Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Bathroom In The Raw

I love the 'bones' of this little bathroom.

It's that time of year when we're stuck in the house
and if you are anything like me...
you start dreaming.
Too much 
time inside
means I start feeling the need
to change...spruce up...get things done 
that have been put off. 

Now that doesn't mean that I'm always
successful at getting these projects moving...
after all most of the projects here in our little farm
cottage need hubby's strong arms and 
elbow grease.
And goodness knows the poor man
has his hands full outside just trying to clean up what
past owners have left behind.

The flooring is in bad shape, the ceiling and walls need lots of work
and how do you like the lighting fixture!

Our bathroom is one of the projects we've been 
putting off. We only have one bathroom
so if we wanted to do a major 
renovation we'd have
commit to get 
it done pretty quickly...and spend LOTS of money.
So...I'm starting to realize that the saying
'if it's not broke..don't fix it'
is a good way of looking at things.

I love the two windows

The tub works...it just doesn't look so good and because
of the size of the bathroom door (which is VERY narrow) it means we'll just make do with it.
It's from the 40's and is cast iron so maybe one day we could have it re-glazed.

There was just a light bulb where the light/heater/fan is now and there were doors on that cupboard above the toilet. You couldn't open the one door all the way! This will be left up but painted inside and out and details added.

The sink and counter top is junk and MUST be replaced.
The vanity is 'ok' and with a bit of paint and maybe replacing the doors with a curtain... could work...IF we could find a top to fit it. I've looked online but haven't found anything that size yet.

This wall at the end of the tub needs a door put in to get to the plumbing then the boards will need to be caulked primed and painted. It looks pretty bad doesn't it but that's how it was when we bought the farm a year and a half ago.

If you've been following me for a while you'll remember that I found a beautiful antique oak dresser that
I bought specifically to use for our bathroom vanity.
Well after a great deal of thought I realized 
that the dresser was just too nice to cut a hole in it
so it was back to the drawing board.

The sink is cracked so the counter top and sink will have to be replaced but I'm having a hard time finding a top to fit on this vanity. This is where a trip to the Flea Market may come in handy ;)

Being the wonderful man my hubby is...he agree's
that we should do a bit of sprucing up in there this winter.
So...it looks like there will be a trip to Lowe's
and Home Depot and the fabric shop and
the Flea Market this month.

So...now I'm back to looking at pictures of pretty
cottage bathrooms for inspiration...poor me ;)
I'll be posting some of my favorite rooms soon and in the meantime ....if any of you have any suggestions or ideas for this room...I would LOVE to see what you have to say.

Do you have a winter project planned this year?

Enjoy your day!
Maura :)


Tara Dillard said...

Exciting. Enjoy this chapter, pure fantasy.

Hope there are few/no surprises along the way (amazing what floors/walls hide). Unless it's a free antique chandelier or gorgeous antique buffet for $20 that will be PERFECT for your sink.

Adore your barn..........

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maura,

I must say, the bathroom has charm and plenty of it. Maybe just a fresh coat of paint or(paper/paint?) and a new floor would be just what it needs.

I do agree though about the "lighting" fixture. A bare light bulb - but it does, again, add to the vintage of the room.

I wonder if scones would work on the wall with the mirror?

What a fun project, and just remember to keep it fun. (o:


Catherine said...

I will begin to paint and redecorate my bedroom tomorow it will be a on a budget decoration! but it's a good challenge! nice day Catherine

Kath said...

"Do you have a winter project planned this year"
Um, the whole house LOL
Well, the kitchen has been replastered after the builders and the 2nd fix electrics are in. Cabinets and appliances ordered...soon I'll be able to cook our first meal at Hiilside!
Happy new Year Maura, keep the photos coming, I love to see your home.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I know exactly how you feel. The inside means very little to me in the summer when I'm out in the garden or on the porch most of the time. But come winter... I have 1,000 ideas it seems!

I just finished the girls bedroom area (for the most part - still a bit to do). We installed a new heating unit, painted, changed out fixtures in the bathroom, reconfigured a linen closet that was terrible, and added a door to close off the bedrooms from the rest of the house. Because of that last little change, I now must paint the entry hall, but... I want to add beadboard! Lots of beadboard! (I just love the stuff and it looks great in our farmhouse). I'm a bit hesitant to mention it to my oh-so patient husband! Perhaps if I agree to do the painting...

On your project, can you do one thing at a time and space it out?

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I love the eclectic look of your bathroom!

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Your bathroom is very cute. Small? You haven't seen small until you've seen ours. No room to turn around (well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight). It's very exciting thinking about the possibilities nonetheless. I also am looking to work on my bathroom, actually, hoping my husband will finish it. I'm adding either white or white and black tile floor, a larger medicine cabinet, shelves and painting the walls a medium gray. You are so right - this is exactly what we do in winter!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I actually like it Maura!
I can see why you want to do some updating but it's a rather neat bathroom!
What I really miss are windows in a bathroom.
Our's have none and I hate that!
Have a nice week,

Robin said...

Your little room has lots of potential. I just know that you will make it beautiful!

Have you thought about using planks for the vanity top. I've been thinking about using them in my bathroom. I love the look in kitchens, and I figure I would love it in a bathroom as well. My vanity looks alot like yours and I have painted it white, yet I think the planked top with a crisp white sink would look fabulous.

Look, now you have me dreaming!

Red Gate Farm said...

I know just how it is. We too only have one bathroom at Red Gate Farm... I'm waiting to remodel ours when my husband gets a bathroom in the barn! I'd love to have old fashioned hex/black and white tiles on the floor as well as some other updating. I really like the dresser or other furniture idea for a vanity... I tried to convince my husband of that one but he wouldn't get on board with the idea... Can't wait to see what you guys do in your bathroom.


Verde Farm said...

Maura, it’s got wonderful bones. I love how you did the fabric panels over the cabinets. I know how it is to have old bathrooms. We have remodeled two here. I had an old cast iron tub too. Cold as could be to sit in even for a while after your filled the tub with hot water. We had Bath Fitter redo the tub and it looks wonderful and isn’t cold either. I was very pleased with that. I can’t wait to see what you do in there. I know it will be fabulous!!

Bearly Sane ® said...

I would keep the cast iron bath and have it re-glazed Maura. No doubt rest will get done eventually, but what ever you do make the most of it, enjoy and take before and after photos.
You asked "Do you have a winter project planned this year?" Not winter, summer downunder now...and yes I am making over the spare room.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

Pondside said...

You are going to have SO much fun!
I've got a stack of books on bedrooms from the library - when the kids leave I'm going to take the guest room apart to take my mind off missing them.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Hi Maura, I wish my hubby was like your hubby. Mine won't let me "spruce up" the house. Can't wait to see what you do but your bath is already cute!

Tracey said...

We are doing our master bath! We have been saying it forever! This is the year! Have a great warm day...thanks so much for your sweet words and for stoping by! Blessings-Tracey

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

I LOVE what you've done with your little bathroom, Maura. I know what you mean about waiting for the right time for a remodel. Our bathrooms will be the last thing we approach. We've just finished a major renovation of the upstairs in our little farmhouse and we've turned the garage into my sewing studio. Hooray for renos! I'll be soooo glad when all of this remodeling is behind us.

Brenda Kula said...

Nope, no projects of any consequence yet. I wanted to tell you that your blog keeps "jumping around." And I can also tell you it's usually the snow that people add to their blog. Just wanted you to know.


A bathroom with lots of potential ! Cant wait to see what the finished product looks like ! Have a great day !

Fish Tail Cottage said...

wanted to let you know that thanks to Kristin at "My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia" my first ever link party for Cottage Flora Thursday's is up & running! Inviting you to come over & link a cottage garden post you may have & please advertise "Cottage Flora Thursday's" on your post that you link....& if your not already a follower - please follow me!

Leslie said...

So that's what it is!!! The fact that we are all trapped inside that is making us want to clean, organize and redecorate. I find myself looking around at the house wanting to change everything.
You have a nice size bathroom.. I bet that whatever you do it will look awesome. I am looking forward to seeing it.


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