Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stepping Back In Time Part 2 (Treasures)

The Old Hardware Store

Last month I did a post on The Old Hardware Store
in Halstead Kansas.
This old hardware store has been operating since

Meet Margaret

Margaret Kraisinger

Margaret is the sweet lady who with her
husband bought the old 1879 building in 1998.
With help  of some wonderful craftsmen they
brought this beautiful old store back
to it's original glory.
As Margaret's
a work in progress  and what 
wonderful progress they've made.

I thought you might like to see more of the inside
of this historic building along with some of the wonderful
things Margaret has for sale.

The cash register is not for sale

I love this set above and if we still lived in our
old Victorian I would buy it!

There are so many beautiful hardware pieces to 
choose from. 

They are like works of art.

The pottery on the upper shelf is Margaret's private collection.

This is something that my friend Amy over at 
could use for her little pigs!
Margaret has smaller ones too Amy ;)
(Amy is having her first 'give-away' so
please pop on over and visit her sweet blog and meet her wonderful 'family'.)

Above are a few of the original drawers that have been stripped of their enamel paint and re-finished.
Below are some old drawers that are in original condition.I don't think these below are original to the store.

There is lots more to show you but I'll do that again in another post next year! 

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Maura :)


GardenOfDaisies said...

What a beautiful store! I love the tin ceilings and all that gorgeous hardware and cash register, etc.. Must have been a lot of fun looking around.

Sherry@The BarnQuiltStore Blog said...

Love these posts about the old store...takes us all back in time! Can't wait for more!! Thanks for sharing!

The Bear's Blog said...

Love it. Thank you, Maura, for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. The "girls" are sound asleep. LuLu arrived yesterday and they just wore themselves out playing.

Prudence had a little bit of "drama" with her sewing and I am appreciating the quite morning.

Happy Weekend.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I love the door hardware! What a treasure to have a shop like this and those dear people who care for it. Thanks again for sharing.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful store, I would love to own my own country shop/store ! Thanx for sharing.
Have a wonderful day !

Robin Johnson said...

What a delightful store. Thanks so much for showing it to use. I sure would like to spend a few hours shoping there!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

If I ever come visit you, Maura, we shall shop there~til we drop!!!
xo, misha

Janet said...

That was wonderful -looking forward to the next visit !

Verde Farm said...

Maura, I just love this store. I would so love that blue and white pitcher and basin. I’ve always wanted one of those but never found one I loved yet. That one--I would love. She has a beautiful pottery collection and what a cool place to display it. I could spend lots of time in this store just looking around and imagining all the people who’ve walked through that door and what it sounded like at different periods. I so need the Jr. Piggy Feeder for individual pens. Thanks for thinking of me friend. Missed you this week. I am trying to catch up this weekend :)
Hugs, Amy

Beatnheart said...

I love this store. Totally perfect. Hope you are staying warm sweet one. much love...c

Catherine said...

I love everything, it's really a beautiful shop!

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...


I've really enjoyed both of these posts on the store. How I wish I could step into a place like this! Truly amazing. And those little drawers... I cannot imagine stripping the paint off of all of them!

Can't wait to see more.



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