counter
until they had enough feathers that
they could be moved to the coop.
She was the sweetest chicken.
As a chick she would fly up onto my hand
and then walk up my arm onto my shoulder..
then she'd softly peck at my chin or ear.
One time she flew up onto my head and
then promptly pooped.
Who'd have though a little bird like that
could make such a huge smelly mess!
As she grew up that bond remained.
Unfortunately one morning I went out to the
coop and found her laying on the floor.
She had died during the night although
there were no signs of any health 
problems. Sometimes this happens
but I just didn't expect it to hurt so much.
I still miss her and it's been nearly a year.

Shep guarding the spring chicks

The picture above is of Shep our Akbash.
He's like no other dog either of us have 
ever had. He's very loving and kind 
and very protective.
He's our big 'love bug'.
He's grown since this picture was taken!

Our wild feathered friends visiting us yesterday

I love watching the birds at the feeder.
Actually they were pretty lucky
when I took this picture...usually there are 
about 5 squirrels lined up waiting to take their turn at the feeder. They must
have been full as the birds had the
feeder all to themselves
this time.

Our neighbors cows that surround us on 3 sides

We have about 75 head of Black Angus
surrounding us. 
When they arrived it was just a bunch 
of cows. Now we have young
calves joining the herd as mothers
give birth out in the field.
They are curious creatures and sometimes
come to investigate when they 
hear us working outside.

Our lilac lane and a young Shep

Hard to believe that in 
two months those 
lilac bushes 
will be in full bloom.
Can't wait!
Our handsome and gentle Romeo

Above is our wonderful
Australorp rooster we call
He lives up to his name as all the 'girls'  love him. None of them 
complain when he wants to
'woo' them ;)
He coo's and dances.
He's very charming.

Chelsea the 'stalker' trying to get Olly to run

Chelsea is our little Shih Tzu 'farm dog'.
She looks cute and sort of innocent 
in this picture but believe me...
she's NOT. 

Out for an evening stroll around the farm last summer

All the animals get along pretty well. 
Shep is a bit of a pest especially to poor
Bubba our other Shih Tzu.
Hopefully he'll grow out of it for Bubba's sake.
In the very first picture you see Bubba tearing
a strip off Shep. It was a hoot  because shep
was just playing but Bubba was serious
and was pulling out mouthfuls of Shep's hair!
I guess it was finally 'payback' time.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit
to our farm and I hope
you will come back
and visit us

Have fun visiting all the others
who have joined Amy
over at 

I hope you'll join me
for my 1st Year Blogiversary
coming up this weekend...
I'm having a give-away!



Verde Farm said...

Maura, I am in love with Lilac Lane. It is so beautiful and the critters are beautiful. I just love Shep, of course and the picture of him protecting the baby chicks is so pretty. Buttercup breaks my heart in two. I am so sorry. I know how much that hurts and it seems silly to some but it isnt’ to any of us who get attached. The little geese are adorable-do you still have them? I love your little doggies and kitties too. PS-the birds at the feeder--awesome shot!
Hugs, Mini Me

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I've really enjoyed the photos and reading about your farm critters. I'm here from Verde Farm and it was nice to meet you! You have a new follower, too. I will enjoy coming back and reading more! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog and always smile and feel good when I'm reading it and looking at the photos. I really love seeing the pics of the cardinals because we dont have them over here and I miss them! Do you know what type of bird is the one with the "stripes"? Is it a woodpecker? Also, what kid of camera do you use? Your pics are so professional! Keep up the good work....

Vintage Gal said...

Lovely photos ~ Love Buttercup~!

Deborah said...

What beautiful creatures Maura!
I loved my visit to your farm and all those precious animals..
I love how you called the chick "Buttercup". Thats is just too sweet.
Sounds like there is never a dull moment over there and it must be a hoot!!
Have a great day and Im off to visit your friend xo

Deborah xo

Rural Rambler said...

Maura Olly looks huuuuge in that picture! I thought it was some kinda wild ocelot cat! I truly loved you "fur and feathers" post this morning. I see that little Red Bellied Woodpecker! We have one or two that spend alot of time hogging the suet feeder.

I didn't find a kitteh. I think one will find us.

Deb said...

You do have yourself a little piece of heaven, there. Hug those cats for me. Deb=^..^=x5

The Bear's Blog said...


HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY. Your Blog is like a beam of sunshine on a cloudy day. (o:


Beatnheart said...

I love anyone who says her chicken died a year ago and I still miss her. To me that shows such a kind heart and kindered spirit with their love of are so sweet and tender hearted. Your photos shine!

Country Gal said...

Love your photos and blog !
Have a great day !

Michaele said...

Very nice post! I really enjoyed the photos.

Red Gate Farm said...


Your dog Shep must have the same personality as our yellow lab, Cady. She is such a happy go lucky girl and thinks EVERYONE is her friend.

I love the photo of your lilac lane, covered in snow with that fabulous red wheel contrasting against all the white, gorgeous... but I'm really thinking it will be breathtaking when the lilacs bloom.


PS, we fortunately haven't lost any of our chickens but we did loose one when we got our chicks. she had a crossed beak and we tried everything to get her to eat and drink... it was so sad. :( I'm not sure I'm cut out for country life and animals.

Anonymous said...

Love your pics! We love and are soooo attached to our animals to, it is sooo sad when one dies....I loss a hen last month and one of my goats in early Dec. and I miss them both so much.......on another note, are you breaking the bank with feeding the wild birds....sheez, it gets expensive! They are eating us out of house and home this winter!

Jennifer said...

Love all the animals...... nice post.

Beverly said...

Wow, I sure enjoyed my visit today. I feel for you in the loss of your chicken. Only those of us who have had those special hens understand how you can get so attached to a chicken!!

have a wonderful weekend.....thanks for sharing!

Genny said...

Maura, I love your blog. And Buttercup is just beautiful. How sad that she died. I had a friend who went to "chicken camp" to learn operant conditioning while using a clicker. She loved the chickens so much, she could never eat another one.

flowerweaver said...

Avo, the rooster in my header, is gone, and I still grieve, so I understand completely. We have 50 chickens (all pets) with names. Shep looks like a great guard dog. I'm so glad you've shared some of your animal family with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! The birds around the feeder is just perfect.

Lavender Cottage said...

I enjoyed seeing all your farm friends, brought back memories of times spent at my grandmother's farm as a child.
Funny how we connect to animals and birds to mourn their death. When the family budgie died years ago there were tears in our home from 2 daughters, 1 mother for several days.

Catherine said...

Congratulation Maura on your first year! Nice to see the an imals back.Sorry to hear that buttercup is dead.Hope you'll have some more hens this year.I did not get some because of the fox who is comoig even during the day, even with electric fence! Have a nice day! Catherine

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

What a wonderful post ~ you have your own little piece of heaven there. Loving Lilac Lane. I know your heart when it comes to Buttercup. We've had a few that touched our heartstrings...
Stopping by from Verde Farm.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Maura - Lilac Lane is such a wonderful place. I love the photos and I'm thinking I need my own Percy and Priscilla. They are too precious. And that Buttercup - boy do I know about how our animals pull at our heartstrings!!
Have a great week!

Tonya said...

What a wonderful post. Your place is gorgious. I'm sorry about your chickens all your animals are so neat love your dogs. Animals are such blessings. I have 3 dogs 2 cats and a rabbit. They all get along wonderfully. My dream is to live like this one day but have a log cabin in the mountains with some land. All things are possible when we believe *wink* God bless.

andrea isabel galvis said...

hola maura ,me encanta tu blog es precioso!!! me gustaria tener una linda casa con campo y muchos animalitos como la tuya,yo solo tengo un pequeño perro y un ñiño de diez años muy travieso.un abrazo fuerte.


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