Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double Trouble

Remember the kittens I RESCUED from
the burn pile?

They are are growing like weeds
and are into everything!

As I write this they are climbing up the back
of my chair and Henry just ran across my
keyboard and closed this box.

Thank heaven's Blogger saves our posts
as we type!

Despite the disruptions
they are a blast.
They keep us in stitches
and make us almost purr with pleasure. 

I took these photo's while I sat
at our computer trying to compose
a blog post.

Dora The Explorer is the black kitten
and she'll be going to her new home soon.
I'm really going to miss her. 
Secretly I wish the people would take 
both of them because 
Henry is going to be lost without her.

This past week they've discovered
all kinds of new things. Like if they
climb on the office chair they can jump 
onto the desk.

Or if 'Mom' leaves the desk drawer open 
they have a new hiding place.

At night I put them in the bathtub
with their little 'blankie'
and water and some dry food
and shut the shower curtain.

They can jump up onto the ledge 
of the bathtub 
but they haven't discovered
that all they have to do is jump down
and they'll be free.

I guess since they can't see the floor 
because of the shower curtain 
they're afraid to jump.

That's ok with me!

So far they've never had an 'accident'
not even in the bathtub.

I've had to save my basket of flowers
under the bathroom sink
from being destroyed.

My poor rustic twig
table and stool are taking a beating
or rather a chewing and a scratching.

Scars that will bring back happy memories
down the road.

It's been so hot here in Kansas.
Just a few minutes ago the weatherman 
mentioned that our area hit
108 today. 

We worked outside despite the heat
but it sure was nice to jump into the
pool for a quick dip.

What's the weather been like where you live?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!

Maura :)


Pondside said...

They sure are sweet! Up here it's been sunny/rainy/sunny and cool.

Sunnybec said...

I live in France and its been really hot here 45 Degrees yesterday (113) and the same is forecast for today... phew.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Maura,

The kittens are so adorable! It sounds like they are settling in nicely. Our weather should be nice this week in the low 80's.

Kathy said...

I'm happy that I found your blog! It's truly beautiful! I found it via a search for country cottage decorating. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful collection of pictures and such!

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maura,

Good morning. How precious. They are getting so big!


Kath said...

Oh those too have "mischief" written all over them LOL
Oh the weather, well Glastonbury festival has finished along with the rain and mud.
Rather humid here, fingers crossed we dont get thunder, or I shall have 2 large, quaking dogs wanting to come on my lap!

Finding Pam said...

Those little kitties are too cute. Our little kitten is almost grown now, but like you, we had enjoyed her micheviousness and playful nature.

In east Texas, it is so hot right now. Yesterday, it was 119 in the shade on our deck. Of course the deck faces West. I really do love summertime once I get use to it.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

They're adorable! And yes, they get into so many things, but are such fun. Non-stop bundles of energy and delight! I can't imagine 108 degrees...we've been in the 70's with a cool breeze from the north...perfection for me. Enjoy the week, and keep us posted on kitten antics! -Mary

Mecky said...

The kittens are so cute!I am with you about hoping that they take both kittens. They will be lost without eachother.
This heat stinks, doesn't it? I thought today was to be 101, but they are saying 90. I can be happy with that!

Stay cool.

Unknown said...

Aren't they fun! Trying at times, for sure, but always fun and so cute and a wonderful source of entertainment! : )

Their antics remind me of Ember. I'm just so thankful her terrible two stage only lasted a few weeks!

Linda said...

Your kittens are so cute. Love to watch them play.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

how adorable. Their face pace kind of makes you slow down and appreciate natures tiny gifts. I forgot how wild kittens can be!

Deborah said...

Good morning Maura!
What little sweeties they are..and it sounds like you are enjpying their shannanigans! :)
Oooh that is hot where you are! Good thing for a pool!!
It is a beautiful day here and Im enjoying having the day off...I have a pedicure booked for this afternoon!
Soft tootsies before holidays in a week!
Cant wait!
Enjoy your day sweetie!!

Deborah xoxoox

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Maura! I loved reading about Dora and Henry :) Man those little kitties live in the moment and make every moment count and the are a perpetual blur. Izzy the Busy, I need to learn to live my days like her. Give those babies a scritch for me!

Deb said...

You know if I lived closer I'd be at the door with a box of cookies and time on my hands to be filled with those two munchkins. Have fun, Maura.

Deb said...

Me again. I have a give-away today you may be interested in since it's teeny weeny just like the tabby you'll be keeping. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

karen - Simply Inspired said...

precious distraction from the heat! i think i could purr too seeing your photos...thank you for sharing. -xok.

John Going Gently said...

ahhh cat sh*t in the house plants... wonderful memories

GardenOfDaisies said...

I hope they take both kittens too. Cats need company. They need another cat to curl up with.
It's hot and muggy here already. And your 100+ temps are headed right towards us.

Tara Dillard said...

Weaned my 2 garden kittens yesterday. They are living in my bathroom at present.

Their eyes opened June 1st. Still wobbly.

Will keep them.

Love your pics. No pics of mine yet.

Garden & Be Well, XO T

Cheryl @ TFD said...

They are precious! I just love to watch little kittens at play, they are so funny and adorable. I do hope that both kittens will be kept together. Our local newspaper has several photos of kittens up for adoption and they are so cute. I sure hope someone takes them. Have a great day!


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