Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amish Barns & Changing Times

This past weekend
hubby and I
took a little trip to
Amish country to have supper
at the 
 Carriage Crossing Restaurant
in Yoder Kansas. 

It's not far...only about
20 miles away
and it's a pretty drive with 
a few rolling hills.

Most trips we are 
rewarded by seeing Amish 
buggies traveling down the road
but on this day sadly there were none.

We thought we'd do a bit of shopping
in the little town before we ate but
by the time we got there
the stores were closing.

It was 4:30 on a Saturday!

It's a sleepy little town
but the restaurant stays open
until 9pm.

The only two buggies we saw were
tied up to hitching posts but 
there were a lot of tractors in town
with trailers attached
and a large group of Amish enjoying
a meal under the roof behind
the post office.


See the tractor with the home made trailer
behind it in the picture above? 
 The Amish seem to be using this mode
of transportation more and more in this area.

Inside you will find chairs benches or
automobile seats that can be removed.
We even saw a child's car seat
in the back of a horse trailer pulled by 
a tractor. 

This day we saw a tractor
with no trailer
carrying an Amish family consisting of
mom dad and at least 4 children
driving down the road.

They were all hanging on to something
and to each other.

I felt a little sad to see them
traveling this way instead of in their
buggy but it was about 94 that day
so maybe it was their way of 
saving the horse from the heat. 

We enjoyed our supper and 
headed home.

Along they way we pass a tiny
Amish church and graveyard.

I was told by a sweet Amish lady
one day that this was a 
church that was holding to the old
ways. They were not allowing
rubber tires on their tractors or
any farm wagons...they must be
metal. She said the congregation
was declining. 

There is a larger Amish church
closer to town and I suppose
this is where those that 
want to 'modernize'

The old church

I realize that certain things make
life easier for all of us including
the Amish...
but to me it would be a sad day
if we no longer saw
these sweet people traveling the
roads with their beautiful 
horse and buggies.

It's nice to know that there are
those out there who still
live that simple old fashioned
way of life.

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TexWisGirl said...

really pretty farms and countryside. i can hardly blame them for wanting life a bit more convenient.

GardenofDaisies said...

There is a large Amish community in the town where I went to college. This past year they lost another young life in a road accident, when a car hit one of their buggies. It is sad that our modern ways make it increasingly difficult for them to stick by their simple ways.
I saw a show on tv a couple of weeks ago about a group of ex-Amish in the Columbia, Mo area. It was interesting to hear their perspective.

Rose said...

I really enjoyed all your photos...I think it is the 5th from the bottom though that I love just a little bit more.

I love seeing the Amish...we have them in the neighboring county...plus Arthur, Illinois is not that far from us.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos of a peaceful way of life! Such a lovely countryside. Thanks for sharing! xx

wendy said...

I bet that was a great day. I have never been there but would love to see it. In my area we have Hutterites....kinda like the Amish.
The live in colonies, have their own dress, schools etc. BIG farms.
But not the buggies.
One time my sister went through Amish country and they ate at a resturant there. She said it was some of the BEST food she'd ever tasted. The rolls were to die for she said.
It is hard to see the old ways die...but I imagine it is hard in many ways.
I would have totally stopped at that little church and strolled through the graveyard. I am fascinated by little OLD graveyards.I like to read the names and dates and just "wonder" about them.

Becky said...

We live in the midst of a large Amish community too. Ours around here have telephones now, but are in an outhouse type building out beside the road. I see some of them are using propane, living in house trailers, and lots of the farmers are driving skidsteers on their farms. There is a group of young Amish folks that drive by our house riding on top of their buggy and have a boom box playing inside . How times have changed.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! We live amongst the Amish and Mennonite farm land . Lots of their farms around . To see horse and buggy around here isn't all that rare or different to us now . I love seeing them plough their fields with the Belgins , all outside the churches dressed in their traditional clothing and seeing a horse anf buggy tied in the parking lot of town . I love it ! It was an Amish family that build Papa's work shop . Nice to see not to much of this modern world has changed them ! Have a great day !

Kath said...

how lovely. The oak floor boards in our home were made by Amish craftsmen.

Anonymous said...

The Amish & Mennonites are truly amazing, their faith alone after all these years is inspiring!
I love seeing them in horse & buggies on the road when we travel west of here toward Springfield, Mo... I wonder what they think about our fascination w/ them... taking pics of them & such.

I'm so sorry you had such a problem getting these pics to post... blogger is pitchin a fit w/ a lot of people lately & you're right, if they don't straighten up, a lot of people are going to switch to another blog.

I don't know why they'd say you had reached your limit when you've only used 58% of your space, but one of the girls told me that she read on blogger that if you join Google+ that there's no limit on space, so you don't have to resize smaller to make more room & Lord knows I don't need to lose the quality of my pics, I need to keep all I can! =)

Hopefully it's all worked out, now... Thank you so much for joining this week's Barn Charm =)

Beth said...

i really love their way of life. seems more on the simple side of things. we have seen them several times. i hate to stare but they are so fun to look at & i wonder if we changed our lives to be more simple like theirs would life be easier or would we find a better reason ... they were shopping at walmart so i guess they have changed a bit. i feel for their horses having to deal with the traffic & other crazy times. thank you for sharing. (:

traci said...

i always enjoy seeing the amish way of life. i have never seen them in tractors. i like the old horse and buggies too. thanks for taking me along on your ride.

Lavender Cottage said...

Sad to see the Amish changing but it must be frustrating to live with the old ways.
Nice scenery on your trip to dinner.

Jan n Jer said...

I love to observe the Amish in their natural setting. We are 1hr from Lancaster Pa. which is a very large Amish population. To ride along the back roads there on Sunday, you will see lots of them in their horse n buggy coming or going to church. I admire these people for maintaining a simple n more laid back way of life! Nice photos

NanaNor's said...

Hi Maura, I too love all things Amish and would be sad to see the horse and buggy traded for tractors, but I can understand it. I love your photos.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Maura: Now I know for sure that you are living my life!!..I love this post..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Mecky said...

Maura, I am sorry that I missed you the other day! Lunch there was very good. Have you tried the fried sweet potatoes?

I didn't see any buggies at all, except for the display at CC. But I did see tractors.

It is so scary to think of those children rising on a tractor like that. That should not be legal.

Have a great week.

Mari said...

Great post! We've visited Amish country in Indiana several times and always enjoy seeing the quiet lifestyle.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I also live near a large Amish community in Lancaster, Pa. I love to travel up there (about 20 miles) as the farmland is beautiful and the scenery magnificent. Life changes for us all, and I can picture this way of life disappearing in the not too far future.

NanaDiana said...

The Amish way of life is a good one-wholesome and dedicated to God. It is hard, however, to keep the kids convinced that the "old ways" are best. The Ordnung is being ignored more and more as the culture emerges.

I used to go into schools and churches and teach classes about the Amish. I still have a great love for the life.

Great post here today- xo Diana

Lynne said...

I enjoyed your reflecting on the Amish and their simple yet changing ways. Your photos wonderfully told the story and gave a glimpse of their ways of life and travel.

We have a large Mennonite settlement East of us. They travel the countryside by horse and wagon. I love seeing them riding by too, a reminder to slow down, keep it simple.

Years ago, when I lived in Iowa we would vist the Amana Colonies in South central Iowa. My dad surprised my mom one year with a gorgeous handmade wicker and wooden rocker. An anniversary gift in the sixties. I also have a walnut jewelry box he had made for her.

Thank you for these words and photos and refreshing my memories.

Beverly said...

Our farm is in the heart of central PA Amish country and I never tire of the horses and buggies and glimpsing at an old way of life. Thanks for sharing! Our Amish are still stuck in the old ways....no rubber tires here!

val's alentejo blogspot.com said...

Dear Maura,
This is a lovely post. I only know what I have read about the Amish. I totally agree with you, it would be a sad day, if they started to use modern transport.
I see a car parked next to the photo of the buggy and horse.! times do change.
Its like our local gypsies, they come too and fro spain portugal.. they have no rules. they trade in horses.
but lately they are using big trucks. We dont see them in their old buggy with the horse or mules.
Your photos are so lovely.. it looks a beautiful area.
great that you enjoyed your meal.
happy days

Buttons said...

Oh that is truly sad everything is changing in this world. I do love your photos you captured the life perfectly. B

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

What a lovely way to spend the day! I love driving through the countryside looking at the farms. The Amish ones always fascinate me with the large homes and barns. I think I would like to spend the day with an Amish family learning the day to day activities, meal planning, etc.

Nancy Claeys said...

Amazing captures of a simple life -- love these Maura! Interesting information you provided too! xoxo

Catherine said...

I lové Amish food , ilt's so good. Lové your pictures too.Good week end!

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

I treasure my Amish friends. Thank you for the beautiful Blog.

cottonreel said...

I love reading your blog ,I'm in the senior stage of life so I truly appreciate the slower pace of life that seems to have almost disappeared
I have tried to take your buttonbut so far unsuccessfully

Gina (Catswhiskers) said...

I really enjoyed your pictures and gentle description
It was a joy and a pleasure reading your blog.

LANA said...

We live in N.Y. and there are lots of Amish communities in Pennsylvania, a few hours from us. We have visited, and I can almost say that sometimes I envy their way of life. It may be hard work, and their ways can be restrictive, but maybe they know something we don't. Their farms are beautiful, and food is so good. I'm glad you dedicated a post to honoring them. We have given us so many of the fine, old ways.

Ruth Welter said...

The photos from your trip to Amish Country are just lovely Maura, thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful week.


Carole said...

Wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing. When I was younger I read everything I could get my hands on about the Amish and Shaker communities. One day I hope to visit one of them.

Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #88

Mabel Jane's said...

Being a town dweller, it make's one yearn for the slower paced life of the Amish. Lovely pictures.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

I very much admire the Amish, and their homesteads are always so well-maintained and beautiful. Nice shots!

charm said...

Hey there Maura, I'm new to your blog and I'm all glad to found it! I've sure enjoyed your trip, you've captured nice views, especially the barns, all looks great and nice! Those were actually one of the best barns I've ever seen. And not to mention the location is exceptional! I guess I have to roll over your other posts to see more of your great activities. And don't miss to check more beautiful barns here American Barns


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